Do you ever think your life is just too boring? That there has to be something more then just school, work and kids? There should be right, after all you're a kid yourself, so for you the sky isn't even the limit. But what happens when that adventure we crave, the breaking of our vision of reality happens. I know it, and a lot of other kids do too. You don't see them, but they're out there.

They sit with you in class- A girl is bored in class and suddenly hears a beeping from her pocket.

Walk right by you in the streets- As a boy waits for the light to turn he hears a beeping in his pocket.

And even are your best friends- Two boys are walking home together when a beeping goes off in ones pocket.

They're everywhere, and they live out the dreams we always wish for. Dreams of the strange, dreams of the adventure, dreams…of the digital.

Digimon Tamers 2.0

Ryan gets home after school and go straight to my room. I turn on my TV and watch my favorite show- Digimon. This show is really popular; almost everyone I know likes it. It has everything a kid wishes for. We all wish we could be tamers. Of course, that's not possible…or is it?

"Great episode; Jayce freaking rules, I can't believe we're the same age." Ryan thought to himself. "Oh wait, Jayce isn't real. Too bad, it must be so cool to have a Hydromon. Man, Digimon: Master Digivolution is definitely my favorite season. Hydromon's one of my favorite digimon, course I'd really like a Garurumon; wolves rock! Then again Betamon is one of my favorite water digimon. A really cool digimon be'd one that could digivolve into every Garurumon. I really like Kendogarurumon he's way cool." Ryan mumbled on in his head.

Ryan got up from his room and went into the kitchen and grabbed a coke. He saw on the fridge door there was a note. It read: Ryan, please go buy some bread at the store- Love Mama.

"Better go change into something clean. Gym class may make me sweaty but it sure is fun."

Ryan went into his room and put on his usual outfit. He put on his blue goggles and his dark blue t-shirt and jeans and black running sneakers. He walked over to his desk where he kept his card holder and multiple toy digivices. They were all D-Powers. Ryan selected his favorite, a blue one with a Strabimon. "I remember when I got the digimon as a Loupmon, it later became a brutemon and finally Strabimon. I love this digimon." He clipped on the digivice and card holder. "I wonder why I can't get him to digivolve any farther?" Ryan thought. "Ive trained him for such a long time, I don't get why he won't get past rookie? I treat him like a real digimon...too bad he isn't one." Ryan got a sad look and walked out his house towards the store.

As he exited out of the store he saw a large fog over near his house. "Thats weird?" Ryan thought. He kept walking home until he reached his house. The fog was all around the neighborhood, and so dense. "It was clear out a second ago?" Ryan thought. He walked up to his room after putting what he bought away." When he entered his room the screens on his digivices were glowing strangely from their screens. He walked over to see all the digimon disappear on the screen and then the digivices shatter. "What the hell?!" Ryan said aloud. Suddenly his house shook violently. He fell and crawled up towards the window. "Was that an earthquake?" He looked outside to see what had really caused the house to shake. It looked like a big white deer with giant blue antlers and a blue fluffy mane and rings around its ankles and gauze around its tail. "No can't be...but its a- a moosemon!" Ryan was amazed. "This can't be real, digimon aren't real, this has got to be a dream." The moosemon hit his house again and with such force it shattered Ryan's window. He fell back but came back up again and looked at the digimon. It stared up at him. It hit the house again and Ryan lost his balance and fell out his window. He looked up to see that Moosemon was much bigger than him and just a few feet away. It looked down at him with angry eyes. "Uh, hi." Ryan said. The Moosemon continued looking at him and scraped its foot on the ground. "I am so dead." Suddenly he noticed his digivice was on the ground and all his cards. He picked up the digivice and looked at Strabimon. He appeared as if ye were ready to fight. In his cards he noticed one light up and turn blue. He picked it up and looked back the Moosemon who prepared to charge. Out of fear he slid the card through and his digivice and it started glowing. It started to become a real D-Power. It was basically the same but also different, more real looking and feeling. The screen started to glow and out of it shot Strabimon. He was taller than Ryan but not to much. He looked like a humanoid wolf that was purple and wore leg braces, clawed gloves, arm bands and a pointy wolf-head-like helmet. "Strabimon- you're-you're real!" Ryan said astonished.

"That right, thanks for taking such good care of me, now it's time I return the favor, tamer." He responded.

"T-Tamer!" Ryan said happy. "Alright!"

Strabimon smiled but then lost it as he faced his opponent. "Moosemon, leave my tamer alone!" Strabimon demanded.

"Leave me be, Strabimon, Ill do as I please." Moosemon responded. "Horn Blade!" Moosemon threw his horns forward and two giant slashes appeared and were about to hit Strabimon.

Strabimon jumped up and avoided it and while in the air shouted "Darkness Hand!" His claw became shrouded in darkness and he slammed down towards Moosemon. He got him straight in the back.

Moosemon yelled in pain and backed up. "Hanging Twister!" He shot forth a miniature tornado and picked Strabimon up in it and flung him around.

"Strabimon!" Ryan yelled. "There has to be something I can do." Ryan thought out loud. He looked at his cards on the ground and took one out.

The screen goes to Digimodify. It shows half if Ryan's face and then backs out as Ryan slides the card through. "Digimodify! Attack Nullify!"

Strabimon is suddenly freed from the tornado. He looks at Moosemon.

"I'm very tired, so let's make this quick. Light Leg!" His leg became shrouded in light. He charged in and kicked Moosemons face and he flew into the air backwards. As he went Strabimon yelled "Darkness hand." His hand became shrouded in darkness and he jabbed it into Moosemons stomach.

"Aaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhh!" Moosemon screamed in agony. He became data and then a digiegg, which fell to the ground.

Ryan ran over to Strabimon. "That was incredible!"

Strabimon smiled hut lost it as he looked at the egg. "What do we do with him?"

Ryan's D-Power beeped and looked at it to see the screen glow brightly. He faced it in the direction if the digiegg and a beam shot out and took it and it disappeared. "Guess that answered that question." Ryan looked towards Strabimon. "So... Digimon are real?"

"That's right."

"And...and I'm your tamer?"

Strabimon smiled. "That's right." Ryan hugged Strabimon.

"Awesome! I always wished you were real!" Ryan suddenly broke the hug. "So did you get here?"

"I'm not sure actually, I just knew you needed me, so I came." He shrugged.

Ryan smiled widely. "So wait, you are a guy right?"

"...Not exactly, digimon don't actually have sexes, no genitalia, however I feel as if my gender is a boy."


Suddenly Strabimon got a strange look on his face. He fell and made an "Ugh." Sound.

"Strabimon!" Ryan cried as he caught him.

Strabimon started to dedigivolve. "I'm alright, just tired."

"You're a Brutemon again." In Ryan's hands was a digimon that was very similar to a Viximon, but it was gray and had more of a wolf-like face and tail.

"I'm just tired, I'll go back to normal after some rest."

"Alright, let's get you inside." So Ryan brought him into his house and up to his room where he tucked him under the covers. "Good night Brutemon."

"Good night Ryan." With that he fell asleep, and Ryan started to think of all the great adventures they were sure to have.

What great adventures will Ryan and Strabimon have? You'll have to find out in the next installment of- Digimon Tamers 2.0!