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The Real Bloodsuckers

By: Muffy/Jess/Averick (whatever you wanna call me)

Warnings: A bit of violence, a tiny bit of foul language, and blood, of course. Rated T to be safe. Also, this is SLASH. If that's not your glass of pineapple juice, then don't read. You've been warned.

Summary: Dragon's Blood, or DB, is the hot new drug in the world. Wrynn is unfortunate enough to be a runaway half-dragon, and his blood is suddenly what everyone is after. Luckily, his stalker-ish vampire, Ashton, is there to keep him company. Who would have thought that vampires weren't the only bloodsuckers in the world? Now they're going to have to fight to stay together and stay alive in a world gone mad, crazed at the thought of blood. (May change summary later)

Chapter One: Strange Ways

"No. No, no, no, this isn't happening," Wrynn scowled to himself as he punched at the computer screen in annoyance. "Damn it!" His banking account showed zero, and he was sure he knew who was behind it. But it wasn't like there was anything he could do about it. The message was clear: come home. Would he? Absolutely not. Sighing, he edged off the computer and out of the library, hunching his shoulders to let everyone know how annoyed he was. It wasn't like he talked to people anyway.

He had no money, no job, and he was sure he would soon lose that tiny apartment he'd managed to get for himself after several weeks of searching. Damn but his family could be persistent. How had they even found him in the first place? It wasn't like he went advertising his whereabouts. Why would he want to?

It wasn't like he went flying every night. It wasn't like he ate anyone. It wasn't like anyone had realized who and what he was.

Shaking his head, his fiery red bangs dipping into his face, he bowed his head and continued walking. He had no idea what he was going to do now, had no idea what to do next to get his money back or anything. It wasn't like he could go to the police and tell them that dragons had stolen his money. That wouldn't go over very well. Either the police wouldn't believe him, or they'd start questioning him so much that he ran away.

And if they learned he himself was a half-dragon…well, that wouldn't go over very well either. Again, either they wouldn't believe him, or they would jump him and cut him open.

Dragon's Blood was the newest, most productive drug on the market. Wrynn wasn't sure who exactly had gone and drank from a dragon in the first place, but apparently it had magical abilities. Racing speed, for instance. Track runners were tested daily to see if they had consumed the drug. No one liked a cheater, after all. Wrynn knew Dragon's Blood, or DB, was commonly used in hospitals to heal ailing patients. There were not really any aftereffects of the drug, unless one took too much. Then they usually had a heart attack or something, because their bodies just couldn't take it in excess amounts. Either way, there was a high demand for DB, and Wrynn himself was a half-dragon. If anyone ever found out, he had no doubt that he'd be used for his blood just like all the other dragons.

If that was the case, then why was he here, among humans, one might ask? To get away from his controlling family, of course. He would be turning eighteen in five months and his family would be signing him off to some woman of their choosing, or a male if the bid was high enough. His family was low on the dragon food chain, after all. Whoever bought him got to have him. And he was coming of that age.

Needless to say, he wasn't thrilled about it. He'd rather take his chances in the human world. At least there, he had a chance at a life. Being signed off to some stranger certainly wasn't his idea of a good time, and it never would be. One never knew what the person would do to them. For all he knew, he would be sold to some horrible dragon of the upper class who only wanted a slave. Worse than that, he could be sold to someone who only wanted to use him for sex. That thought sickened him, and thus he'd finally drawn within himself the courage to break free and run away.

Somehow, his family seemed to have gotten a hold of his bank account, which he had precariously created a week ago from some druggies willing to do work for him for some DB. Of course, Wrynn hadn't told them where he'd gotten it, or even that it was half-dragon blood. They didn't care. And thus, his bank account had been created, and now his family had gone and ruined it for him, like they always did.

