Maybe I was hallucinating about some other me!

I should have realized that life isn't as easy as it seems on Disney.

Life is not a fairytale.

Sometimes you will fail.

This is the real world, flooding with people's cries and scream.

This is the real world, where you're not allowed to have a dream.

I lost everything I had in vain,

On illusions of dreams with nothing to gain.

All the movies were so inspiring.

But this is the real world, where life can get tiring.

There's no magic, no teenage pop-star in disguise.

If I had grown up in time, maybe I wouldn't have had to pay the price!

This is the real world, and it's not so innocent.

I found lies and hatred wherever I went.

I was dumb-founded.

I need to be grounded.

This real world is so much better even with all its flaws.

I was seeing only one side of life and not its ugly claws.

And I lost everything in false belief.

Illusions of dreams were my reason to live.

Now that I've opened my eyes to all that is real,

I will learn to cope with this world, my bruises will heal.

Snow White and Cinderella are a cover to hide

A place to escape to a lazy ride

For girls like me who like to ignore,

The harshness of this real world- I don't wanna do this anymore.

Now that all is lost, I can't wait for a miracle, for super-man.

This is the real world; I have to fix it myself any way that I can.

I thought if you don't fit in, you should stand out.

Standing out just makes it worse, without a doubt.

Maybe seeing teen-lives like mine made me a megalomaniac.

I know now that it's hard to be one in a million, I'm just a braniac.

And that is okay.

I found reality, I found my way.

Now I can feel.

Now I am real.

Now I don't live on impossible dreams shown on TV.

Now I don't believe in the dreams I see on Disney.

I'm in the real world, I've grown up now.

This is the real world, glad I got here somehow.

Disclaimer: I have nothing against Disney or the references to anything I used above. I'm just fascinated by how much real life is different from that shown on kids' shows. LOL.