Twin Love

This is a little story I wrote. There are twins in my class and every time I see them together, my Yaoi instincts kick in. I'm never using their real names either, so enjoy!! Oh and this my first time writing Incest and M, so forgive me if it doesn't sound right, I'm working on it!

Aiden and Ajax Lardy walked down the school halls on their way to the designer's class. They were the twins in their class, known as the funny ones and the one's who loved to have fun. Aiden was the oldest by a mere few seconds and Ajax was the younger one. They looked a lot alike too and no one could tell them apart, not even Aqua, their best friend.

"Guys, you're so late! Mr. White is gonna kill you! We're doing a test today and it counts! He just dropped the bomb shell right now!" Aqua hissed as Aiden sat down in front of her, Ajax in front him.

"A test?!" they gasped in unison, grabbed their boards and stencils and looked at the teacher who walked in again and gave them each a large stack of A3 papers with instructions on them.

"No talking! Nothing, I want you to hand these things in after this period! Start!" Mr. White roared and ran his fingernails down the black board, his pupils flinching.

Everybody grabbed their pencils and started drawing, oblivious to Aiden's evil intentions.

Halfway through the test, Aiden smirked and nudged his brother's bottom with his foot. Ajax gasped and grabbed onto the table, causing his ruler to clatter to the floor. Mr. White walked over and picked it up for him, before walking around the class again.

Ajax sent Aiden a death glare, but the older brother just smiled innocently.

They went on until Aiden's dirty mind took over again and he pressed his boot against his brother again, causing the boy to moan slightly.

Aiden smirked and went on with his work until the bell rang, signalling the end of the day.

They packed away and Aqua skipped over to them as they walked away from the class.

"I hated that thing! I should have taken another class! Aiden, Ajax, how was it for you?" she asked, hyper like always.

"I rather enjoyed it" Aiden smirked.

"I found it annoying!" Ajax hissed as they walked out of the building.

"Hey, you're parents are away this weekend right? That'll be fun, having the house to yourself" Aqua giggled.

"Oh yeah, it'll be fun!" Aiden smirked, putting his arm around Ajax's shoulder, making his younger brother blush.

Aqua giggled, having an idea what Aiden meant, she spotted her guardian, Reu, and waved at him happily, "Reu's here! Bye you two, see you on Monday! Enjoy your weekend!"

"Bye Aqua! Enjoy your weekend too!" they both called after her as she ran over and got on the back of Reu's motorbike and zipped off.

Aqua's mother had died a few months after she had been born, her dad had died 4 years ago when she was 11 and her older brother that was 4 years older than her was on a tour with his boyfriend, so she was staying with Reu.

They started walking the 2 blocks back home, not talking, only using their creepy twin communication, when they turned into their deserted street, Aiden, softly took Ajax's hand, making his younger brother blush.

"So, what you wanna have for dinner tonight?" Ajax asked, placing his bag in his room and walking to the room next to his, watching Aiden get undressed and redressed.

"Oh, you know what I want…" Aiden smirked, threw the shirt he had wanted to put on over his shoulder and walked over to Ajax.

He casually put his arms around his younger brother and brought him closer, making Ajax blush.

"Aiden, come on, let go, I have things to do" Ajax muttered and gave a weak push to his brother, but he yelped as Aiden pulled back towards his bed, throwing his brother down first, climbing on him and straddling his hips.

"Ajax…" Aiden purred as he leaned down, pulled his brother's shirt away and licked from his shoulder tip to his jaw slowly.

Ajax moaned softly, before covering his mouth with his hands.

Aiden chuckled before he tutted slowly and pulled Ajax's hands away, kissing his brother on his lips.

Ajax gasped and his older brother thrust his tongue into his mouth. Ajax's eyes widened before they slowly closed, as he pulled his arms out of Aiden's hands and wrapped them around his neck, kissing his older brother back. Aiden smirked against his lips and wrapped his arms around Ajax's waist, lifting him up slightly and rubbing their quickly-hardening members together, making them both groan.

