The forbidden shadows

I could hear the footsteps behind me as I walked down the alley; someone had been following me for a while now. I could feel the presence of the person, keeping a steady pace behind me; I could hear every breath they took. I sped my walk up gradually, just wanting to get into the light of the street. Not a good idea walking home in the dark, I deeply regretted leaving the party alone. Id said to Jessica that since my house was only through the alley I would be fine. Now look. I was being stalked by a possible criminal, who might kill me, in an alley, where no one will hear me scream!

I turned the corner and breathed a sigh of relief as the street lamps bore down on both me and my stalker, it was then when I saw the shadows. And it was then when the stalker sped up; the shadow of the figure came closer and closer. I was rooted to the spot, fear overtook my body, and my mind froze over like ice. I couldn't think. I couldn't move. I couldn't scream. His face loomed over me, his pale white skin reflecting the light; he winced slightly as the sun hit him. "My brook" he whispered, I shivered as his breath hit my face. His cold hands gripped my shoulders, his grip was strong. The coldness spread over my body again. Something about him scared me. Not just the fact he'd been stalking me, but something instinctual. Something told me he was dangerous. The moment we were in the shadows, he pounced . . . His teeth sunk into my neck!

The pain was like flames scorching my bones. I fell to the ground, he grinned, his eyes crimson. He licked his lips.

"Yum.... good blood" he smirked, I was in so much pain, his venom was spreading, my body was contorting away from the poison; the agony. He sat cross legged before me. He was watching me writhe in pain. I felt like I was burning, the fire was licking my skin, piercing my bones. Surely this was death. But why did it hurt so much?

"Now let me tell you about us; what you will become. You have probably gathered by now that I am a Vampire. I look like a human, I can't go out in sun too often, I often only punish myself with the pain of sunlight if it essential; often for a good hunt. Like you"

He winked at me, and I grimaced as another shot of pain rain through me.

"We are strong. We are fast. We have good hearing, sight, balance. We are humans' worst enemy. We feed on human blood, some humans blood is better, you can usually tell from there aura. You have a strong

Aura, you have good potential as one of us, if you had a weak aura you wouldn't survive, and if you did, you would be foolish, die of stupidity, or get caught by the hunters. Our eyes, we all have a personal colour, after drinking blood they are usually red, unless you focus hard enough, but even the most mature of vampires can't do that. The red colour last for about an hour per person. Another thing about us; we have the most amazing minds. We can think of about 10 things at once, we can control human's emotions, we can control our appearance. And we can sense potential in humans as us."

He smiled at me, I was still whimpering on the floor, his eyes already fading back to yellow.

"You are going to be one amazing Vampire, I've been watching you Darling, and I know it hurts but trust me, it'll be fine when you wake. I promise you, you will be fine. You probably hate me, right now, you don't know me, but there is one human made for every vampire, and you are mine, I've been watching your aura grow stronger every year, and you've been dreaming of me, even if you didn't know... You have a skill; it will become stronger when you change. I'll tell you mine. I can read minds, and you can see the future. "

He smiled at me again and carried on,

"One last thing, vampire hunters. There are a few in every town. They know all about us, we have to stay out of their way. We have to clean up after ourselves, stay with me and you are fine. I'll take care of you darling. We have to go now though, I can hear footsteps, can you move?"

I stared into his eyes and tried to move my fingers, no hope there. I felt as though my mouth was tearing apart. My fangs were coming through. I curled into a ball on the concrete, grinding my teeth and trying to keep in a scream. Urgh, how much longer!?

"Aw, my dear Brook, not much longer I promise you, I'm so sorry about the pain. But we have to go!" I felt the ground move beneath me, but it wasn't my prime thought. My most important thought was; what the hell is happening? This is like something in a story, this cant be real?

I opened my eyes one by one, I was staring up at a concrete ceiling, and I could hear slow breathing next to me. I stared above me in amazement. Concrete had never looked so beautiful, every line and every crack was visible. I drew in a deep breath, tasting the air around me. There was so much to take in. I sat up slowly. Well, as slowly as I could. I was lying on an old couch. I looked around the room; all the walls and ceiling were Gray, Damp, and Bleak. A couch, an armchair, a thin blanket and a grimy sink stood alone in the room. I stood up and walked to the boy sitting in the armchair, he lifted his head to me.

