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A Vampire's Drink

Companion piece to The Real Bloodsuckers

By: Muffy/Jess/Averick (whatever you wanna call me)

"God damn it, Ash!" Wrynn cursed under his breath. "Learn to pick up your stupid underwear!" He was tired of finding articles of Ashton's clothing all over the small, one-bedroom apartment they now shared. For three months, now, they had been living together, ever since those two idiots had decided to strap Wrynn down and drain him of his precious blood.

Dragon's Blood, or DB, was the hip new drug on the market, and Wrynn was unfortunate enough to be a half-dragon. If people learned he was a dragon, they would most certainly carve into him for his blood, whether for their own pleasure, or for a hospital somewhere. He thought he was fine with people doing it for patients in a hospital, but just for their own screwed up needs was completely ridiculous.

Wrynn shook his head and put the pile of clothes in the hamper. Honestly, who knew Ashton had so many clothes? For a vampire, the guy knew how to accessorize, apparently. He always had nice clothes and rarely wore the same thing twice. He seemed to have an endless supply of money, too, which was pretty cool because he'd insisted that Wrynn needn't worry about working. That was fine with Wrynn, of course. If Ashton wanted to support him, he wasn't going to stop him.

After all, he was the one who looked after the house. He felt like some kind of housewife, but he didn't mind as much as he thought he would have. Just being able to be with Ashton was enough for him, really. He didn't mind picking up after the vampire, or cooking for the two of them or anything. He sometimes even let Ashton drink from him, but very rarely. He still hated the fact that people everywhere were after his blood.

Ashton was in the bedroom, still asleep. For part of the undead, he sure slept a lot. Sunlight bothered him, but not that much, really. Not like Wrynn would have thought it would. Ashton complained about the sun and preferred the darkness of the night, thus causing Wrynn to join in his weird sleeping habits if the two ever wanted to see each other. As a fire dragon, even half of one, Wrynn himself liked the evenings and mornings. But for Ashton, he was willing to sleep through the day and keep awake at night. He figured he owed him that much, right? Ashton had saved his life, after all. Plus he loved the vampire, no matter how strange that might have sounded.

Humming quietly to himself, Wrynn glanced at the clock and saw that it was late evening. Ashton would be getting up soon, and would most likely be hungry. For someone who couldn't necessarily taste food, he sure was a bottomless pit.

He entered the kitchen and started supper for this evening, which wasn't anything special. He just slapped a couple of pizzas in the oven and let the oven do the rest, before he turned and starting making himself some coffee. He didn't much care for the dark, bitter taste, but it did help keep him awake and more alert. Ever since what had happened all those months ago, he was wary about being unaware of what was happening around him. Coffee helped him to know what was going on, and helped him react faster. Or at least he thought so.

He heard movement behind him and turned, smiling when he saw his vampire standing in the doorway. Ashton's honey brown hair was tangled and falling into his hazel eyes as the vampire watched him with a lazy grin on his face. "You look so cute standing next to the stove," Ashton commented with a smirk as he sauntered forward and looped his arms around Wrynn's waist, tugging him closer.

"Only then?" Wrynn joked, smiling up at him happily.

"No," Ashton said with a faint chuckle. "Always." He bent his head down some and Wrynn lifted his up a little, allowing their lips to meet in the middle. The kiss was gentle yet forceful, causing Wrynn to grin around Ashton's lips as the two pulled away. "Whatcha fixing?"

"Pizza," Wrynn told him. "Hungry?"

"Only for you," Ashton told him, smiling.

Wrynn flushed and scowled at him. "Stop that," he chided, "or no pizza for you!"

"Oh, how will I ever live with myself?" Ashton rolled his eyes and sat at the kitchen table. "How long have you been up? The apartment looks nice."

"Yeah, you're a slob," Wrynn said with a scowl. "I've been up about two hours."

Ashton nodded. "So, you're eighteen now."

