**warning** boy on boy sexytime.

I was very content laying here in Gabe's arms. There was a meteor shower tonight and we were outside in my backyard watching it. He had brought a blanket from home for us to lay on and we had already eaten the brownies his mom had made as a gift.

As my present Gabriel had made a pair of bracelets. They were the kind you make from string at summer camp. I remember I had once told him that I always wanted one but I didn't know how to make them. It wasn't an expensive gift but he had taken me out to a pricier restaurant for dinner so it's not like I was disappointed.

I was lying on my side, my head on Gabe's shoulder while he was flat on his back with both arms around me.

"Hey Seth?" Gabe questioned. I moved my head so that I was eye level with him.


"Is it-" he stopped abruptly, thinking about his sentence. "If you're in a relationship with someone and you've been together for 5 months and 18 days," the exact length of our relationship "then is it okay to tell them you love them?"

I froze. Everything inside of me just stopped, from my lungs to my heart.

This was unexpected. This was something I'd never expect Gabe to do. Ever.

He started shifting uncomfortably underneath me. I guess he was waiting for an answer. I've known I was in love with him for a little over a month but with Gabe things take time, obviously.

"Yeah," I said around a smile. Gabe let out a long sigh of relieve. I think it took a little longer than it should have to answer.

"Good," he said, finally smiling. His eyes were a glow with excitement and love. "Because I love you Seth."

I kissed him before muttering 'I love you too' into his ear when I snuggled back into him.

We stayed like that until I complained of the cold when I was really just trying to set the next phase into motion.

Gabe knew he was staying the night and so did his mom, not that we would tell her my parents weren't going to be there. She would defiantly know what was going on. That would not be good.

I took his hand and started running up the stairs, him trying not to trip and fall behind me. When we got to my door I turned myself around and latched our lips together. My back was firmly pressed up against the door until I twisted the knob so we could enter. Once we were inside I walked him backwards until he had no choice but to sit on the bed. I kneeled around him so that I was taller so our roles were reversed since he was always leaning down to kiss me and I had to crane my neck.

His hands were a little lower than normal but he wasn't quite grabbing ass yet. He always seemed to treat me like a baby animal, it was as if he thought that if he moved his hands down any lower he would scare me. Maybe a little more encouragement will work?

I trailed one hand that was previously fastened on his neck down his chest a little ways, rubbing it slightly. I slowly slipped my hand under his jacket moving it so it would slip off of his shoulder and doing the same thing with my other hand.

Once his jacket was removed he made no move to help me with mine so I did it myself. It's almost as if he doesn't want me. But that couldn't be it, could it? I knew I was attractive, just like Gabe was incredibly sexy. Maybe it was because he wasn't attracted to men, or me more specifically because he was never attracted to men in the first place. Could that be it? Maybe, but I had given him boners before and we had certainly done… other things that weren't exactly sex, but maybe that was his natural reactions kicking in.

There was only one way to find out I guess.

I deepened the kiss further by actually putting up a fight with my tongue rather than just letting him win like usual. Soon he was placing open mouth kisses along my neck, nibbling a little as he went. I pulled his head back so I could see his face to gauge his reaction to what I was about to say. He looked at me confused for a second before I began to speak.

"I want you," I said slowly.

"You already have me," he said, still slightly confused but with a smile on his face. Sometimes I wanted to slap him.

"When someone says they want you that means that want to have sex."

No reply. He just looked at me, shocked. "Seth, I'm not so sure…" he trailed off. I was right. Being rejected like this was embarrassing. Here I was, practically begging him to sleep with me when he didn't want it. Did he just not want to lose his virginity yet? Or not to me? This stung a little more than I had thought it would. I tried to stop my eyes from glossing over; I didn't want him to know I was hurt by this. This wasn't supposed to make him feel bad.

"Why?" I asked him. If I didn't know I think I would go insane.

"It's stupid," he muttered under his breath while avoiding my gaze. I gave him a look that said I don't give a fuck and he continued. "I just don't want to-," (long sigh) "I just don't want to mess up."

Really? That was it? He was worried about not being good in bed? I didn't care if it wasn't that good because after his first time, when he's more comfortable, things will get a lot better for both of us and it would make up for it. Not that I really think that it'll be a problem with Gabe.

"So it isn't because you aren't attracted to me anymore?" I just wanted to make sure.

"What?! No! That will never be the problem Seth," I smiled at him and leaned in for a kiss. I was trying to reassure him that it was okay and I can only assume that my thoughts were telepathically sent because he kissed me back.

Soon I slipped my shirt off and was thankful that Gabe didn't hesitate to run his hands all over my chest. I like it when he has more confidence. Slowly but surely I started to raise his shirt up. I made sure that I would drag my knuckles against his skin lightly; I could feel his muscles tuck in out of pleasure.