He looked about 20, like me. He had pale skin, obviously, and yellow eyes, they danced around like flames. He had eyelashes that covered his eyes like curtains, and lips that looked as though they were stained with blood. His eyes looked sad, lonely; he had shadows underneath as though he hadn't slept for days. He had black hair that fell across his face hiding him. He stood up and put out his hand to me. He was wearing black from head to toe; his black skinny jeans were customised with the most eccentric belt I had ever seen. His Doc' Martins came up to his shins orange flames embroided into the side. He had on a black shirt, badges pined to the chest. But his most evident item of clothing was his leather jacket. It looked as though it weighed a ton.

Suddenly my style was welcomed; at least now I knew I wasn't the only one. He smiled at me.

"I told you that you were made for me. Or I made for you. You and I, we are the same. I've watched you for 15 years, and every year we get more and more similar. And by the way I love you outfit, it"

He smiled at me and I'm sure if I could of I would have blushed.

I looked down at what I was wearing, well for a start we had the same shoes, except mine had roses in the shade of deep purple, my fish nets had huge ladders up the sides, probably from when I was bitten, I had on a black skirt with purple netting underneath, and a t-shirt with Red roses and black thorns on. I also had a black and purple stripped long sleeved top under my t-shirt. My hair was dyed bright red and choppy down to my shoulders, my fringe covered my face; I guessed that my skin would be deathly pale, which would have made my black makeup more pronounced. I looked around the room again. This time I spoke in my head.

Is this where you live?

He turned around from where he was standing, and smiled at me again

"Yes. I know it's not exactly homely, but since we barley need sleep, I just crash on the couch, but most the time I sit in the tree, out side you window" He gave me a sheepish look, then frowned at me. "Your eyes, they're....Black. Are you thirsty?" I thought about it for a second as a burning sensation filled my chest and throat. I could feel venom filling my fangs. I nodded and he took my hand, the moment he touched me heat filled my bones, my ice skin got slightly warmer, a tingly feeling spread through my body, he caught my eye and I grinned. It was then I realised I didn't know his name.

What's your name?

"Think about it, imagine me answering you, and you will see, use your power Brook."

I concentrated for a moment, until an image filled my head, it was clear like a television signal, I saw his face then it was gone.

"Your' name's Leo." I Stated.

He nodded "Do you want to hunt? I promise you it's not dangerous for humans. Unless..." He cleared his throat. "Anyway...How thirsty are you?"

My voice was hoarse "I'm really really thirsty. It feels.... weird." He nodded, and again I used my vision. I saw me, blood dripping down my chin, eyes bright red, I watched as I saw myself cleaning my face. I shook away the image; I licked my lips and looked at Leo.

"Let's go"

Turning toward the door, we walked at inhuman speed. I don't know where I expected to be, but I did not expect to be under a nightclub. And I did not expect to be in the worst part of London, ok well maybe I did a little. Leo looked at me, and frowned

"What is it too rough for you?" He laughed. I joined in. It was pitch black outside but I could see fine. In fact I could see much more than when I was human. We walked up the steps to the nightclub, I could hear the music clearly, all the conversation s in the building. Everything. And to be honest, I wasn't unsettled. It was like I was born to be this; Top of the food chain.

"Leo, I like that one" I said pointing to a ginger haired boy. He was off his head drunk and his aura was a bright white. He looked about 16. We were inside now, and sitting at the bar, Leo had ordered for me, already knowing what I liked and the bar attendant had ran to it, bowing his head down and stuttering as he came back. We both had large vodka. Apparently it took a lot more to get a vampire drunk. Leo smiled at me,

"Hmmm. I like the one he's dancing with. She smells good." He leered

I rolled my eyes and walked to the ginger kid, whilst Leo made his way to his prey.

I tapped ginger on the shoulder, and he stumbled around. His eyes lit up when he saw me, I frowned but concentrated on the image in my mind, it was me and him, alone in the street behind this place. As soon as I had thought of it, he asked me. I nodded solemnly and led the way.

Once outside he took my hand. I shook him off and pushed him into the wall. I heard his bones crack. He stared up at me terror in his eyes. I smiled and whispered softly,

"Don't worry, you won't feel a thing."