Wrynn frowned at the sudden statement. "Um…yeah?" he asked, wondering what the vampire was getting at. Honestly, sometimes Ashton said the strangest things and Wrynn had no hope of following the conversation.

"We haven't celebrated yet."

"I thought we agreed it was no big deal," Wrynn pointed out with a small frown. He didn't want to celebrate his birthday. To Ashton, maybe it was just another year, but to Wrynn, it meant that if he was still home with his dragon family, he would have been shipped off to some dragon who paid to have him. That was what happened when one was low on the food chain, though. Wrynn had pretty much resigned himself to his fate until he'd run away one day, several months ago, where he'd run into Ashton quite literally on the sidewalk.

"You're eighteen now," Ashton repeated, quirking a delicate brow at him.

"How old are you?" Wrynn asked, realizing he didn't know. He figured around a hundred, but Ashton didn't look a day older than nineteen. Ashton had told him he had been nineteen when he'd been turned.

Ashton blinked. "One-hundred-and-four."

Wrynn stared at him with wide eyes. "Are you serious?"

"Very, I'm not some girl who lies about her age," Ashton pointed out with a smirk, watching Wrynn. Wrynn shook his head, still stunned. He was dating an old man! Sighing, he sat at the table with Ashton.

"Wow. You're old."

"And you're a small dragon," Ashton said.

"I'm still growing!" Wrynn fumed. He hated being small. He wasn't that small, really--he stood at about five-foot-four, but Ashton was around five-foot-nine, and the difference between the two of them was stunning. Not to mention, in dragon form, he certainly did look pretty small. Most dragons became larger in dragon form--Wrynn just stayed the same size.

"Really? You're officially an adult now," Ashton said with a grin.

Wrynn rolled his eyes. "Whatever. Only by human standards."

"But by dragon standards…?" Ashton prompted, reaching a hand across the table to grab Wrynn's. Wrynn sighed. Sometimes Ashton was so touchy-feely and sentimental. It surprised him, sort of, because one would have thought that Ashton, the smug vampire he was, wouldn't have been like this with anyone. Maybe Wrynn was just special.

"Dragons are considered adults at age twenty-two," Wrynn told him. He shook his head. "Stop distracting me. Why do you want to celebrate my birthday?"

Ashton blinked at him, frowning. "You know, most normal people are thrilled when their birthday comes around. Most vampires, too. I mean, hell, I'm over a hundred years old but I still go out for a drink when that day comes around."

Wrynn chuckled at Ashton's version of a drink, which would most likely be nothing but red liquid, the kind that came from veins.

"Yeah, well, in case you haven't noticed, I'm not exactly normal," Wrynn pointed out.

"Don't dragons celebrate?"

"Um. Sometimes," Wrynn conceded, looking away from his vampire. "But for those like me, their eighteenth birthday sucks out loud."

"Those like you?" Ashton repeated in question, tightening his grip on Wrynn's hand.

Wrynn sighed. He knew this conversation was going to come sooner or later but he'd been hoping for 'never'. "There's a food chain, just like with humans, you know? Upper class, middle, lower…well, it's the same for dragons. And my family is lower class. On…um…on our eighteenth birthday, we're, uh…Well, people of a higher class get to buy us."

He could feel Ashton's eyes on him. "So you're bought?" Ashton hissed the word.

"Pretty much," Wrynn told him with a slow nod, still not looking at him, glaring down at the table instead. Hmm, he needed to wipe away that stain one of these days. "We're sold to someone on our eighteenth birthday, to either be wed or…I don't know. Slavery, I guess you could say? You'd kinda work for them or something, do whatever they want, and I mean whatever. I don't know. That's why I left when I did--I didn't want to stick around to turn eighteen."

"That's fucked up," Ashton growled. Wrynn flinched and tugged his hand away, wondering if Ashton was angry with him or something. What for, he didn't quite know, but maybe he thought Wrynn was some kind of whore or something, getting sold to people. The thought hurt. Ashton surprised him by quickly snatching his hand back and squeezing. "Look at me."

