Eleazar's POV:


Her small body lies limp with sleep against my own, her only movement is her shallow breath going in and out. She is so warm. Her eyes flicker open and look at the small window of the basement. The bright moon outside brings a beautiful glimmer to those deep blue eyes. I lie still hoping not to disrupt her. She sighs and rests her head back against my chest. Careful not to wake her, I gently stroke her soft blonde hair. A subtle smile plays across her lips bringing a smile to my own lips. I can't hide my fangs that slip out from their space in my mouth. No, I won't taint her fair skin with my mark. Not now. I need to get some space from her before I sink my fangs deep into her and taste her virginal blood. I grab the nearest pillow and get up, simultaneously placing the pillow in my place under her. I fear her awake when she let's out a soft moan, but she simply settles herself into the pillow and continues to sleep. I slip into the space under the stairs and turn on the TV, I leave it muted to keep the room as quiet as possible.

Lenora's POV:


I opened my eyes and rubbed the sleep from them. Looking down at the pillow under me I remembered that I didn't fall asleep on a pillow, I had fallen asleep on Eleazar. I yawned before I stood up from the floor and picked up my lamb's wool blanket. I wrapped it around my small frame and walked to the bathroom to look for him but stopped midway. He wouldn't be there. I walked to the stairs that lead down into our basement and looked under them, sure enough there he was watching the news on our small TV. No sound was coming from it, at least not any sound I could hear. He smiled when he saw me and immediately opened his arms to me. I walked over and cuddled up into his welcoming arms."Eleazar, what are you doing over here?" I looked up at him pouting.

"Just watching the news." he smiled. When he shifted position it put more moonlight on his silver eyes, then I saw the problem. I sat up onto my knees nearly straddling Eleazar in the process, my arms were wrapped around his neck.

"You're thirsty! That's the problem!" he had been holding back for me, but I didn't want that anymore. I pulled down the neck of my shirt, "Eleazar I am ready, I really am." He put his hands on my hips and slightly pushed me away."Lenora, no. I don't want to taint you, not yet."

"Eleazar please." I wanted this. I leaned in more, my neck now closer to his face than before. He leaned in as well and ran his nose along my neck. He closed his eyes and signed. "You don't know how dangerous you are being right now.""I do, I really do."

Eleazar pushed the blanket from me and let it fall to the ground, perfectly making a spot for me to lay. He pushed me down on my back and climbed over me. His dark hair cloaked his face but his eyes still glowed through it. Momentarily reaching up he turned off the TV completely darkening the room. His cold breath was breezing against my neck and was even touching my breasts that were exposed through the low neck of the tank top I am wearing. I shook with anxiety and anticipation for the feeling of his fangs sinking into my neck and him drinking my blood. He slipped his hand under my neck and pulled me closer to him. His lips worked against my neck to find the best spot, at one point he hit a spot that pulled a deep moan from my lips, he worked that spot until he finally sank his fangs in. A sharp hiss was the only sound I was able to accomplish. It stung horribly. He didn't stop, he continued to pull blood from me and the sting started to dull. Sparks ignited where his body made contact with mine; the most powerful at his mouth.

I didn't notice he had been stripping my body from it's clothes until Eleazar brought his mouth from my neck. Blood dripped from his mouth and hit my bare breasts, it still fazed me despite what happened. I normally didn't like seeing that much of my blood. My breathing quickened even more as I began to panic. I didn't expect this."Lenora, calm down. It's just blood." Eleazar stroked my head gently, he wiped his mouth on my shirt that was on the floor and threw it across the room. "Lenora! It's gone, calm down now."

My sight started to blacken in the way it does before one faints. I could hear him telling me it was okay and I could feel him gently stroking me, but that didn't help. A newly found fear is hard to overcome at first.