Well, he couldn't necessarily say always. He had only run away four months ago. This was only the second town he'd actually stayed in. There had been one before, but he'd left there quickly enough when he'd learned that the whole town was pretty much drugged up on DB. He wasn't flaunting around the secret that he was a half-dragon, of course, but those people had been so crazy they could have thought anyone was a dragon. They had all but turned into vampires.

Ah, vampires. The bloodsuckers. Obviously, they weren't the only ones prone to becoming attached or addicted to blood. Half of the human population now was. Vampires were real, of course--just like dragons were real, and werewolves and ghosts. Creatures of the night were not always hidden away in the dark. Sometimes they came out to play in the early morning hours. Wrynn had befriended a vampire several years ago, but had stopped that friendship pretty quickly when he'd learned the vampire was only there for his blood.

Bloodsuckers, right?

Sighing, Wrynn continued moving down the street. He seriously needed to get out of this town before his family actually came searching for him. That would have been strange, though. Seeing his parents in human form would certainly be a first. His sister, Sherwyn, on the other hand, had wandered around their home in human form often enough. He was the oddball, though, because his human form was his normal form. He had been born in human form. He would die in human form.

He could turn into his dragon half, of course. That wasn't hard. His emotions did help control it, otherwise it would have been popping out in the most inopportune times, such as when he'd found out his bank account had been wiped. He just usually steered clear from that half of himself unless the urge to fly became too great.

Werewolves had to run, at least once a week, in wolf form. They had a strong desire to run, to chase, and to kill. Vampires had to drink at least once a week. They had a desire to drink, to eat and fill themselves up. Dragons were no different. They had to fly when the desire became strong enough. Sometimes every night, if given the chance, just like a werewolf would run every day if they could. But Wrynn preferred to keep his wings locked tight while in town, and thus only flew when the urge threatened to overtake him. His annoyance at his family was certainly fueling his urge to get away and fly.

He knocked into someone suddenly and staggered back a couple of steps. It had been like ramming into a brick wall. "I…I'm sorry, I-" he stammered quickly, blinking to focus his vision as he peered at the person standing before him.

"It's fine," the person grunted in a somewhat annoyed tone of voice. Hazel eyes peered back at him, honey brown locks of hair circling the person's pale face.

"I…Yeah. Sorry. I'll…be going, then," Wrynn said quickly as he hurriedly started walking again. He wasn't sure why, but he had a horrible time talking to anyone. It was like his thoughts scrambled and he couldn't think straight. Most would call it him being shy, but he wasn't so sure. Maybe there was just something wrong with him. Sighing, he continued moving down the street and stopped at his apartment.

He pushed the door open and entered the small living room, sighing as he marched down the hallway and toward his bedroom.

He seriously needed to pack. But first, fly. Then he'd deal with the rest later.

Nighttime was the best, or at least that was what Ashton thought as he walked through the calm and quiet woods near the small town he'd been staying at for the better part of two weeks. He would be leaving again, soon, though. He didn't much care for staying in one place for too long. He leaped across the ground in massive strides only someone with superhuman abilities--or DB--could make. He scowled to himself. DB. That was so stupid. How could people ever think to gain power by taking a drug? Not even a drug, they were drinking blood! They were just like him and his kind, the actual vampires. They were sucking dragons dry without a care or flicker of thought, too frenzied in their need for drugs. At least vampires were better than that--they only did it to survive, not to feel a good high.

Humans sickened him at times. He was glad he was no longer one of them.

Above him, he heard the flapping of wings. Startled, he jumped onto a thick tree branch and peered into the sky. A somewhat small dragon with fiery red wings and a long, blood red tail flew above him, wings flapping softly to carry the dragon higher and then lower. It appeared the dragon was just flying to fly, and Ashton could understand that. Sometimes he ran just to run, or jumped just to jump. Why not put vampire abilities to good use, after all?