Wrynn slowly lifted his gaze and met Ashton's brilliant hazel eyes. "Ash?" he asked quietly, because his vampire's eyes were a little dark, and were very narrowed. He shifted uneasily under his gaze.

"I'm glad you got out of there when you did," Ashton told him softly, despite the growl hidden somewhere in his voice. Gently, he lifted his free hand and brushed Wrynn's red bangs out of his face, and Wrynn couldn't help but lean into the touch. Ashton's fingers were somewhat cold, but it actually soothed the heat that seemed to always be coursing through Wrynn. He was a fire dragon, after all. "And I love you."

"Love you too," Wrynn said slowly, still a little confused. "You're not mad?"

"Why would I be mad?" Ashton blinked at him in confusion. "I'm happy you got out of there. I…" The vampire chewed on his lower lip momentarily. "I don't like the thought of you being sold to someone. I'm angry about that. But I'm not angry with you."


"Really," Ashton confirmed, bringing Wrynn's hand up enough to kiss lightly at the knuckles. "And I think your pizza is burning."

"Ack!" Wrynn shot up from his chair and hurried toward the oven, where he quickly threw it open and looked around for over mitts. Of course he could never find them. "Damn it." He reached in with his bare hands and pulled the tray out of the over, quickly placing it down on top of the stove.

"You idiot," Ashton hissed, coming toward him and grabbing his hands. He led them toward the freezer and threw the door of it open, clawing at some ice.

"Wait, I'm-" Wrynn tried to tell him, but Ashton just flung ice in his hands and wrapped said hands up in a towel. "Ash, I-"

"Shut up. I'll call a doctor. You idiot."

"But I'm-"

"What?" Ashton hissed, narrowing his eyes at him.

Wrynn sighed and unwrapped his hands, despite the way Ashton glared at him. He stood over the sink and let the ice cubes fall down the drain before he turned back toward the vampire, showing him his hands, his perfectly fine hands. They were only a little red, but they didn't hurt in the slightest. "I'm fine, Ash. That's what I was trying to tell you."

"But…You…" Ashton started, staring at his hands.

"I'm a fire dragon. You think a heated tray actually hurts me?" Wrynn smiled faintly at him. "Thanks for worrying, but you really don't have to. I'm fine. I wouldn't have grabbed the tray if it would have hurt me. I'm not that stupid."

"You're not stupid," Ashton said quickly. "I just…" Wrynn was sure that if vampires could blush, Ashton would be doing so right about now. "Sorry, Wrynn."

"It's fine. It's just a bit of wasted ice," Wrynn joked. "Now, are you hungry?"

"I…Um. Yeah. Let's eat." Ashton flashed him a quick smile and sat at the table. Wrynn rolled his eyes and cut the pizza into slices before he put the slices on two plates, placing one plate in front of Ashton and the other in front of him as he sat back down next to his vampire.

Ashton felt nervous, even though he wasn't sure why. It wouldn't have been the first time he'd asked this of a person, but it seemed different now. More serious, because this was Wrynn. Asking this of Wrynn was completely different for some reason. He should have asked Wrynn about this sooner, since they'd been together so long. His vampire buddies--well, not really buddies but other vampires he knew--were getting suspicious and if he didn't lay his claim, then there would be trouble.

Wrynn entered the bedroom with a yawn. They'd just eaten supper, which had consisted of steak. Wrynn himself seemed rather partial to steak, but Ashton couldn't quite taste it that well. He smiled at Wrynn's cute little yawn as the half-dragon climbed into bed with him. They weren't sleeping just yet--well, maybe Wrynn would be soon--but were going to watch a movie, which was something they did occasionally. Didn't all couples?

He looped an arm around Wrynn's waist and tugged him closer. Wrynn smiled and rested his head on Ashton's shoulder, his fiery red bangs dipping into his emerald green eyes. Ashton loved his eyes, loved looking into them. He kissed Wrynn's forehead and watched as his dragon looked at him.

