Again a fan fiction that I couldn't quite bring myself to put up on fanfiction[dot]net. Because of course it's just a one-shot about my own character and the only 'fan fiction' quality is that it is set in the Star Wars universe. Or galaxy. *heh*

Set in the Old Republic. This is a slice-of-life for my second alt. character on Star Wars: the Old Republic.


In the stadium that encircles the pit, the platinum blonde human leans with the crowd and watches the battle below. Against a lone Wookie is a dozen well-armoured Gammorreans. The woman pities the bloodthirsty crowd - a lot of creatures are loosing their bets tonight. After all, who would bet against a dozen well-stocked Gammoreans? But, in a feat unusual for her, she had held onto her credits. Now, as the pit fight progressed, she was glad to have gone against her own grain. Her lips dance into a smirk and her chuckle is sucked up by the surrounding clamour as she imagines her loose credit allies who would surely be asking for an advance or a pay rise after loosing their bets. The tide turns in the crowd as the peak of the fights is reached. Her credit-stick swings out on it's rope as she leans forward and she takes a moment to drop it down her tank top; the most security she can give the piece of sentimental tech. The crowd is a shout of indecision as the spectating creatures as a whole try and decide whether to give in to their primal cheers for bloodlust or to jeer the Wookie that is now making them loose their credits. She laughs as the match hits it's climax - emotions are at their highest but there's no way the Wookiee'll loose now. As she is swept up in the mindset of a pit fighter spectator she confirms to the method of only one thought at a time. Her laugh is the vocalisation of her one thought; Yet again the galaxy seems to have moved so that I do not suffer.

Of course, the Wookiee wins and many creatures venture away with far less credits than they entered with.

It is only when she is outside Tassaa Baressh the Hutt's entertaining hall that she conceeds that this might be a bad idea... Might. But she can hardly back down now. The neoman ushers her inside the lavish hall and she is allowed to swagger down to her Hutt host. Tassaa speaks and thankfully (for the endeavor) a translator does what they do best:

"Why have you sought my audience?"

"For a transaction, of sorts. I wish to buy your Wookiee - Bowdaar."

The Huttese laugh needs no translation, nor do the jitterings around the hall need clarification. Then comes a translation of the proposed figure of what the Wookiee is worth. On hearing the amount the woman can not help but pale, like an oppesite blush. She knew to expect a ridiculous amount but that was beyond her expectations.

"I, erm, don't quite have that on me."

The supporting cast responds with laughter and she continues on her crusade;

"But I do have an idea."

Her host considers her statement, before gesturing to explain the 'idea'.

"I say we make a bet - you're not afraid of a little gamble, right? Me and your Wookie in a pit fit - fight 'til surrender. If I win, I get the Wookiee."

What the woman thinks is a smile stretches the Hutt's face. The translated reply quickly comes:

"And when my Wookiee wins? You have not the credits to bet against me and your starship is not worth enough. What do you have to offer?"

The blonde pretends to think, even though she has already prepared her answer.

"Myself. I'm fast with a blaster, should you wish, and people have told me before that I look..."

The woman raises her hands above her head and twists a few sensual dance moves.

"Well, honestly, what they call me is pretty crude but it's all good things, truely."

Her host makes a show of mulling it over, but the angled glint in Tassaa's eye says it all.

"I accept your bet."

To his credit, Bowdaar doesn't react when she walks into the pit. Nor does he react when she catches his eye and winks. To any observer, the only abnormality this fight had was that the wagers riding on it were high. In fact, the only creatures who knew about the pit fight being rigged where the ones doing the rigging. And they were hardly going reveal this, no matter on purpose or accidently, as the ones doing the rigging where the pair in the pit.

The day before, the woman had begun the setup. She had managed to sneak her way in front of the pit fighting Wookiee's cell.


His eyes had looked, but he hadn't dignified her with any other acknowledgment.

"How would you like to be free?"

Bluntly. he growled back;

"Anyone rich enough to buy me would not release me."

"What if someone won you?"

His growl had seemed almost amused.

"Then they would be a fool to think Tassaa bareesh would let me go."

But she had given a cocky grin and merely told him;

"Just think about it. Oh, and if you ever face me in a pit fight - loose. Trust me."

So now, facing her in a pit fight, Bowdaar had to decide whether throwing the fight would end up worth it. Her volley of bolts where absorbed by his shields, but her second pistol let off a charged bolt that impacted. A few more blaster inflicted hits and Bowdaar charged forward into close combat. As he strode the last step that would bring him to optimum vicinity so as to fight his human opponent, the woman leaned back on one foot and raised her other. When he drew close enough, she let forth her kick. The move was as crazy as it was ineffectual, and seeing as Bowdaar grabbed her foot upon impact it was pretty ineffectual. Yet 'lo and behold she pushed off with her grounded foot and, using the foot held by Bowdaar, she jumped up to the Wookiee's shoulders. Straddling his neck, she took a few casual shots at his body from her vantage point. It was only after a minimum of five bolts that Bowdaar hoisted her up by her mini-jacket and tossed her to the dirt floor.

