More fan fiction that I couldn't bring myself to put up on fanfiction[dot]net. Another one-shot about my own character with the only 'fan fiction' quality being that it is set in the Star Wars universe. Or galaxy. *heh*

Set in the Old Republic. This is a slice-of-life for my third alt. character on Star Wars: the Old Republic.



No dates. No unrecorded names. No specifics. No trace. No evidence.


No salvation. The Sith have no mercy.

I'm going to die and it won't be the Republic who murder me.

Droids are easier. No organics to influence their programs.


No matter.

Log One

I stood in a group of my peers on a balcony on one of Dromund Kaas' structures. We had all enrolled with the Sith Empire and for now we relaxed and gossiped about those who passed by. We laughed at fashion, at flamboyance and at how some creatures were acting. We laughed at aliens that looked different enough from us. Back then, we relished our new power that came with being a part of the Empire.

I had laughed right along with the others, as if it would always be like that day. As if we would always be friends.

Next to walk past were the newest Acolytes; most were tall, well built and (most importantly to my female peers) male. Next to me, my Twi'lek friend was bold enough to whistle her appreciation but the rest of us just giggled. I had giggled a fraction too late. I always did. They used to say it was because I was shy. One Acolyte had stopped and looked right at my whistling friend before moving on with the rest of his group.

I recall trying to join in on my peers romantic gossip, but I could never think of anything to say that wouldn't just be parroting the others. No one noticed. Or, I don't think anyone noticed. Even then I had the ability to be, to all practical effects, invisible.

Log Two

We weren't together forever, of course. Childhood friends rarely are. Especially within the Empire. The first to leave our group had been Ski'koss. Ski'koss, my exhuberant Twi'lek friend, who was detected as Force sensitive and taken to a Sith Academy. The second and third to leave did so by enlisting as foot soldiers in the Imperial Army. I heard that they had died in battle within that first week. Eventually the whole group split and each of us was to our own devices.

I left by enrolling in an elite branch of the Empire - I went to train as an Agent.

Log Three

My last public stunt - my last public stunt as myself - was my promotion day. I had finally advanced to the glorious title of Cipher Agent. Ski'koss had attended the ceremony. She had been almost unrecognisable in her ancient-style, golden plate-armour and her rich, red skirt. Being her emotion fuelled self, the first thing Ski'koss did was throw her arms around me and give me a big kiss on the cheek.

When she pulled back, she had given my expression an odd look, but her talkative nature soon won over. That day, we had no idea, but when we talked - Sith to Cipher - it was for the last time.

A Cipher Agent is the highest rank a non-Force user can get, but we are still lower than any Sith.

Log Four

All the mission had said was the mission outline and an explanation of the Rattataki who had brought it. Kaliyo Djannis. She and I were to work together. I didn't know for how long - obviously that was not need to know information. That mission - the infiltration of [%LOCATION_DELETED###] - finished with no complications. She hadn't been totally compliant, but her way worked just as well. She was dangerous. I knew that then as well as I do know. But even so she always had this... alluring quality about her. She hadn't been assinged to me for just for that mission, she was part of my crew for longer than that.

Log Five

I normally don't get to know my crew very well; an Agent's life is a solo one. Besides, I prefer to upgrade the ship or our weapons or any droids we have onboard. For most of my Cipher career, I've had at least one droid onboard. R3-M3, or 'Reme'. is my little personal droid. Reme doesn't look like much, just a little ball of glossy metal, but with it's built-in communications to any local Empire satalite and an array of quirks I've upgraded and programmed in Reme can really, really make an impact.

But Kilayo sought me out. She would find me, whereever I was in the ship, and just talk. I should've been more aware, maybe if I had been I would've realised sooner that complaints were rare but compliments were common. Or perhaps I wouldn't have cared. What I do know is that it didn't take long for her to get into my head. Not in an under-my-skin sort of way; I dreamt of her. I dreamt of her a lot, and on the whole the dreams were very... pleasent. [%TEXT_DELETED###] (I shouldn't have ever recorded that. Nothing good can come from other's being privvy to such content.) Soon these types of thoughts plagued my waking hours too.

Log Six

She never cared, never loved. A liability. Not a lover - a lia-fucking-bility.

She just then pulled me close and it was such a kiss and she held a Vibrodagger to my back and said I was a liability! Nothing else.

So I had Reme kill her.

She's dead.

Apparently we're going to leave her on the foot of some place on Dromund Kaas - let them deal with it.

No mercy.


Log Seven

I haven't taken a female crew member since that back-stabbing Rattataki. It caused strife with my superiors - the Keeper especially. He has berated me for such behaviour. He'd say there's no room for a Cipher Agent who isn't willing to give everything for the Empire.

I haven't budged my position.

I'm being sent to Corascant on undercover work - posing with a Republic politian with strong personal ties to the Jedi. I'm in no position to work so close to Jedi. I have low hopes for this mission.

The merciful Jedi will spare me.

Then the Empire will execute me.

Log Eight

I hope this finds you stop I have been revealed stop Not my fault stop Agent 639 a traitor stop 639 gave away inforamtion stop Jedi not as merciful as thought stop Please give this record to Sith misstress Ski'koss stop I never forgot her stop

Log Nine [%TIME_LOCK###]

I know I'll have to return to the Empire. I know I'll have to return soon. But for now I want some unscheduled time off.

Reme is still with me, but that's all I have. Reme, minus the Empire satalite connections and plus the originals of my logs.

The jedi said that this is my chance. That they can see i have good in my heart, now I have to get that good to fill all of me.

I'm glad they gave me this chance. But I can't do what they ask of me. Somewhere, the empire still has a file with the codename Aziz on it. Someday, I'll be identified with that file. They'll reassess it, remove the PRESUMED DEAD and come looking for me again. I should return before then.

But for now, I won't respond to Aziz if someone calls it.

For now, I'm just a plain old droid maker. The customers say Reme's more interesting than me.

I am, for all practical effects, invisible.

I am, practically, safe.

For now.


Thank you to Vanilla Vanish for proofreading this for me - and for putting up with my late-night spelling.