We slowly moved back so that, instead of sitting on the edge of the bed, we were laying down horizontally. I ran my hand over his nipple once acting as if it was on accident but then doing it a couple more times with purpose. When he started reaching his hand down to grab my belt I backed up while Gabe gave me a look of confusion.

I stood up, turned around, and undid my pants. I made sure that when I bent over to put my ass in his face. I was wearing briefs that I knew he'd enjoy. I bent over the bed, while still standing, and started to undo his belt. Damn him for wearing one. It was fairly hard to get off. Soon enough it was tossed onto the floor and I was helping him shimmy out of his pants.

He was wearing red boxers, which I knew already because his pants sagged teasingly low. He pulled me back into bed with him giving me a fiery kiss, this time he was above me though. He had his entire body pressed against my own and when our crotches finally came into contact he let out a sharp breath into the kiss while I choked to hold back a moan.

As we subconsciously rocked our hips together Gabe sandwiched his hands between myself and the mattress and slid them along my back until the wiggled their way under the hem of my underwear and griping my ass. I'm pretty sure I love him more when he's got this confidence. I usually have to tell him it's okay before he does anything remotely like this.

Soon he was inching my briefs down, little by little. I moved my lips from his to his shoulder blade making sure to nibble a little as I kiss it. After my underwear was gone I ran one hand up and down his chest, gradually getting lower as I went. I finally reached his package and brushed it slightly as I let my hand travel back up his chest and then back down, each time grazing his clothed erection a little harder until I just kept my hand there and started to palm him. He let out breathy moans that were barely hearable and pressed my lips once more to his, attacking his mouth with my tongue. I was going to make sure his first time was amazing.

Eventually I got around to taking his boxers off so we were both naked with our limbs entangled and our hands groping each other. I was on the verge of not being able to stand this much longer. I pushed Gabe away long enough to reach under my bed for the box of condoms and a bottle of unopened lube that I already had and handed them to Gabe.

"Why are you giving them to me?"

"Well I'm certainly not going to be doing all the work," I said and he just rolled his eyes at me while sitting up in between my legs. He eyed the items questioningly. "I know you know what to do, I'll be the first one to tell you if you're doing something wrong." He seemed slightly more reassured as he popped the lid of the lube open. He coated a few fingers and inserted one, prepping me cautiously. I squirm a little because I didn't expect it to hurt so much. It's only been seven or eight months, I shouldn't be this tight should I?

He sees my uncomfortable state and stops all movement. "Just add the second finger," I demand because I just want this part to be over with. He complies while moving his fingers in all different directions trying to get me accustomed with the feeling. Soon the third one is in and his fingers are moving in ways they shouldn't but I don't mind once finds that bundle of nerves and I moan loader than necessary. I almost jumped back and the sudden pleasure because I wasn't expecting him to find it so quickly but he did. I mentally filled away the location of my prostate for later

He chuckles a little at my reaction but I just give him the finger and continue to enjoy the feeling. Soon I realize that he needs to stop or we won't actually make it to the sex part of tonight. I push his hand away and start to sit up and pushing him back against the mattress. I give him one long kiss before I pull away from him once more. It didn't take him long to figure out my intentions once I had gotten the condom onto his hard-on and aligned myself with him. Trying my best to shift myself to get comfortable and to find my process was harder than I thought but once I was lowered completely onto Gabe's cock I registered that he was cursing under his breath and trying to restrain himself.

Carefully I raised myself once more and then lowered myself down, moaning in satisfaction when I realized that I had found my prostate again. I had forgotten the pain a while ago and was focused on riding Gabe for all he was worth. Oh how I missed this.

I placed my hands on Gabe's chest to steady myself while he placed his hands on my hips helping me up and down. We were both gasping and moaning each other's names while enjoying the intense euphoria of what was happening. I soon grabbed a hold of my cock and started to pump myself so Gabe wouldn't have to take his hands off of my hips. I was so close it was almost unbearable.

I came first with many 'fuck's rolling off of my tongue as I did. I knew Gabe would last longer than me because that kid has incredible stamina. I guess he could take me spilling out onto his stomach because soon he hit his climax also.

After both of us had rode out our orgasms I collapsed on top of Gabe, not even bothering to move off of him for a few minutes until I had the energy too. We laid there flat on our backs just listening to each other's heavy breathing. My thighs were soar from so much physical activity and my ass was already starting to hurt but despite all of that I still managed to be able to roll over and curl into Gabe. He didn't seem to mind even though both of us were extremely hot and sweaty. I twirled the bracelet around his wrist a few times before becoming too tired to move. Gabe didn't even bother to remove the condom yet.

"Love you Gabe," I barely managed to get out. This moment was perfect. It would have been amazing even if we hadn't confessed our love for each other but knowing that he feels the same for me makes everything spectacular.

"Love you too, Seth."

Best. Sex. Ever.

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