"I want to talk to you about something," Ashton said, figuring it was now or never.

Wrynn blinked at him. "Oh, um…okay. What is it?" he asked, snuggling a little further into Ashton's side.

"Well…We've been, um…together for several months now, and…I was just thinking that it's time you met my sire."

Wrynn stilled against him, frowning as he stared. "Your…sire?" he echoed faintly.

Ashton nodded slowly. "Yeah. I mean, it's traditional that…well, when a vampire…takes a…I mean, has someone special," the vampire corrected himself, "they take them to see their sire, for a blessing."

Wrynn paused. "Seriously?"

"Seriously," Ashton confirmed with a faint smile. "And I want to show you off." He touched his forehead lightly to Wrynn's, looking into those green eyes he'd come to love. "What do you say? It's up to you."

Wrynn hesitated slightly before he smiled. "If that's what you want, then I'll go."

Ashton smiled and pulled his little dragon in for a proper kiss. "Thank you."

Wrynn had never felt more nervous in his life as he followed Ashton toward the leviathan building off in the trees a few towns away. Who would have thought that Ashton's sire would have been so close? Wasn't this like actually meeting Ashton's family? Wrynn wasn't sure if he was ready for this. What if his sire didn't like him? What if they tried to eat him or drink his blood or something? He shook those thoughts out of his head quickly, because he was doing this for Ashton, for his vampire. He had to believe in this, had to believe in Ashton.

And he did. He really did.

And so he and Ashton entered the building and moved down a long, dark hallway. Wrynn kept close to the vampire's side, and Ashton threaded their fingers together as they held hands. Normally Wrynn didn't much care for holding hands--or, at least, he used to not care for it. Now, though, he didn't mind. He liked holding Ashton's hand, as girly as that probably sounded.

"Relax," Ashton murmured, bending his head a little so he was speaking into Wrynn's ear. Wrynn sighed and nodded once to let the vampire know he'd heard him, and the two continued walking.

They stopped at a door on the right. Ashton raised his hand, knocked twice, and then pushed open the door. The two of them entered the room and Wrynn blinked as he looked around. The room was decorated nicely, mostly with the color red. The carpet was red, the walls a deep crimson color, and even the tablecloth on the long wooden table in the room was red. There was a comfortable looking red chair on the other side of the room, and someone stood from it as he and Ashton approached them.

"Ashton," the person drawled with a deep voice, "I was beginning to wonder when you'd come around again."

Ashton smiled. "Yeah, well, I've been busy."

"I see." Dark brown eyes landed on Wrynn's face, causing the half-dragon to stiffen automatically under the somewhat stern gaze. "And who is this fine-smelling creature?"

Ashton tightened his grip on Wrynn's hand, tugging him closer. "This is Wrynn, my, um…boyfriend." He slid an arm around Wrynn's waist, smiling, and Wrynn leaned into him easily.

"I see," the person said again. "Well, boyfriend Wrynn, I am Ashton's sire, Randolph."

Wrynn blinked at him. "Oh, um…" He shifted and smiled shyly. "Hi. Nice to meet you."

"So polite," Randolph chuckled, and his eyes no longer seemed so dark. He looked back at Ashton. "He is a dragon, I take it?"

"Half-dragon," Ashton corrected, "but yes. We came for…um…well, I wanted you to meet him. And I wanted your blessing."

Randolph smirked, his fangs showing. "I see. Well, I will think on it."

"What's there to think about?" Ashton asked with frown.

Randolph shook his head. "I want to give this proper thought before my blessing, Ashton. And right now, I have other matters that require my attention that are far greater than this. I must attend to them. We have a war brewing on our hands."

"A war?" Ashton asked, blinking at him. "How so?"

"A group of vampire hunters have moved in close by and we are deciding what to do about it. There could very well be a bloodbath on our hands."

