Beat 1: Heartless Vow

The darkness that surrounded him began to let up. His vision was blurry, and he lulled like in a drunken stupor. His head was spinning and he felt pain all over his body. `

"Hey. You're awake?" A voice called out to him. Someone was walking towards him. Eyes widening, he began to back away. The blur didn't stop, making the man's face distorted.

"No…mommy, daddy! You killed them!" His voice came out almost hoarse. Backing into the corner of his room, he grabbed one of his favorite superhero toys to protect himself. The person stopped moving and began to laugh.

"No...I didn't kill them, yet!" The person said. He looked up at the man's face. Though everything else was blurry, he could see the person's face perfectly clear now. It was his father.

"Da…daddy?!" The boy dropped the toy, tears falling.

"I'm not your father." The person's face began to change until it became that of his mothers. "Now be a good boy and join us sweetie." The person said in his mother's voice.

"No…no, no NOOOO!" The boy passed out.

He awoke to the flashing lights of police and ambulance. He was wrapped in a blanket, once again looking around with his blurred vision.

"Mommy…daddy…" He began to cry again, pushing his face into whoever held him.

"Don't worry child." A soft woman's voice cooed. He looked up at the woman. She had long blonde hair and dark lipstick. Her emerald eyes set warmly into his dark blue and seemed to calm him just a bit. "You don't have to worry. We'll catch that mean old monster someday."

"Mon…monster?" The woman nodded. She removed a red pendant from around her neck and placed it in the small boys hand.

"What's your name?" She asked as she began walking.

"Shin Yagumi." The boy said as he began to grow sleepy from looking at the soft glow of the pendant.

"Well Shin. We haven't time to waste. I'd rather give you a more proper welcome, but things are becoming a bit too hectic. My name is Yuna Takagare, and I am a monster hunter. You, Shin, are going to be training under me. So as of now, welcome to my group. Welcome to the Monster Beat Agency."

11 Years later (Soal City)

A man was running, and running fast. He bumped into people, pushed people out of his way and even darted through open stores. He looked back several times to see if his pursuer was still on his tail. A person wearing a long black trench coat and shades was slowly traversing through the bustling crowds following after him still.

"Shit!" The man cried and tripped, stumbling into a dark alley. He darted farther back and turned a corner just to come to a dead end. "No…"

The person in the black trench coat slowly walked around the corner, hands in his pockets. He removed his shades, showing dark blue eyes. His dark hair was smoothed to the back and hung just above his shoulders. The man cowered as he pressed his back against the brick wall.

"Dammit! Dammit, stay away! You fucking brat!" The man threw a trash can lid at him and missed completely.

"Filthy scum of hell." The person spoke calmly. "Show your true self."

The man cowered more and began to growl. "You…you damn human!" As the man spoke, his voice began to grow deeper. His eyes turned red and his jawline had begun to stretch. In a split second, the man had shed his skin, turning into a hairy beast-like creature. It lunged at the person who jumped back slightly. The beast kept coming, slashing at him swiftly but the person dodged each and every strike with relative ease.

As he backed up a bit more, he stomped on the trash can lid making it flip up. He caught it and blocked a strike from the beast. The monsters hand went through the lid and became stuck. Bringing the lid down and stepping on it, the person pinned the monster to the ground. "Why? Why is a human so strong?"

"I'm not strong. You monsters are just weak." He held his right hand out to the side. A long scythe with a red black blade appeared. With a quick swipe, the monster was cleaved in half. As the two halves of its body hit the ground, it began to turn to smoke. The scythe the person held began to glow red slightly as it absorbed the smoke.

"Having fun Shin?" A female voice called through the transmitter in Shin's ear. Shin touched the transmitter, allowing him to respond.

"The target is neutralized. I'm returning." He called.

"Not so fast, kid. You still didn't pick up the pizza did you?"

Shin sighed. "Why am I always the one doing this type of thing?"

"Hey, you get to kill monsters don't you? Stop complaining." The woman said with a chuckle. Shin sighed again but smirked.

"Yuna…how much longer?" He asked as he looked up at the sky, rain beginning to fall. A short silence followed his question.

"He's in the city again. It won't be long. Are you sure you're ready though?" She asked, a slight sign of worry in her voice. Shin chuckled sadly.

"I was ready the day he killed my family…"

Several minutes later…

Shin walked towards a normal looking apartment with the pizza in hand. He buzzed the top floor and waited in annoyance.