Aiden pulled back for some much needed air and looked down at his brother, panting slightly. Ajax was blushing a light red, his eyes dazed over in pleasure and panting hard.

Aiden smirked and kissed his brother's nose, making the younger one wiggle it slightly and giggle.

"Come on, we'll continue later on, for now, we gotta eat, or Mrs. Mandale'll kill us if she comes to check on us and there's no food" Aiden said, he let go of Ajax and sat upright.

His younger brother pouted, also got up, kissed his cheek and walked out into the kitchen, Aiden following.

"So, what do you want for dinner?" Ajax asked as Aiden wrapped his arms around his waist and rested his chin on Ajax's shoulder.

"Hmm, anything. As long as Mrs. Mandale will buy it that we'll eat tonight" Aiden sighed and nibbled on his ear.

"Alright, try and keep it in your pants until tonight" Ajax sighed and pulled out of his brother's grip.

He did love his brother, in a brotherly way and a romantic way, but he had to be the more responsible one, or Aiden'll turn into an Incubus; a male sex beast.

Aiden sighed and walked into the living room, turning on the TV.

Ajax hurried around the kitchen, grabbing pasta, placing it in a pot and leaving it on the stove. He walked in and sat next to his brother, bringing his legs up and placing them on the couch and resting his head on Aiden's shoulder.

"Hey, Aiden?" he whispered, holding his brother's hand.

"Hmm?" the older boy hummed, resting his chin on Ajax's head.

"In whose room are we gonna sleep tonight? Mine or yours?" Ajax asked, closing his eyes.

"Hmm, yours. It's the nearest" Aiden smirked.

Ajax gave a soft smile, turned his head and nuzzled Aiden's neck.

The older brother sighed and mentally shook his head at his younger brother's actions.

They heard a soft ding from the kitchen, Ajax sighed, stood up and walked back into the kitchen, continuing to prepare dinner.

Aiden flipped through the channels, searching for something to watch. It was about 4 PM now, Mrs. Mandale outta be here at about 6, so…Aiden had Ajax to himself until then…

Ding Dong…

Or not…Aiden groaned and stood up, opening the door and saw Aqua standing there, grinning at him.

"I knew you had some dirty thoughts and I know Ajax would want to wait until Mrs. Mandale had been here, but you wouldn't actually keep your hands off of him, so I came by" she explained happily.

Aiden stared at her, sighed and closed the door in her face.

"Aiden, open up!" she whined, slamming the door with her fists.

"Go home, I want some time with my little brother" Aiden groaned.

"You have the entire weekend for that and by Monday, poor Ajax won't be able to walk!" Aqua cried.

Aiden pulled the door open, pulled the girl in and slammed the door shut, "Don't go saying those types of things so casually!"

"True, some people are against gay men and they'll react even worse to Incest. But I kept my promise, I haven't told anyone, not even Reu" Aqua giggled and walked past him.

Aiden growled, 'Why the hell did Ajax have to tell her?!'

That annoying little voice in his head chuckled, 'Because she came to visit and found you giving him a blow-job on the couch, is that a good enough reason?'

Aqua was the only person in the world who knew that Ajax and Aiden were in a romantic relationship, not even their parents knew! I mean, how can you tell your parents that you, a male, and your twin, also male, were in a sexual relationship, or with anyone in your family!

Aiden slammed his head against the door, turned and stalked into the kitchen.

Aqua was helping Ajax with the pasta and they were talking happily. When Aiden appeared, Ajax sent him a sparkling, loving smile, making all of Aiden's anger melt away and smile back at him.

"I can only stay while, Reu's picking me up soon, he's taking me to his uncle's ranch!" Aqua giggled.

"It's alright Aqua, we don't mind" Ajax smiled.

"I'm actually rather happy if you can't stay long" Aiden smirked.