Wrynn shivered. He certainly didn't want to see any more blood drawn. Especially after what those two maniacs had done to him when they'd sliced him open to attain his blood for their sick addiction. Ashton, as though sensing his thoughts, pulled him closer. The cold touch of the vampire's skin was comforting.

"Oh," Ashton said faintly. "We'll just…Yeah, you go ahead and get to that. We'll wait here for the time being."

"Very well," Randolph said, combing his fingers through his short black hair. "I will return soonest." Then he moved past them and exited the room. The door closed quietly behind him, and Wrynn and Ashton were left alone.

Wrynn frowned at Ashton. "Vampire hunters are really a big threat? I thought they didn't even exist anymore!" he said worriedly.

Ashton shrugged slowly. "They usually don't give us much trouble unless we, you know, kill someone or something. But to my knowledge, none of us, those in my coven, have done anything like that. So I don't know why they're here…but it is troubling."

"I'll say," Wrynn agreed.

Ashton shifted a little and licked at his lips, leaning against Wrynn as they moved toward the table. "Fuck, you smell so good…" He nuzzled his face into Wrynn's neck, sighing.

"…You can have a drink, if you want," Wrynn told him as they sat at the table, close to each other.

Ashton sighed and pulled away, shaking his head. "No. I don't want you to think I'm with you just for your blood like some…" He looked down. "Like some bloodsucking vampire."

Wrynn chuckled. "But you are a vampire. And I don't think you're with me just for the blood, Ash. C'mon--have some faith in me, at least."

Ashton looked at him. "I do, baby, I do. I have a tremendous amount of faith in you. It's just…I don't want to keep drinking from you. That's not what this…relationship is about."

Wrynn shrugged. He was happy to have it confirmed that Ashton really wasn't with him just for the blood, but he knew that anyway. He also was happy that Ashton had called him 'baby'. It wasn't often Ashton used terms of endearment toward him, and so he cherished the moments it happened.

"Sure you don't want a drink? Last chance," Wrynn said.

"I'm sure. Thanks, though." Ashton looped his arm around Wrynn's shoulders, leaning toward him to rest his head on his shoulder. "Love you," he mumbled.

"You too," Wrynn said back with a faint smile.

"Are you thirsty or hungry or anything?" Ashton asked, pulling back a little to look Wrynn in the face.

Wrynn paused. "I'm a little thirsty," he admitted, "but I'm fine."

"I'll go get you something," Ashton said quickly, getting to his feet with a faint smile.

"What? No, it's fine, I-" Wrynn started.

"It's fine, baby, I'll be right back," Ashton told him, smirking at him as he planted a soft kiss on his forehead and then whirled around and headed out of the room. The door shut behind him and Wrynn sighed, slouching down over the table.

Ashton returned a moment later with a glass of water. He handed it to Wrynn and sat back down.

"Sorry," he said, "this is all we have for, you know, humans. Or dragons. Whatever."

Wrynn took the glass and smiled. "It's fine, Ash. Thanks." He sipped at the water and then put the glass down. "So…why exactly are we here? I mean, I know you said you wanted your sire's blessing, but…" He chewed on his lower lip. "I don't know. You just seem nervous."

Ashton shrugged slowly. "I guess it's because Randolph is…well, for vampires, their sire is like their family. So he's like my dad, you know? So I get nervous. And I really like you, and I want him to know that."

Wrynn smiled at him. "Aw, you're a girl at heart, aren't you?" he joked, poking Ashton in the shoulder.

The vampire rolled his eyes.

The door to the room opened and they looked to see who it was. It wasn't Randolph, Wrynn noticed, but someone else. Someone very tall, with narrowed gray eyes and short brown hair. They moved toward Wrynn and Ashton like a predator stalking its prey, and Wrynn unconsciously shivered.

"Ah, a dragon," the man laughed. "So the rumors are true, eh? You snagged yourself a dragon, Ashton?"

Next to him, Ashton growled lowly.

