Without warning he disappeared only to reappear on top of her. His moved his arms possessively around her and in pulled her into him. "You're mine." He growled in her ear. "Get used to it."

Mike looked worriedly over his shoulder as he walked through the dark streets. He hated walking through the city at night. Dark alleyways really freaked him out, especially because he was not the most muscular male ever. In fact, he might actually be one of the scrawniest males ever (at least that's what people at school told him). So if he ever got jumped, there wasn't a good chance that he would be able to defend himself. That fact made him nervous every time he stepped into darkness. Add the fact that he currently felt like he was being followed, and he was almost shaking.

He looked down at himself. He was wearing a faded black hoodie and worn jeans with white sneakers. They didn't make him appear homeless; however they didn't make him look wealthy either. In his hand was the jug of milk that his mom made him pick up from the nearby store. So unless some thug wanted stronger bones, he didn't really see why he would get jumped. But then why did he feel like someone was behind him?

He ran his free hand through his short black hair. He really needed to learn how to drive. Then he wouldn't be in this predicament. He would be safe in a car, where muggers couldn't get to him. Of course, with how environmentally conscious his mother was, he'd probably still have to walk to the store anyways, but that wasn't the point.

Mike's pace quickened when he thought that he heard laughing coming from behind him. His heart began to pound in his chest. This was not good. Not good at all. Why couldn't his mom be willing to wait until the day time for him to get milk? Why did she have to have it tonight?

He urged his legs to go faster once again until he was practically running. Although his destination was his house, all he really wanted was to get away from this place. Get away from whatever was behind him.

Maybe he was just being paranoid. Maybe there really wasn't anyone following him. For someone who seemed to always have the right answers (in school at least), he really hoped that his feelings were wrong. That really no one was behind him, ready to mug him for his milk. "It's all in my head." He whispered quietly to himself. "No one's there. It's all just in your head."

"You hear that, John? We're just in his head."

Mike whipped around and paled when he saw two guys trailing behind him. One had black hair, the other had brown. Both of them were tall and muscular. And both of them were looking directly at him. Oh gosh. This was so not good. Why couldn't he have taken a more popular road instead of this abandoned one? When...if...he got out of this, he swore to never walk on unpopulated road ways in the dark again. Even if they could save him ten minutes.

"Here, take it." Mike said nervously as he lifted his shaking arm and tried to shove the milk carton into the brunette's hands. All he wanted right then was to get out of there, preferably with minimal bruising.

The pair merely looked at him and laughed once more. If Mike wasn't so scared he might have glared at them. Once the two regained their composure, the brunette spoke up. "We don't want your milk kid."

"I d-don't have any m-money on me." Mike stuttered, knowing that that was probably what they were after if they didn't want the carton.

The horrid laughing came again. "We don't want that either." If they didn't want money, or the milk, what did they want? He had nothing else to offer them.

Suddenly both of them grinned and it looked as if their teeth were transforming into fangs. Wait, fangs? That couldn't be right. People didn't have fangs. Was it possible to be so scared that you started to see things?

They both stalked towards him. "We want something much, much more valuable." The brunette continued. Mike tried to get away from them, but found himself frozen, unable to move an inch. Stupid legs! "We want your blood."

His blood? Were these guys' vampire fanatics or something? The two laughed once again. Apparently he had spoken the last question out loud. "We're not fanatics." The black haired guy told him, speaking up for the first time. "But we are vampires." Ok, so these guys were both buff and insane. Not a very good combo.

The two were getting closer and closer. Oh gosh. He was so going to die. Mike saw his short, pitiful life flash before his eyes. He really should have got out more, and got a girlfriend. He prayed to any and every deity to pity on his soul and let him live a little longer. At least until he got laid.

"Lights out. Hope you have fun in the afterlife." The brunette announced when they were almost right beside him. Then they both lunged for him. Mike squeezed his eyes shut and braced himself for impact.

"Hey leave him alone douche bags." Mike slowly opened his eyes to see his new hero, or rather, his heroine. There in front of him, protecting him from the two guys, was a woman. Judging by her voice, she was probably in either her late teens or early twenties.

"Find your own human!" The brunette boy growled.

"Hmm, sounds tempting, really. But I think I'll stay with this one. Especially because I know you'd kill him when you're finished drinking from him." The woman replied.

"So? Why does it matter? There are lots more of them."

"That doesn't mean that you can just kill them whenever you wish."

This back and forth went on for a while until the brunette male got frustrated. "Just go away! If you won't walk away and leave us with our food, then we'll force you to go."

"I was hoping you would say that." Then in the time it takes to blink the two males and the woman ran at each other.

It was nearly impossible to describe the fight. Both parties were moving far too quickly for him to be able to get a clear view of what was happening, or who was winning. The second he was able to pin point the location of one of the three, they moved away with inhuman speed to a different location. All he could figure out was that there was a lot of clawing, punching, kicking and dodging from both sides. And that sounds of surprise emitted from both males when the fight began, as if they didn't think that she would be hard to battle.

At first it seemed to Mike like both sides were equal throughout the fight since no one seemed to be hunched over in pain or anything like that. Then he saw the brunette get smashed into a building wall so hard that it left a dent and he quickly decided that the odds were now in the girl's favour.

Even though it was now a one on one fight instead of a two on one, this battle seemed to take longer than the first. The black haired man was probably the better fighter between him and his buddy. It's always the silent ones. Mike almost laughed at that, then he remembered where he was and that if this girl lost, he was probably going to die.

Did that mean that he should be cheering for her? She didn't really look like she needed it, but it couldn't hurt right? So he lifted up his arms like a cheerleader and called out. "Yeah, come on girl! Kick his butt."

The girl responded by stopping in her place long enough to cast a glare at him. Ok, maybe he shouldn't do that anymore. So instead he just did what he had done prior to cheering: stand on sidelines and watch.

As he did so a thought occurred to him, should he try running away? Despite how fast everyone in the fight proved to be, if the fight went on for a while, he still might have time to make a break away. It sounded like a good idea. So he started prepare himself for his escape.

He didn't get an opportunity to do so because just as he started to turn around the fight ended. Mike glanced over and saw that the black haired man was now in a heap beside the brunette. "You ok?" The girl asked him, walking towards him as she did so.

Mike nodded. "Thank you." He began to walk over to her but stopped when he heard a splash. A bit freaked out, he looked down and saw that he stepped in a puddle of something.

Oh gosh. Was that blood? Oh great, it was blood. He was not good with blood. At all. His eyes widened for a moment and then everything went black.

Hey everyone. Sorry that this chapter wasn't that long. In case people are wondering, no Mike isn't part of the couple mentioned in the summary and beginning of the story, he has a different role in this. Please reply and tell me what you thought of the story!