Once there was a mountain that stood tall in the middle of a large, grassy plain. On one side of the mountain there was a large wood. On the opposite side there was a small peaceful village called Grimbal. The townspeople of Grimbal were generous, happy, humble and all coexisted harmoniously. The village was small; it had a series of little house at each of the four corners and a market placed in the middle of it all. There was as well a little schoolhouse and a fairly big stable located at the opposite corners of the village. The townspeople seemed as though they had nothing to hide but at the other side of the mountain there was a secret they did not like to acknowledge.

Mr. Toppleton lived in the southeast corner of Grimbal village. His son Joseph and he lived alone with their dog. Mr. Toppleton had always told Joseph, who was now nearly an adult, the tale of the Jabberwocky; a slimy and disgusting monster. Once Joseph was a little older he added that the monster was deadly, and eventually Joseph had swore to himself that he would never cross the boundaries of peaceful Grimbal village. The Jabberwocky would normally seem like a fantasy tale to keep children out of the woods. But in this case it was not.

Now that Joseph was older he helped out around the village more. He usually volunteered to read to children in the village at the school. One afternoon he was in the school telling the story of the Jabberwocky. After he was finished he went over to the schoolteacher and started stirring up some small talk.

"I love that old story, my father used to recite the fairy tale every time I suggested even the slightest bit that I wanted to slay monsters when I grew up. I supposed that was all I wanted to do at that age", said Joseph.

"Yes I'm sure I was the same," replied the schoolteacher, "But once I saw it, it haunted me… to say the very least"

"I don't understand, since you saw it?"

"Yes, yes, surely you didn't think it was just made up"

"Well pardon my judgment, but it doesn't seem very realistic"

"That's what I thought"

Later that night Joseph was with his father and thought it would be an appropriate time to tell him about it.

"So I went to the school today" Joseph said suspiciously.

"Ah yes, how did it go?" asked Mr. Toppleton, "What did you read?"

"Well funny you ask, I read the Jabberwocky to the children. Umm… father that reminds me… How do I say this, is the Jabberwocky real?"

"Well I'm glad you asked" Mr. Toppleton said as Joseph let out a sigh of relief.

"Some say it is some say otherwise"

The next day Joseph was out headed for the stables. It was a beautiful day in the village. It was the season for flowers to be blooming. The sun was out the birds were singing. It was straight out of a fairytale. But just before he could start humming "What a wonderful world", the beautiful silence was interrupted by the scream of what sounded like a middle-aged man. He ran straight to where it was coming from and saw standing taller than most of the houses in the village, a huge grizzly bear on its hind legs!

Joseph ran as fast has he could toward the beasts and pulled back the frantic man. He suddenly realized that he was up against a half-ton animal with claws bigger than his nose and teeth bigger than his fingers. The bear took one step forward and Joseph automatically took one step back. Joseph grabbed his pocketknife and held it tight. The bear lunged and tried to get him on the ground. Everything went black.

Hours later Joseph woke up. He was in home in his bed, his father at his bedside.

"How are you feeling Joseph?" his father asked merrily. "Fine" he replied sleepily "is it dead?"

"You just managed to plunge the knife deep enough to kill it. We pulled you out from under it!"

"Wow, I killed a bear?!" he said.

"You should probably get some sleep" said Mr. Toppleton.

The next day Joseph woke up feeling better than usual. He strolled into the kitchen where his father was sitting. "How did you sleep?" asked Mr. Toppleton. "I slept well, so well that I think I'll take a walk to the other side of the mountain"

"To the other side of the mountain? Dare I ask why?" Mr. Toppleton said suspiciously.

"Well I was thinking that if I can kill a bear, why couldn't I kill a jabberwocky? And we're out of wood for the fire"

"You have to understand that you didn't try to kill the bear… you got lucky and are lucky to be alive. But if you are serious then you should have this"

He stood up and went over to an old armoire and opened the lower drawer. He pulled out a dusty velvet covered box. He placed it on the table and opened the metal latch. Slowly he opened the box and revealed a beautiful old hand-crafter silver sword.

The handle was smooth with a large red gem right in the middle.

"Here, I killed a lion with it"

"Thank you Father, wish me luck"

And with that he left.

By the time he was at the gateway out of the village people were starting to notice. But Joseph didn't notice that they were noticing, he was too wrapper up in his good deed towards Grimbal. Soon he was half way around the mountain and he could see the forest waiting for him. Once he got to the beginning of the forest he stopped, took a deep breath and went in. He looked around. He had never been in the forest before but it was beautiful and had a pleasant silence to it. After a few minutes he was more interested in the beauty of the forest than slaying the Jabberwocky.

Suddenly there was a rustle in the bushes! Joseph violently turned to see the Jabberwocky. Before he could act it lunged and clawed him to the ground! Joseph pulled his sword from his side and plunged as hard as he knew how into the back of it!!!

"Then he came home with the head of the beast and ever since it has been safe and peaceful in Grimbal, and easier to get firewood!" said Mr. Toppleton.

As the children around him marveled in their thoughts Mr. Toppleton smiled. He loved telling that one.