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Chapter 1: Moving.

"What!?" I yelled, "i can't move! Ugh can this day get any worse?!" My mum and Dad just had to make everything worse, when everything just started to get better. "Steph.. you know we don't like to do this but-" but i cut her off. "mum please just stop. i'm going to go see Mark and Hazel and i dont want to have a bad mood when i get there." I grabbed my jaket and walked out the door before she had a chance to reply.

When i got too Hazel and Mark, Hazel was off talking to her boyfriend Joey, so i ran up too Mark and covered his eyes with my hands. "Guess who?" i whispered into his ear. "hay babe" he said with a chuckle and turned around to face me, and suddenly he was kissing me. I have to say Mark is a good kisser, one of the best, but sometimes all i feel is lust. Oh well. Hazel started to run up to us, finishing our little 'Kiss'. "Hey Stephy!!!" she screamed and hugged me, "Hiya, so what are we doing today?" i looked to Hazel, "Well i'm going to meet Joey so i guess it's just you two." she said with a giggle, "Don't be too naughty" she said laughing while walking away, she turned around and waved then got in her car and drove off. "well i've got a few ideas on what we could do" and with that Mark grabs my hand with a cheeky grin and pulls me off to his car. Mark owns a jeep and it's usually out make-out sport when i finish work but i guess today was a little different.

Growing up with out parents has been hard, see my "Mum" and "Dad" are my adoptive parents from i was 8. So 10 years later i call them Mum and Dad. I just turned 18 last week, but my parents have been worried because i have been getting sick over the weeks, so they think if i go on a 'holiday' i can recover. It feels like im on fire sometimes, like it's traveling around in my body, moving like it is alive or something, so they said i was 'sick' but im not sure.

After the day had finished i got home and when right to bed, into a a not so nice, Nightmare.

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