"Who is it?" A male voice called over the intercom.

"Who do you think? Open the door Asaki." Shin replied, even more irritated.

"Sheesh, don't be so pissy." The door buzzed and allowed Shin in. Once Shin was in and the door closed, he turned to the wall to his left and walked right through like it wasn't there. He appeared on a flight of stairs, spiraling deep into darkness. It continued down for several meters before opening into a long hall. At the end of the hall stood a single door. On the front of it read 'Monster Beat Agency'.

Shin walked over and the door opened.

"Took you long enough, I'm starving!" The boy named Asaki called as his golden eyes hungrily gazed upon the pizza. His hair was orange and fell past his shoulders. The teen wore a black sleeveless shirt and black jeans with a collar around his neck. He lunged for the pizza, only to have Shin hold it above his head and let Asaki smash into the ground face first.

"This is Yuna's pizza." He stated bluntly before stepping over the teen. The area he stood in was like an office storefront. There was a desk for the receptionist, a door for the bathroom and a small waiting area. Right past the receptionist desk were two doors leading into the back area of the office.

"Shin, you're back!" The door leading to the back opened and a short girl rushed out to greet him. She had light green eyes and flowing white hair. Though her stature was short, being only 5'3, her figure was anything but childish. The white blouse she wore strained against her size-D bust and her plaid skirt hugged her hips, going as far as to reveal traces of her white undergarments as she bounced over to Shin. She jumped up and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Miyuki, grab the pizza!" Asaki shouted from the floor.

"Oh hush!" The girl replied as she nuzzled into Shin. Shin sighed and slowly tried to push the girl away.

"I really need to talk to Yuna. Give me a break guys." Shin called in exasperation. Miyuki pouted but released him.

"No fair. It's always Yuna this, Yuna that! It's like you two are married!" Miyuki huffed and flopped onto a couch. Shin ignored the comment and headed into the back. He walked down one more small hallway and entered into Yuna's private office. The small room had a darkish ambience. The walls were dark red bricks, covered in assorted accessories and paintings. There was a fireplace on the left wall and a bookshelf on the right. Yuna's desk was towards the back. Two deep scarlet chairs sat in front of it. Yuna herself sat in a taller dark chair and faced away from Shin. Through all of the refined things in the office, right behind the desk was a large flat screen TV.

"Here's your pizza." Shin called as he walked towards the desk to place the food down. Yuna turned in the chair, revealing herself in nothing but a black bra and silk panties. Shin's eyes grew wide and he turned away angrily. "Why must you constantly do this?"

He quickly tried to leave the room but Yuna leaped over the desk and him, landing right in front of the door. She looked almost the same as she had 11 years prior.

"Oh come on, Shin! You're 17 years old, you can stop pretending like you have no interest in women!" Yuna said, striking a pose that made her breast jiggle. Shin blushed and faced away again. "You and I both need to get our rocks off, don't you think?"

Shin scoffed. "If that's the case then go find a man your age and get married."

"I'm 31 years old, single and have no children." She dead panned.

"But you look like you just got out of high school, so use that to your advantage." He called walking towards her while thinking of how to move her from the door.

"I try, but as you can see my feminine charm seems to be lacking somewhere." She stated as she walked towards him as well. He was several inches taller than the woman. She was only 5,6 while Shin stood at 5,9. She wrapped her arms around his neck and began to press herself against him.

"You're annoying." He stated bluntly. Yuna huffed and folded her arms, releasing him. She walked back over to her desk and began to put her clothes on.

"And you're no fun. When will you just give up and sleep with me?" She fumed as she flopped back into her chair fully dressed. She wore a white button up blouse and a black skirt over stockings.

"When pigs fly." He stated absentmindedly. Yuna smirked and Shin sighed. "That monster doesn't count."

"Whatever. And now what am I supposed to do with this pizza?" She called rocking side to side in her chair.

"What were you planning on doing with it?" Shin asked, not really sure if he truly wanted to know or not.

"I saw this anime where this green haired chick loved pizza. It gave me ideas of what she could have done with it." A drunk like smile found its way onto her face as she began picturing images Shin didn't even want to fathom.

"You're a pervert and an otaku." He stated, walking over to grab the pizza.

"And proud of it." Yuna replied as she snatched a slice before he could pick up the box. He let out a short chuckle and prepared to leave the room. "Shin…there's something I really need to talk to you about though. Go eat and then tell Miyuki and Asaki that we're having an important meeting."