I licked his throat, and I felt my fangs get longer, I held back my venom. I heard his sharp gasp as I stuck my fangs into his neck. His blood flowed into my mouth, warm, and delicious. But mostly it kept me alive, I could feel myself getting stronger by every mouthful. I stopped as his aura turned grey. I pulled away and once again I licked his neck, where there were four small puncture wounds. It healed instantly; he stirred and slumped to the ground. I walked back into the club. Ginger kid would wake up in an hour. And he wouldn't remember a thing.

Leo was sitting at the bar. He smiled at me, glowing. I sat next to him and took his hand in mine.

Did you feed? You were quick. And err... nothing.

I shook my head and thought of anything but that last thought, Leo looked at me confused, but answered anyway.

"Once you've been alive a few decades you learn to drink whist. Err...well." He shuffled nervously. He turned to me. "Well. As I said, we can pretty much control humans. We can feed without anyone seeing; As long as the human is otherwise distracted." He smiled sheepishly. "You Kiss them, and whilst they are still wondering what the hell happened you bite them. We have inhuman speed, so by the time they have been bit and blood sucked there unconscious. It was how I was turned, except that vampire fed to kill, or change; if she got out of control"

I barely heard the last part of what he said, I was more occupied with the fact he kissed girls at least once a day.

He sighed.

"It's not kissing. It's feeding"

I glared at him.

Pretty much kissing to me.

He chuckled at the anger in my thought.

"Ouch. Jealous are we?"

I hissed at him, took my hand out of his and walked out the club. I was not jealous. How could I be jealous? I mean we weren't really going out were we. I'd known him for a day, barley that. He was some guy who had made me into a 'mythical' creature, when I'd never even asked for it. Some crazy stalker - Some guy who - I turned around. He was standing behind me. I walked into the basement under the club, and stood with my back to him. I'd barley heard the door slam when his arms were around me. I shook him off and glared, I crouched into a fighting stance, fangs out, eyes burning. He smirked.

"Aw. Come on brook. Let's not go there. And by the way, your eyes are deep purple." He grinned as he saw the anger in my mind.

Oh we are so going there bloodsucker.

I leaped up and kicked him to the face, he dodged and lunged for me, and I twisted to his back and threw a hook to his head. There was a crack as it made contact. He turned and put me in a headlock; I elbowed him to the ribs and threw a front kick to his chest. He took it, and flipped over me, I turned around and went to throw a jab, and he caught it and put his fangs to my neck. There was silence except for our heavy breathing.

"You're good" He whispered. His breath warm on my skin. "Brook, I won't do it again." He pressed his lips to my neck. I relaxed and we both sunk onto the couch. He wrapped his arms around me.

"I'll hunt normally. I Promise. And brook?"

I smiled at him, waiting for his question; he was quiet for a while then turned and met my gaze. He looked embarrassed.

"I know I've only known you for a day, and . . . well I'm some crazy guy who bit you, but, we were made for each other. . ."

I took his hand and placed it on my cheek.

"Leo... I didn't want you to kiss the other girls, because I love you"

I was lying on the couch next to Leo, thinking about what I had just said. I know it sounds crazy declaring my love for someone after one day. But I felt as though I had known him for years, it was like before I was living my life on autopilot. But now I had some meaning for it. Like when I took his hand, I felt whole. He was my other half. However cheesy that sounds. He chuckled quietly. Damn, stupid mind reader. That was going to get annoying.

You know how we don't need to pay for food, electric, gas? What do we pay for? Anything?

"Nope, I don't have to pay for this place either; there are no keys, because there is nothing to take. No thief would come here. Do you want to listen to some music?"

Yeah, err... on what?

"On my I-pod, and the deck, get up."

I stood up and watched him lift up the couch as though it were a light as a feather. There was a small rip on the underneath, he poked his hand through and pulled out an I-pod touch and docking station, he grinned at me and put the couch back.

"How about a little My Chemical Romance?"

I laughed. Talk about mind reading.

What else do you have under there Mary Poppins ?

Play 'I never told you what I do for a living'.

"Yeah yeah whatever, go upstairs and ask Mr. Barman dude for some grub and liquor" he grinned as he turned the volume up.

