Author's Note – This is a little piece that is meant to be a faerie tale from a fantasy world were Angels and Devils, as well as magic and mythological creatures, are real. It's sort of like a Romeo and Juliet type tale that inspired the conflict between Angels and Devils in this fantasy world. I hope you enjoy it!

Misha And Kireika

When I was a little girl, my mother would tell me my favourite bedtime story on the nights when I had been well behaved. It was a story from the days before the war between Angels and Devils. A love story between the Angel Kireika, and the Devil Misha, and it always started the same way every time she told it to me.

Kireika was a princess amongst the Angels, beloved by her people, who fell in love with Misha. In those days, it wasn't uncommon for a Devil to be found wandering the streets amongst the Angels, and although welcomed, they were not always looked upon with the same level of respect as other Angels. Misha himself was a lord amongst his people, yet for the sake of Kireika, he tolerated the often-scathing whispers that followed him whenever he came to see his beloved Angel.

Kireika and Misha loved each other so much that, one day, they gave a piece of themselves to each other. Kireika's pearly white wings became as black as raven's feathers, and the black feathered wings that had adorned Misha's back faded to the purest of white. They understood each other and their powers better than they ever had before, and in the days that followed, they were inseparable.

When word got around of what had been done, it caused an uproar in both worlds. The Angels saw it as a great crime that Misha had defiled the purity of an Angel, and had tainted her wings black. The Devils despised Kireika for corrupting a Devil with her light, taking away the darkness of his wings. Both parties hated the fact that their unique powers had been shared with one who was not a part of their world, and that was something that could not be tolerated. They punished the lovers for their crimes, ending their lives despite their pleading that they had done nothing wrong.

Yet they didn't stop there. To ensure that the lovers would never find each other again in the next world, they burned Misha's body, and scattered his essence to the winds. Misha's soul became a part of the wind itself, cursed to forever travel the world, never able to stop in any one place for very long. Kireika's essence was trapped in stone, carved into a statue of the beloved princess, never to be free to roam the world. She would have to stand in place, never able to follow after her lover.

And so it came to pass that war began between the Angels and the Devils, fuelled on by their anger over the actions of the lovers. Never again would one be accepted amongst the others, and the tiny bit of peace that they had enjoyed had been shattered forever.

Yet this isn't the end of the story for Kireika and Misha. Although Kireika was trapped in her stone, Misha was free to travel the world, and he often brought the winds to his beloved whenever he could. For wind can wear down stone, and stone is very patient, and can out last the generations. When the winds would blow across the Angel kingdom, a little bit more of the stone statue would be worn away, and one day, when the stone has been worn away completely, Kireika's spirit will be free to fly away and rejoin her lover for all eternity.

I always enjoyed that tale as a child, and I would always imagine Kireika and Misha finally being reunited after so long being apart. At the time, I couldn't understand why they had been punished for loving each other, and why it had been such a crime to share their powers with one another. Now that I am older, I understand it a little better, and yet it still seems terribly unfair. The Angels and Devils were elitists, unable to accept anyone who was different into their worlds. Because Kireika and Misha had gone against this, they had been punished in the most severe way possible.

Yet now that I am older, I have learnt something else from this story. Angels are no more different than Devils; Kireika and Misha proved this when they so easily mixed their powers together. In the end, we are all people, just with different talents and different beliefs. It doesn't matter what we call ourselves, because that fact will never change. Kireika and Misha could see beyond the prejudice of this world, and found love and equality within the hearts and souls of each other. That, more than the power of love, is the true message behind the tale of Misha and Kireika, and it is one that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

The End