"Yeah, yeah, I know, sheesh! You got some temper these days, Ai-chan" Aqua huffed.

Ajax only gave a small laugh and continued with dinner.

For the next about hour and a half, they made dinner, Aqua and Ajax doing the work and Aiden just sat and watched his brother work happily.

Aqua's phone rang and when she picked it up, Reu told her to go outside and that he was on his way over.

"I gotta go you two. Aiden, keep calm for about another hour, until Mrs. Mandale has arrived and left. See you guys!" Aqua giggled and ran off.

"Finally, we're alone!" Aiden said dramatically, throwing his arms up into the air.

Ajax laughed and shook his head at his brother's action before putting some pasta in their bowls, "How much do you want?"

"Depends, how much do you have?" Aiden purred, he walked up behind his brother, slid his hands around his waist and down into his pants.

Ajax gasped and dropped the spoon into the pot, splashing him with sauce, but he didn't care as Aiden's hands wrapped around his member and caressed it.

"A-A…Ai-den, n-not…n-n-now…please" Ajax whimpered, but bucked his hips.

"Aww, but you love this so much" Aiden smirked, he let go of his brother, who whined slightly, and turned him around, helped him sit on the counter and leaned in between his legs.

"A-Aiden…" Ajax whimpered.

"Shh, shh" the older brother whispered, "Take off your shirt, slowly…"

Ajax whimpered again, but he slowly slipped off his white shirt, exposing his upper half body and perky nipples.

Aiden smirked, leaned forward and poked the sensitive place with his tongue, causing Ajax to moan. The older brother started to lick it and suck it, causing the younger one to moan more, wrap his arms around Aiden's neck and arch his back into the touch.

Aiden smirked and bit the nipple, making Ajax cry out before he licked over to sooth it. He moved lower and licked around his belly button before sticking his tongue in and causing Ajax to groan.

Oh how he loved teasing his brother, he moved even lower and gently took Ajax's pants zipped between his teeth and dragging it down…ever so slowly…

He was surprised to see his younger brother had no underwear on; he looked up and saw that Ajax was bright red.

"I-I knew you would wanna do it, so I thought you would like this more…" he muttered.

Aiden smiled, leaned up and kissed his younger brother, before sinking lower again.

He watched the tip of his younger brother, observing it as it twitched slightly, before he kissed the tip and held his brother's hips to the counter.

Ajax screamed and arched his back, panting hard.

Aiden took the head into his mouth and gives a light suck and Ajax bucked his hips, but Aiden held them down.

Ajax rested his head against the cabinets behind him and panted as Aiden sucked, taking more and more of his member into his mouth and deep throating him.

Ajax screamed in pleasure and released his seed in his brother's mouth, who drank it greedily. He pulled away and licked his lips.

"Thanks for the meal brother, come one, let's take a bath" Aiden said and helped his exhausted brother down from the counter and into the bathroom.

He started the bath and they stripped and slid in, Aiden on the one side and Ajax on the other.

"Ajax?" Aiden said, when his brother looked up, he held his arms open for him.

Ajax blushed a bit, but smiled and moved over to his brother, sitting between his legs, leaning his back against Aiden's chest as his brother wrapped his arms around him, pulling him even closer.

Ajax smiled and closed his eyes, "After this, we have to eat, alright?"

"Yeah, yeah, I guessed that much" Aiden chuckled.

They sat there for about 10 – 20 more minutes before they started washing, dried off, got dressed and walked back into the kitchen.

They warmed up the food that had gotten cold and just sat down, when the door bell rang.

"That's probably Mrs. Mandale" Aiden sighed, stood up and walked over to the door, opening it for the lady, "Hello Mrs. Mandale!"

"Hello deary! I just came to check up on you 2" Mrs. Mandale said cheerily.

"Oh sure, come on in!" Aiden smiled and led the elderly lady into the kitchen where Ajax was already eating.

"Hello, Ajax, is everything alright here?" Mrs. Mandale asked, smiling at the boy.

