The haunting shadows of yesterday
dance colours round my mind
and bounce shivers down my spine
and I'm running, running out of time –
talk to me! It's been so long
since I heard your voice and heard that song
that played when you looked at me
with glassy eyes. You never tried to make me feel
comforted, or wanted; I was only cold and alone
like a mumbling wind through mountains or
empty apartments that can't be called home
without you, but the song that played
when you looked at me made the time we wasted
not wasted.

My head is spinning.

For Christ's sake, come home, time is winning
this game. The seconds are flooding by,
forcing me past, and I'm sure that I
won't last much longer. It has been a while,
but to see you, even just one more time
would make that while worthwhile – please,
I won't ask much, but I will ask
that just once you come and see me,
for old time's sake
before the next world takes
me away. I just want
one more chance
to hear that song play.