Smiling faintly, he watched as the dragon flew lower and lower, and then landed in a small clearing. Leaping down from the tree, he darted in the direction the dragon had landed, and then stopped in his tracks as the dragon changed form, from tail and wings to human skin and hair. Fiery red hair covered the guy's head, and deep emerald green eyes peered out of a tan face. He knew that face. He recognized it from earlier that day, from the guy who had bumped into him on the sidewalk. Smirking at the irony, he leaned against a tree and watched momentarily.

The guy combed his fingers through his hair, seemingly unaware that he was being watched. Ashton felt a pull in his chest, and he wasn't necessarily sure why. Maybe he was hungry. After all, dragon's blood did taste amazing, and the aroma was better than anything else he'd ever smelled in his entire life. But if this guy was a dragon, then why hadn't Ashton smelled it earlier, when they had bumped into each other?

Well, he did run off in a hurry, he thought to himself. And you were kind of preoccupied.

That was true. He had been preoccupied, otherwise he would have realized the stunning beauty of this dragon. Yes, he was bi. He could go either way, whatever mood he was in for the night. He could appreciate beauty no matter what, and the short dragon, probably still a teenager, did have a lot of that fiery wonder.

The urge to run forward was getting stronger, that pull in his chest becoming harder to ignore. Maybe he was hungry, and the scent of that wonderful blood certainly wasn't helping matters. Ah, what the hay? Why not? A guy had to eat to survive, right?

He lunged forward, eyes locked on his beautiful prey. The dragon turned, green eyes opening wide, and then was tackled by Ashton's powerful, swift body. He may not have appeared very strong due to his vampire-high metabolism, but he was. He pinned the young dragon to the ground, his fingers digging into his shoulders.

"Vampire," the dragon hissed with a small stammer. Either from fear, shock, or just overall shyness, Ashton didn't know.

"You smell good," Ashton said, even though he wasn't sure why he was telling the dragon this. He licked his lips, his fangs protruding from his gums. "I like good." He could hear the dragon's heart racing, a beat too fast for a normal human. Unnatural warmth caressed Ashton's cold hands. A fire dragon, then, judging by the heat and the fiery red hair. The rarest kind.

And the tastiest. One knew what they said about delicacies.

He brought his face down low, nudging his nose into the side of the dragon's neck.

"Get off," the dragon hissed.

"Play nice and I might let you live," Ashton told him. He'd hate to have to kill such a beauty.

"I said get off!" Fire sparked to life around the young dragon. Ashton leaped off and away from him with a yelp, hissing as he narrowed his eyes. "Is everyone bloodsuckers around here?"

"That's offensive," Ashton said. "Don't put me with the humans. I'm hungry. There's a difference."

"E-Everyone gets hungry," the dragon told him, still stammering a little, despite the anger that had been in his voice only a moment ago. "But that doesn't…give you the right to go off…and tackle people to eat them!"

"I don't eat them," Ashton said with a scowl. "I drink their blood."

"Yeah, well, whatever."

Ashton chuckled and shook his head. "So. Fiery attitude for a fiery dragon, I take it? I can't believe I didn't notice it before when we bumped into each other."

The dragon glared at him and shrugged slowly. "Yeah, well, guess I'm special like that." He sneered at the word 'special', and Ashton knew there was probably a story there.

"I'm hungry," Ashton said, as though the dragon hadn't heard him.

"Aren't we all?" the dragon replied. "Go…to a blood bank."

"They won't let me in there anymore. You know, a few bags of blood go missing and automatically everyone blames the new guy."

"Go figure."

"Just a bite?"

The dragon scowled. "No."

Ashton wondered why he was even being friendly and asking the dragon, when he could have just as easily tackled him again to overtake him and force him to hand over some of his delicious blood. But for some reason, a part of him was fighting against the urge, telling him to not do it, to wait.

There was just something about this dragon. Something 'special', like the dragon had said.

"I'm Ashton." He wasn't sure why he was telling the dragon that, but it seemed appropriate.

The dragon narrowed his eyes. "Wrynn."

"Interesting," Ashton said. "So no blood?"

