All that she ever wanted—
neither cash nor anything physical,
was something felt yet unseen,
that brightens up her day.

All that she ever needed—
nobody ever knew.
They thought she wanted money,
food or even clothes—but no.

She wanted people to know,
that she didn't want those things.
What she wanted was actually
the simplest thing on Earth.

Anybody could give it,
anybody could earn it,
but nobody wanted to make
an effort as they did not care enough.

Yes, care: all that she wanted; needed.
Yet no one gave it to her.
When she cried in class today,
she wanted people to ask if she's okay.

Nobody asked, nobody cared—
she felt so alone.
Not even the teacher who knew
asked her of her well-being.

If someone were to just
go forward and ask her the most simplest:
"Are you okay?"
then maybe she wouldn't be like this.

Maybe she would be happier,
had more friends and a gradient smile.
But no, nobody asked her
so more alone she felt.

If only humans would just
make an effort to care,
then maybe there wouldn't be
suicide cases or self-hurt.

Care: a simple action,
yet none, out of a thousand
wanted to do such a simple act:
can now make a change while it's not too late?