"It's time to party"

I walked up to the club, it was completely dead. I looked up at the clock, 8:00am. I walked up to the bar, the man was washing glasses, I cleared my throat and he spun round. Terror filled his eyes as soon as he saw me.

"Ma'am..." he stuttered bowing down his head "W-what can I g-g-get you?" he asked. I leered at him. And he seemed to wilt under my gaze.

"A few bottles of your finest." I said, leaving no room for question. He nodded and scuttled away, I called after him.

"Did I say I was finished?!" I demanded he backed off into the wall, I smiled. The feeling of power was over whelming, it felt great to be in charge. He was still against the wall; shaking.

"We want some food" I grinned, letting some fang show; bad idea, made me a little thirsty.

He shivered and stuttered

"B-b-but y-you don't e-eat f-f-food right-t?"

I snarled, and his face dropped all colour.

"S-s-sorry ma'am, I d-d-didn't think"

I walked closer to the bar and he yelped

"I'm s-s-sorry! Please!" I laughed at him, and turned.

He sighed in relief and ran to the food. I smiled and waited.

He came back with three carrier bags.

He stuffed them on bar, red faced and still shaking.

"Anything e-else?" he asked.

I smiled sweetly.

"No mate. Thanks" I laughed as I walked out, and he slumped in his armchair, sighing with relief.

I woke up staring at cracked and chipped concrete once again. Leo was slumped in the armchair snoring. I couldn't remember falling asleep. I smiled at Leo; he looked sweet when he was asleep, so innocent. The corners of his mouth lifted. So he wasn't asleep after all. I got up and sat on the arm of the chair. He opened one eye to look at me.

"Hey gorgeous." He smiled.

I laughed and slapped him on the arm

Get up then sleepy head

"Hey, first bit of sleep in like 2 months here, alright for you. Newborn" he teased.

I laughed

Newborn or not I can still kick your butt.

"Yeah...So that's why I beat you last time" He said

I snarled,

You did not beat me! I lost concentration, plus, I was too busy wondering about.... Oh whatever!

I sounded like a sore loser but whatever! No boy could beat me, I let him win!

"Yeah yeah. Keep kidding yourself." he smiled and sat up, I looked around the room and laughed at the mess, I mean we got the food for the sake of it; somehow it was all over the floor. And empty bottles. Leo stood up and stretched not bothered about the mess.

"Oh yeah, brook? Well done on terrorising the bar man" He said it sarcastically but he was smiling at little. I shrugged. No harm done anyway.

I checked my watch. 2:30pm

I'm going out want to come? I need to go to my apartment anyway, all my stuff is there. And if we are living here then I need to sell my flat. Also you may like being an unhygienic animal called the man, but I don't, so I want my soap, toothbrush etcetera, blood is not an attractive smell for the breath you know.

"Err...Brook. Sunlight." He shrugged and didn't complain about the digs to him, and slumped back on the couch.


This sucks. I can't go until after dawn? Great. So what do we do all day, and night? This is going to get boring pretty quickly.

He turned around, and smiled he reached into his pocket, he pulled out a bunch of leaflets, 'Travel the world' ,'cruise the Carrabin islands' , live in Tokyo' there were all sorts there. He then dug under the couch again, this time pulling out not his I-pod but a stash of cash. A lot of cash. Like whoa, your rich amount of cash.

"Last time I counted, which my guess would be 10 years ago, I gave up after that, there was roughly about...hmm........." he summed up mentally in his head

"About $40000000000"

I laughed out of shock; I mean seriously who has that amount of money stashed in their couch?

He smiled,

"There's more in the bank babe, every fifteen years I put it in my account, and I've been doing it for centuries waiting for someone to spend it on. You see, we get a job, we don't need to pay for anything, I have this to get us on some good starting paths, and as vampires we pick things up straight away, I can speak fluent German, French, Japanese, and Italian. And I've only been in each one of the countries for about a year. We will both be rich, and we have eternity to do what we want. We won't ever die. We will always love each other, we are soul mates, and we have the best life- well death -going, so babe, it really doesn't suck to be the undead"

No, it doest. In no way what so ever does it suck to be the undead.

********************************THE END****************************