Why am I awake?

At such an hour of the night?

Not too late, I must admit.

It's not early in the morning,

Midnight has yet to pass.

But still

I feel

I should be asleep.

I remember when I wanted

to write a poem every night.

Months ago it was.

But the nightly writing only lasted

for an evening or two.

I'm just not that consistant.

At least not with typing.

So here I am again,

slouched in my dining room chair,

pupils focused on the flourescent light

of my computer screen.


Just typing.

Because I am awake.

I felt like starting off this little collection with this poem because it pretty much describes my addiction to Facebook. . . Go ahead and leave a review if you'd like, and be sure to check out my other poems by clicking on over to my profile. :)


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