Ballad Of The Fifty-Four

One was just to know

Two was out of desperation

Three was for the sensation

Four began my addiction

Five was to feel again

Six was for the high

Seven was to kill her voice

Eight was for his

Nine was to distract me

Ten to help my heart

Eleven was for survival

Twelve was just for the need

Thirteen I craved the pain

Fourteen I had no choice

Fifteen I didn't try to stop

Sixteen had to bleed

Seventeen dug so deep

Eighteen can still be seen

Nineteen didn't soothe my soul

Twenty didn't bother to try

Twenty-One was caressed

Twenty-Two made me think

Twenty-Three had to be there

Twenty-Four replaced a tear

Twenty-Five marked a breakdown

Twenty-Six was mindless

Twenty-Seven stole my breath

Twenty-Eight there was so much blood

Twenty-Nine was different from the rest

Thirty tried to take my thoughts

Thirty-One wanted me dead

Thirty-Two I gave up fighting

Thirty-Three was just a number

Thirty-Four was nothing special

Thirty-Five another drop of pain

Thirty-Six caused no tears

Thirty-Seven cut through others

Thirty-Eight I thought was the end

Thirty-Nine had me possessed

Forty was part of a countdown

Forty-One was third in line

Forty-Two I used maybe too much pressure

Forty-Three is still brand new

Forty-Four proved I can't be strong

Forty-Five took my will to live

Forty-Six no second guessing

Forty-Seven a different direction

Forty-Eight it's too late now

Forty-Nine another crime

Fifty just a passing number

Fifty-One not a second later

Fifty-Two I want to be able to stop for you

Fifty-Three countdown's almost done

Fifty-Four will there be anymore?