Hey, y'all! This is a tribute to Edward R. Murrow's great 1950s program "This I Believe," in which people would give their philosophy of life in a brief, five-minute statement. Here's mine.

I believe that every man and woman who walks this earth, regardless of race, gender, sexual preference, political affiliation, or anything else, is my brother or sister. They have a soul like mine, the capacity to appreciate beauty, the ability to understand friendship, the ability to reason and discuss ideas, the capacity to be kind. And hence, since we are all brothers and sisters, I love all of them.

I believe in the strength and the goodness of the individual. Especially now, in this troubled time, we can see people doing what they can to make this world a better place, or at least their neighborhoods and communities. From such small beginnings, great things can happen. Look at our country, which started today. If everybody did what they could, every day, to make their community a better place, maybe some of our other problems wouldn't feel so insurmountable.

I believe in the importance of hard work. Nothing good in life comes without diligent effort and hard work on our part. The world owes us nothing. It does not owe us a living or anything else. We must work for what we receive. When we do so, we feel better about ourselves and we will be blessed.

Although we are not perfect, I believe we can, one person at a time, maintain a general feeling of peace. That's not to say that jails will become obsolete anytime soon, but I believe we can do much better if each of us tried to be a little kinder.

I believe in the power of love. Love, love of country, love of another person, love in the form of friendship, love of mankind, love of liberty. Love is the most powerful thing on earth, and it can move us for bad, if the object of our love is bad, or if it's good, it can move us to do great things. Let it move us for good. Love truly does conquer all.

These things I believe with all my heart.