Again they clashed, and they attacked each other again and again and again. The crowd grew louder and louder as it dawned on them (and was explained to those less blessed) that this away from home opponent actually has a chance. The crescendo grew until shouts blurred together and then into communication's static and it was then that the flash point came. Bowdaar had a string of victories - and bodies - to sing proof of his battle prowness. So when the curvy human stalked towards him it didn't take long to decipher the choice she was giving him with this move. This was a move that he could win. She had tossed him the choice. So he chose. The first ever recorded defeat of Bowdaar was met with violent disgust and left many in severe debt.

But fair was fair and the woman had won the Wookiee.

From the back corner of their now shared cell, Bowdaar growled in frank tones;

"Did you really expect Tassaa Bareesh to be fair?"

The human blindly waved and impaitient hand behind her in Bowdaar's general direction.

"I'm working on it, okay?"

The Wookiee scoffed and turned away. More could have been said but he would only have been saying it so as to vent his frustration. The guard outside their door looked in and the woman took a chance.

"Wow Mister Guard - you're just such a looker. You've got a face only a mother could love and I bet she only loved it because she had no more brain cells than a Gamorrean."

The guard whirled around to her.

"Now just you listen here-!"

"What's that?" the human loudly inturrupted, "I can't hear your dysfunctional-droid voice over this energy field."

The guard, who was still in the heights of anger, swiped open the door. The second he did it the guard realised how big a mistake that was. But the blonde gave him little time to reflect on this as - after the energy field flickered out - she grabbed his shoulder and sucker punched him before knocking him out with a quick jab to a nerve center.

She threw a lightened look over her shoulder and called for the Wookiee to get up and follow her. Running forward, she laughed with eurphoria and added;

"For freedom! Run with me for freedom!"

Understandably, they were located by Tassaa's secruity sooner rather than later.

There was a door on the side of Tassaa's palace that was mere meters from an independant (aka. not Hutt owned) landing pad. Aside from the soft hum of electronic secruity and other ambience, this area had been quiet. It was out of this calm door that a human rolled out into a crouch to send a volley of bolts back at her persuers.

The door was furthur diturbed as a Wookiee barrelled through it; any nearby secruity fell back like bowling pins. The human literally jumped to her feet, frantically (but with no shortage of mirth) calling to the wookiee.

"Bowdaar! Come on, come on! Ship's not too far. Come on, Bowdaar!"

A slightly frustrated Shirrwook reply was flung back, but nonetheless the wookiee soon turned and fled after the human. His flee was half dodging, as wild shots came over her shoulder even though her eyes were trained on a pad in fornt of them.

They reached the edge of a pad that currently had a slight Frieghter docked. To Bowdaar's surprise, the woman holstered one pistol and used her free hand to snag a piece of debris and proceed to fling it at said Frieghter. The hull clanked on contact with the projectile and, after a few moments, the Frieghter's ramp lowered as it's engines rumbled into action. The fleeing pair were steps from the ramp of the ship that was obviously ready to take off ASAP when the PA decided to crackle to life;

"Oh esteemed leader of our mottley crew," said a voice in pleasent tones, "You really couldn't have gotten more successfully gotten us a bigger bounty on our head if you'd punched a Jedi." finished the voice in more scathing tones.

"What if I'd punched a Sith?" the human quipped.

"Then you'd be dead." was the flat reply.

The woman merely shrugged in short agreement and lept onto the ramp. It was only now that she turned to face the incoming fire.

"A little help here?"

"Yeah, yeah," muttered the PA voice, "Give me a sec. Did you hear that? Me. The rest heard Tassaa captured you and went looking for a new employer."

The ships small cannons made their presence known when they blew a small crater just behind the guards. They continued to make sure everyone knew about them as the PA said,

"I'm the only one left. Me and whoever you've got running after you. I hope you're happy Missy Natal Vicas."

Both Bowdaar and the woman were at the top of the ramp and the ship closed around them before careening off out of the atmosphere and out of vicinity.

In the black of space in a slight Frieghter in a communications room, Bowdaar faced his rescuer. With what amounted to a raised brow, he questioned;

"Natal Vicas?"

And the human slung him a smile even as she walked in the cockpit's direction.

"Nah, he was just annoyed at me. No one really calls me by my full name."

In one last attempt, he asked her before she dissappeared down the central corridor;

"Then what do they call you?"

She dramatically turned and treated him to one of her most confident and smug grins before answering.

"I'm Envy."


Thank you to Vanilla Vanish for proofreading this for me - and for putting up with my late-night spelling.