Letter 3

You may seek God and pray for him to reveal himself to you. Well, you may think that He isn't revealing himself to you... But really, He reveals Himself to you everyday. You just are not willing to see Him.
You say you are willing, but you are not willing. You are waiting for God to pop out at you and say "Hey, what's happening brother...?" Well, God is saying that to you EVERYDAY, but you don't have ears to hear.
You say you have ears to hear God speaking to you, but do you really..? Apparently not, because you can't hear. We also say we want to see. But how can we see if we aren't willing to hear.
You are praying for God to reveal himself to you. But your words are falling flat because your heart is not fully in it.
You should not be praying for God to reveal Himself to you, you should really be praying for God to open your eyes. Pray for Him to open your eyes, and you will see that He is revealing himself to you through everything.
These words I am saying are probably falling flat. And I am sorry for that. But for some it may hit home, and I would love to hear what you are thinking, challenge me. I will try to explain.
Pray for wisdom from God. Pray for him to open your eyes. And He will open your eyes. I am not saying that He will open your eyes to see him flat on, no, He will not. If he did, you would die. Because His being is so powerful, and perfect, our human bodies would not be able to live.
I pray you do that and realize the love of God. And know everything around you is God trying to reveal himself to you.