5 years later:

Ring Ring...Ring Ring...

I picked up the phone, "Hello?"

No Answer... this had been happening for the past week.

"Hey, is that anonymous again?" Grace called from the living room.

"Yup, it's probably some stupid kids." I said as I sat next to Grace and put my arm round her shoulders. It felt so good to be free, to have our own flat. To be able to say and do what we want. No groundings. But If you'd believe it we were still doing anger management. We had been living together for three years now. We were 23 and working, Grace was an Actor, and I was an accountant.

Hayden POV:

"Hello?" Damn it was Ben; I shoved the pay phone down. I turned and looked at the police station; I was going to hand myself in. I'd not been able to ease the guilt id been carrying for 6 years. I'd made changes in my life. I'd made a charity, for kids whose parents had died. I'd donated £3 million to it, and the money? I won the lottery, I know unlikely... but true. So I created a charity, I donated money, and I'm going to hand myself in. I'm hoping I will be doing some good. And that day 6 years ago, I never meant to kill them, me and Darren, we were so drunk we don't know which one of us dropped the cigarette. I know I can never make up for causing my parents death, but I can try.

Grace and Ben:

I opened the door to an officer, he had a parcel in his hand and asked to come in and talk to Grace Ruther, He told us that Hayden had handed himself in, he told us about the charity My Mums An Angel that he created. And he gave me the parcel. Inside there were my parent's wedding rings, they were in a velvet box, the chain separate, and there was a note too.

'Finders keepers

Losers' weepers.

Ben I am so sorry for everything I have done.

This is me trying to do some good.

Grace I love you,

I know deep down you must love me still,

So I'm sorry



When the officer left I turned to Grace, she was still staring after the door. It was now or never.

"I know this probably isn't the right time but..."

I picked up my mums wedding ring and got down on one knee.

"Grace will you marry me?"

She whipped her head around and stared at me for a few seconds, her usually bright blue eyes changing shade and emotions filtering over her face, eventually

She took my hand, pulled me up, kissed me then looked at my bracelet and whispered

"Your dad was right, "the tougher things get the better they will turn out"

And here's the proof...

Of course I will marry you!"