"Everything it fine Mrs. Mandale, you don't have to worry" the boy grinned.

"Very well, just came to see if everything's alright, see you tomorrow afternoon!" she smiled and left.

They waited a few minutes before Aiden chuckled and Ajax giggled.

"Only Mrs. Mandale would believe that story" Ajax said.

Aiden nodded, pulled his brother's chair out and sat down on his lap, straddling his legs and put his arms around Ajax's neck.

"You know, I really love you" he whispered in his ear and licked it.

Ajax blinked, "Aiden? Is something wrong? You don't usually act like this…"

"True, but I just want you to know that I love you, as well as your body…" Aiden whispered and shifted his weight, putting all his weight on Ajax's member, causing the boy to groan.

Aiden smiled and leaned down, pulling his shirt back and sucking his neck, leaving a rather large and beautiful hicky.

Ajax smiled and bucked his hips into his brother's backside, that's all Aiden needed, he jumped up, grabbed his brother's wrist and hurried to his room, threw him onto the bed and ripped his shirt off.

"Aiden…you're greedy tonight" Ajax whispered as his brother attacked his nipples.

"Of course, I've wanted to do this all day…" Aiden grinned and moved lower, pulling his pants off too.

Ajax blushed as he saw the lust in his brother's eyes, then he screamed when his brother took his member in his mouth, sucking and licking it.

Ajax placed his hands on his brother's head and pushed it down slightly as he put his legs around his neck, causing him to go even deeper, deep throating him by now.

Ajax screamed as he let out his orgasm in brother's mouth again, second time that day, he lay there panting slightly and stared at his brother with dazed eyes.

Aiden smiled at him, leaned up and kissed him, Ajax returning the kiss.

"Your mouth tastes weird…" Ajax whispered.

"To you maybe, but to me, you taste delicious…" Aiden purred, he leaned down, spreading Ajax's legs wide, giving him a good view of his brother, "Pleasure yourself, so that I can see…"

Ajax blushed, but he grabbed his member and started pumping it, imagining it was Aiden's hand.

Aiden watched his brother, his own pants getting too tight from the sight. He leaned down, picked Ajax's hips up and looked at his small hole, he licked his lips, leaned forward and stuck his tongue in, causing to Ajax to suddenly stop and scream at the top of his lungs.

Aiden wiggled his tongue in his hole, causing Ajax to scream more. He pulled out when his brother was lose and stuck his fingers in, scissoring them and thrusting them in and out.

Ajax panted and groaned as his brother prepared him, he knew this was wrong, it was wrong to be in a sexual relationship with your brother, but he couldn't help it…

His thoughts were cut off as he screamed when his brother thrusted into him, hard, hitting his sweet spot.

"A-Aiden! Oooh, YES!" he cried, tears running down his face, he wrapped his arms around his brother's neck and clung to him.

Aiden continued to thrust into his little brother roughly. Ajax cried out loudly as his brother fell back onto the bed, causing Ajax to ride him.

Ajax blushed as he looked down on his brother; he slowly started to move up and down, causing them both to groan.

"Ajax…" Aiden whispered, catching his brother's attention, "This is such a beautiful sight…my love…"

Ajax blushed, but nodded and smiled; he sat up on his legs, then let himself fall mostly down on Aiden's hard member, burying him deep inside. Ajax screamed again and threw his head back, letting out his seed on his brother's chest.

Aiden gasped as his brother tightened around him. He sat up, throwing his brother onto the bed and kept thrusting him, causing Ajax to gasp, then Aiden also spilled his seed into his brother, making Ajax gasp again and arch his back.

Aiden panted and went to pull out, but his brother stopped him, "D-don't, stay…"

Aiden lay next to his brother and cuddled up to him, holding him tight, "I love you…"

"I love you too…" Ajax whispered, kissed his brother and they fell asleep.

A/N: Done! This is my first, so tell me what you think!