"Jacobi," Ashton hissed as he watched the vampire before him move closer toward him and Wrynn. He grabbed Wrynn's arm and stood, pulling the half-dragon closer to him. "What are you doing here?"

He and Jacobi had never been very friendly. In fact, one might have said they hated each other. Ashton had never gotten along with him, and Jacobi had always sneered at him in return. Ashton didn't like Jacobi being this close to his half-dragon, either.

"Well, you are going to share, aren't you?" Jacobi asked casually as he sauntered forward, his eyes never leaving Wrynn. "I mean, c'mon! Dragons taste amazing. And the best part? We can take as much blood as we want. The humans can only have so much, but with us, there's no limit!"

"You're not touching him," Ashton snarled, throwing at arm in front of Wrynn protectively. Wrynn frowned next to him and looked like he wanted to ask what was going on, but thankfully he stayed quiet. "Leave, Jacobi."

"Now why would I do that when you have such a tasty dragon right there? We are brethren, Ashton. You are supposed to share your meals."

"He's not a meal," Ashton said, spitting the word. "C'mon, Wrynn, we're leaving." He drug the half-dragon toward the door, and Wrynn didn't argue or even try to stop in the slightest. He quickly moved in the direction Ashton wanted as though eager to leave as well.

Jacobi snarled and grabbed Ashton by the shoulder, easily throwing him into the wall. Wrynn spun around angrily and rammed into Jacobi, knocking him away from Ashton. Ashton jumped to his feet and lunged at the other vampire, slamming him into the wall as well. Jacobi slashed at him, catching him in the chest. He felt blood well coldly in the wound as he snarled, staggering back a step. Jacobi darted away from the wall and knocked into Wrynn, who yelped in surprise.

"I'm going to enjoy this," Jacobi hissed, pinning Wrynn to the ground.

"Get off!" Wrynn snapped angrily.

"Oh, I will--as soon as I've had myself a good taste."

"I said get off!" Wrynn snarled, much as he had when he and Ashton had first met and Ashton had pinned him to the ground. Fire sparked around the half-dragon and Jacobi jumped away with a snarl. Wrynn got to his feet and glared. "You need to get the fuck out of here right now."

That's my little dragon, Ashton thought fondly as he came up behind Wrynn. "Leave, Jacobi. Before it gets nasty."

Jacobi smiled and shook his head. He lunged at Ashton so quickly that the vampire had little time to react. By the time he realized what Jacobi was doing, a knife had been rammed into his chest, slicing upward and twisting. A strangled cry tore free from Ashton's mouth as he staggered back and into the wall, sliding down it and to the ground heavily.

"Ash!" Wrynn cried, darting toward him and touching his shoulder lightly. "Ash, hold on, it'll be okay," Wrynn told him quickly, his hand wrapping around the blade of the knife.

"N-No…l-look out!" Ashton hissed, his eyes opening wide as Jacobi slammed into Wrynn from behind. Wrynn snarled and rounded on him, fire sparking around him. Jacobi's hands caught fire and the vampire staggered back with a pained hiss before he glared and ran from the room. The door closed behind him and Wrynn turned back toward Ashton.

"Ash? Are you with me?" Wrynn asked gently, pulling Ashton toward him a little, scooting them away from the wall. He lay Ashton down gently and wrapped his hand around the knife again. "I'm going to pull this out, okay?"

Ashton gave a jerky nod.

Wrynn tugged the blade free of his chest and tossed it on the ground next to them. As though Ashton had been released from the paralysis that had held him hostage only a moment before, he shuddered breathlessly and allowed his head to fall back in relief.

Wrynn picked up the knife. Ashton was vaguely aware of what he was doing, his eyes closed. Then the scent of Wrynn's blood hit him like a brick wall, and his eyes snapped open. Wrynn was holding his cut wrist over Ashton's mouth.

"N-No…Wrynn, w-what are you doing?" he hissed, struggling to block out the tantalizing smell.

