it's encrypted in the dreams we forget,
in concessions of 100110111 on our hard drives,
perhaps right at the back of the shelf
in that hypermarket, behind the cherryade,
maybe the muesli and porridge oats.

it has the potential to decode the universe
in all its glorious enigma; make life worth living
for some, others will instead desire oblivion
from this strange blessingcurse-- (it is appreciated
it can be seen in two different ways) we are unable
to ever get our heads around.

very few find it in its true and purest form.
from the moment of birth, it is tainted with conflic
and little everyday complaints, the secret thoughts--
I could never read the mind of another and so
it is mere intuition, the moon and the stars which

provide me with the certainty, written in consellations
whispered in the air I breathe (which also happens to
be never entirely pure), a gut instinct, a dull sense of
achievement. am I one of the lucky ones? are any
of us?

(I hope, I think maybe I am when I wake up at an hour
I never thought existed on a Sunday morning
and see your face, when all uncertainties sink to the
pit of my stomach and fall through my fingers like
grains of sand.)