#1 same old, same old.

I was sitting in the corner of the bathroom, watching everyone else like they had not a care in the world.

We had just finished class, Science; I love science, today we had studied atoms.

I hate my seat in science; I have to sit next to Hayden.

Hayden doesn't like science; Hayden doesn't like doing work;

Hayden doesn't like me.

I as usual, answered every question. And as usual I got them all right. I'm not being big headed;

I hate being such a nerd.

Hayden hates it too, but he likes people to do his work.

Tip for future reference.

Don't refuse to do Hayden's work; you end up in the corner of the bathroom, looking out the window watching others.

Not a good look.

I turned and pulled down the lid of the loo. I sat down and opened my bag, my books and pencil case was inside the main compartment. I reached further in; there was a smaller compartment inside. It was where I put the more important belongings. Hayden doesn't mind searching through your bag. My heart dropped as I grasped emptiness. How could Hayden have got this far through my bag?

I groped around in the compartment. No keys, no lunch, no phone. Oh crap. That was my second phone; I'd had to save until my birthday for a new one, all because of Hayden. My hand brushed over a piece of paper, I pulled it out. The handwriting was familiar. Hayden. The note was familiar as well. It was the same note I found after my phone had gone 'missing'.

'Finder's keepers;

Losers' weepers.'

I tore it to shreds. There was no point in taking it to the head.

Last time it just got me a good pounding by Hayden after, and the head didn't believe me anyway.

What is it they say if you're getting bullied?

Tell a friend; well I have none

Tell a teacher; they don't believe me.

Tell your parents; oh yeah,

There dead.

I know you're thinking world class nerd and the teachers believe the bully?

Yes, they do. And you know why? It's because I was excluded from my old school. Because some stupid insecure person hit out on me. They blackmailed me, they called me, they hit me and they stole from me. So when I was in Design technology and I had a hammer. I hit them.

So I was sent here. To this place where the kids are screwed up.

And it's all happening again, and you might say, why would they believe Hayden?

Because he was the kid I hit.

His behaviour got him sent here. His constant not listening.

He gets some kind of special treatment because his parents died last year.

My mum died at birth, and my dad died when I was seven, when I was on my way to school. In a car crash and I was there. I was the one who found the phone and called the ambulance.

Yet I'm the one who get hit out at.