A faint smirk twitched on the dragon's lips. Ashton had to admit that he enjoyed seeing it there. "No."

"Damn. Well. Walk you home?"

"W-What?" the dragon, Wrynn, stammered, staring at him with wide green eyes.

"Walk you home?" Ashton repeated. Well, he'd never been one to take it slow, right? "It's dark out. Dangerous. Especially for small dragons like you."

Wrynn scowled again. "I'm not…small! I'm just…" He hesitated. "Still growing."

"Uh huh. I'm walking you home."

"No. I don't…want you knowing where I live. No."

Ashton chuckled and then jumped back and away, disappearing into the shadows.

That Ashton guy was so weird! Wrynn shook his head as he entered his apartment and closed and locked the door behind him, just in case. He sighed and kicked off his shoes, humming quietly to himself as he entered the kitchen to fix him some much needed supper. Yawning to himself, he started fixing a few cheeseburgers and fries, even though it was already going on midnight. What did he care? It wasn't like he worked anyway. He would soon be leaving this town.

He had to keep moving, lest his family find him.

He turned from the stove and came face to face with Ashton, the vampire's deep hazel eyes boring into his own. "Ack!" he shrieked, throwing himself backward and nearly burning himself on the stove. Ashton smirked at him.

"I thought dragons were supposed to, you know, be more aware than you are?" Ashton commented while sitting on the edge of the small kitchen table. The wood groaned beneath his weight.

Wrynn glared at him. "What are you doing here?" he snapped, surprised he didn't stammer. "Get out! I locked the door!"

"But not the window," Ashton pointed out with a smug grin.

"What are you doing? Stalking me?"

"Maybe." The vampire shrugged his shoulders. "Whatcha cooking?"

"Get out."

"But I'm hungry." Ashton pouted and damn it, it was rather cute. Wrynn glared at him.

"For blood."

"For whatever," Ashton told him. "Believe it or not, vampires can eat human food. Or, would this be dragon food? You know, for a dragon, you're not very dragon-y."

"That's not even a word," Wrynn groused. "And I'm only half-dragon, thanks very much."

"That's possible?" Ashton quirked a brow at him.

"Yes. No, I don't know how. Now would you please get out of my kitchen?"

"Oooh, taking me to the bedroom already?" Ashton asked with a chuckle.

Wrynn felt his face get hot. "No!" he hissed. "Get out!"

"But you don't really want me to leave. I'm hungry. And you crashed into me earlier."

"And you tackled me and tried to kill me," Wrynn muttered. "I think we're pretty even." Wow, he still wasn't stammering in the slightest. Why could he talk to Ashton like this, but no one else? He was sure it was just because he was angry with the vampire. Anger did strange things, after all.

"Nope. I require food, since you tried to light me on fire when I tried to eat."

"You were trying to eat me-" Wrynn started, but stopped when he realized this was getting them nowhere. "Fine. You can stay. But you leave after dinner. God it?"

"Of course," Ashton said with a wide smile, his fangs showing.

Wrynn rolled his eyes and went back to cooking the cheeseburgers. It was a good thing he'd decided to fix two, he decided, along with fries. He was still probably going to be hungry, though. Dragons had a high metabolism. He was sure vampires did too. Neither of them were going to be overly satisfied tonight.

Once the food was done, he fixed two plates and they sat at the table like two civilized people, which was completely a joke.

A vampire and a dragon sit at the kitchen table and eat a meal together…

A vampire and a dragon walk into a bar…

Blah. Wrynn sighed and shook his head, focusing instead on his food.

To his surprise, Ashton kept to his word and left after the meal. Wrynn figured that was the last of him.

But apparently someone had neglected to tell him that vampires were persistent and stubborn pains in the asses.

Hope it sounds okay as the first chapter. This is all from the short story, if you read that. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it as a multi-chapter fic too. Thanks for reading! Hope to post chaper two soon. Please review!!! Reviews are love!