"It's okay," Wrynn said softly. "Drink."

"No, I'll…" Ashton shook his head. If he drank, it would be bad. Because he so thirsty, and Wrynn smelled so good…he wouldn't be able to stop, and he couldn't do that. Not to Wrynn. Not to his dragon.

"Ash, please."

Blood dripped into his mouth and just like that, a vampire red haze took over. He sat up quickly and snatched hold of Wrynn's arm, slamming him up against the wall to keep him still and in place as he sank his fangs deep into the flesh of the half-dragon's already cut wrist. He heard, faintly, Wrynn hiss in pain, but he wasn't necessarily aware of what he was doing.

Wrynn leaned his forehead down against the top of Ashton's head. "I trust you," he said slowly. "It's okay, Ash. I trust you."

The blood filling Ashton's mouth tasted better than anything he'd ever tasted in his life, both human life and vampire life. The feel of Wrynn's blood in his mouth tasted and felt amazing, because this was Wrynn. His Wrynn, his little dragon. Ashton drank like he'd been deprived for weeks, slurping up the blood as fast as it would come out.

He had drank from Wrynn before, of course, but never when he was this hungry. It had never tasted so great, and Ashton couldn't pull away even if he wanted to, which he didn't. He just sank his fangs in deeper and sucked for all he was worth, pressing Wrynn more into the wall when he felt the dragon shift.

Wrynn lightly tried to tug his arm away. "Okay, Ash," he said weakly. "Okay, that's enough--Ash?"

Ashton snarled and slammed Wrynn even further into the wall, his hand pressing roughly into his chest, holding him there, his arm still held out for Ashton to drink from. The vampire was lost in a red haze of hunger, of desire so great he had no hope of overcoming it. Dimly, he felt the dragon trying to pull away.

"I won't hurt you, Ash…please stop. I don't want…I can't…I won't hurt you. Ash. That's enough," Wrynn said faintly. "Ashton. Baby, stop…"

Ashton growled and shook his head, ripping the skin further. More blood spilled out but it wasn't enough. He wanted more. So much more. Tearing his fangs from Wrynn's wrist, he leaned over the dragon pressed a hand under Wrynn's chin, tilting his head back.

"Ash, what-" Wrynn started but only finished in a low whine as Ashton sank his fangs into the pliable, soft skin of the dragon's neck. "A-Ash…baby…s-stop…" Wrynn shoved at him weakly but Ashton ignored it, only wanting to drink, to feed. He wouldn't be denied what he wanted.

Stop it, a part of his mind snarled. You're hurting him! You're draining him! That's Wrynn! Stop!

Keep going, another part of him argued. You're so hungry, Ashton…and this tastes so good. Don't stop.

He wasn't sure which part to listen to, so he just kept drinking because that seemed easiest. He drank from the artery in the neck, not caring that the dragon's breaths were getting shakier. On some level, he did care, but it was so far down, covered by the hunger, that he couldn't focus on how he felt. He just knew he was hungry. And dragon blood tasted amazing.

"I…f-forgive…y-you…" Wrynn panted breathlessly, falling limply against the wall, no longer struggling. "L-Love…you…A-Ash…"

When the dragon's eyes closed and his head lolled to the side limply, something exploded inside of Ashton and he tore away, screeching. The red haze dispersed slowly, leaving him confused and disoriented, but when he looked down at Wrynn, he felt a sob catch in his throat. "No. No. No, fuck, Wrynn, why? No, no, no. Wrynn? Baby?" He cupped the dragon's face in his hands. Wrynn didn't feel warm like he should have. It was like before all over again, except this time, it wasn't two human maniacs searching for a good fix…no, this time, it was Ashton. Ashton had done this to him. "Wrynn, please--Baby, don't--Wrynn?" He pressed a hand against the seeping wound on Wrynn's neck rested his forehead against Wrynn's as he pulled the dragon toward him.

What did I do? No, no, no…Fix this. I have to fix this. I can. It's not too late. He's still bleeding. Fix this.

And Ashton was going to fix this. He had to, right?

"I love you, Wrynn, and I'm so fucking sorry--stay with me," he whispered as he lifted the still dragon into his arms. "I'm going to help you. You're gonna be fine. I promise."

He exited the room quickly with Wrynn in his arms.

"Help!" he called down the hallway. "I need help! Randolph! Help!"

He'd saved Wrynn before by going to a healer, which was basically someone with white magic, or powers of healing. However, the one he'd gone to before wasn't anywhere near here, and he didn't know what to do. He didn't know how to fix this. He didn't know how to save Wrynn.

"I'm so sorry," he said shakily. "I'm sorry, Wrynn, I'm sorry. Please, stay with me. I love you, you stupid idiot--I love you."

Ashton sat at Wrynn's bedside, much as he had before, when those two people had captured him and carved into him. Ashton still wasn't sure how Randolph had managed to save Wrynn--all he knew was that he was so very grateful. Randolph had snatched the half-dragon from his arms after he'd run into Ashton in the hallway, and then it had all been a desperate blur after that. Ashton shook the thoughts away and turned his attention back toward Wrynn, who was finally beginning to wake, after two days of remaining unconscious.

"Wrynn?" Ashton asked worriedly, cupping the dragon's face in his hands. "Baby, are you with me?"

"Mm…" Wrynn mumbled, blinking his eyes open slowly. "…Ash?" he breathed, his green gaze falling toward him.

"Thank God," Ashton breathed, and then glared. "Fuck, Wrynn. Why the hell didn't you stop me? Why didn't you shove me away, or burn me, or something?" Maybe yelling at the half-dragon as soon as he woke wasn't the best idea, but he didn't care at the moment. All he knew was that he could have lost Wrynn because of the dragon's own stupidity, and his hunger. Wrynn could have burned him just like he'd done to Jacobi, but he hadn't.

Wrynn blinked at him. "I wasn't going to hurt you, Ash. Never."

"You stupid idiot," Ashton hissed, leaning back in his chair. He held onto Wrynn's hand tightly. "I could have killed you. I almost did."

"But you didn't," Wrynn said. "I trusted you, and I still do. It's okay, Ash."

"No, it's fucking not! I could have killed you! I almost fucking drained you, and you let me!"

"What was I supposed to do?" Wrynn asked meekly.

"Not let me do that! That was almost suicidal, you idiot, and you didn't stop me."

"I wasn't going to hurt-"

"But I almost killed you," Ashton said, as though Wrynn didn't understand what that meant. "I'd rather be hurt than not have you. Do you understand?"

Wrynn frowned. "But I-"

"No buts. If I ever do that again for some reason, you hurt me. You burn me, claw at me, bite me, whatever you have to do, but you live. Do you hear me?" He closed his eyes tightly, swallowing thickly as he smoothed his thumb over Wrynn's knuckles. "I'd rather you hurt me that me kill you."

"I…Okay," Wrynn whispered quietly. "Okay, Ash. Alright. I'll…do something, next time, okay? If it happens again. Are you all right now?"

"Fuck, I'm fine," Ashton sighed, opening his eyes. "But you. I almost killed you. How do you feel?"

"I'm fine, just tired. Are you sure you're-"

"Fuck, stop worrying about me and worry about yourself," the vampire hissed, narrowing his eyes.



"Okay." Wrynn shifted a little uneasily. "Can I get up?"

"No." Ashton scowled. "Absolutely not. You're going to lay there and be cosseted and nursed back to health."

"Oh, how will I ever survive the cosseting?" Wrynn asked in a mocking tone of voice.

Ashton just smirked, the closest he'd come to smiling since what he'd done to Wrynn. "I love you," he told the half-dragon gently.

Wrynn smiled at him. "Love you too."

Ashton felt like a weight had been lifted off of his heart, and he couldn't have been happier about it.

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