Shin nodded and exited the office. Yuna smiled and turned back towards the t.v.

'He's going to flip…' She thought.

After the three teens had eaten, they reported back to Yuna's office. They stood side by side in front of Yuna's desk as she flipped through several folders.

"We have a big problem." She said without even looking up at them.

"Oh boy. Whenever you say that, it usually means something extremely life threatening or involving not eating for several days straight." Asaki sighed.

"Be quiet Asaki. This has something to do with my report doesn't it?" Miyuki asked and Yuna grimly nodded. Miyuki turned her head to the side with a small smile on her face.

"There was a larger outbreak since your last report. Monsters are congregating in a single area of the city, mainly the Jungo district." Yuna said, turning and clicking a button on her remote towards the TV. The TV switched to a detailed map of Soal City. The Northeastern part of the city was flashing red, indicating the outbreak of monsters.

"Jungo district…isn't that where you go to school Miyuki?" Shin asked eyes still on the screen.

"Yes. I've been doing research on the site since it's over a large repository of Rubacyte." She replied in a business like tone. Shin nodded, feeling that at least she could be serious when need be. He couldn't say the same for Asaki though.

"Such a large amount of rubacyte is more than enough for the monsters to gain strength and start rampaging, just from being in the area." Asaki said, becoming serious as well, much to everyone's surprise.

"This pendant is rubacyte…" Shin thought, holding the pendant Yuna had given him as a child up. "There's more of it in the city?"

"It's harvested under major cities. It's the perfect way for monsters to blend in with human society." Miyuki answered.

"Exactly. But there's an even bigger problem now." Yuna continued. "Since the school is over the rubacyte pool, there's a large chance that monsters have already infiltrated the school and replaced the students and staff."

"Okay, this is very bad." Asaki called. "If they replace the students and staff, then they enter homes. Replace the parents and go to the work force. After that, we have an entire city over run with ugly bloodthirsty monsters."

"Are you forgetting that you're half monster yourself?" Miyuki called.

"Yeah, but I'm half cute little cat monster. What about you, snow fairy halfling? No one knows how those look."

"Stop it, both of you." Shin snapped. "How are we supposed to stop this. It seems like a covert take over."

"That's the weird part. The monsters haven't done anything like this. It's a known fact that monsters of different races don't tend to work well together." Yuna glared at Miyuki and Asaki as she said that, making them both lower their heads. "So I've come to the conclusion that their being controlled."

"Like brain washed?" Asaki asked.

"No, with fear. There's only one monster smart enough to put something like this together."

"Him…" Shin growled, eyes narrowing. Miyuki and Asaki both swallowed. Shin was dead scary when he was mad.

"But…what would be his ultimate motive? What could he gain by having a city over run with monsters?" Miyuki asked.

"That's the million dollar question. As of now, since he's targeting Ritazuchi High, we need to have all three of you there."

Miyuki smirked as Shin and Asaki's eyes widened.

"Wait, what? You want us to go to school?" Asaki shouted. Shin closed his eyes and sighed.

"As you wish."

"Shin! Don't give in so easily!" Asaki called. "No more all you can eat meals! No more catnaps in the middle of the day!" He sunk to his knees, tears streaming down his face.

"If we go, he's bound to show up." Was Shin's only reply as he turned and left the room. Yuna frowned as she watched him go.

"That's the only reason he's stayed with us for so long." Miyuki said. "Just so he could have his revenge."

"Can you blame him…I'm the one who promised him he could. He's taken a heartless vow." Yuna replied sadly. She turned away from the two, not wanting them to see her upset. "You two are dismissed. Get some sleep because we begin tomorrow."

Northern Soal City(Next day)…

The small alarm that sat next to her bed rung annoyingly as she pulled the covers over her head.

"No…ten more minutes…" She mumbled to no one in particular. After a pause, she shot up in bed, her crystal blue hair covering her face. "SCHOOL!"

In the ten minutes that she had wanted to get some extra sleep, she bathed, dressed, and packed up, bursting out of the front door of her home and speeding off towards her school.

"Ayane! You forgot your lunch!" Her mother called from the door. She turned, while still running in place and tying her hair into a spiky ponytail, held up with two blue chop sticks that matched her eyes. After a split second of contemplation, she turned away, waving her mother off.

"I'll buy something later!" She called and continued her mad dash towards school.

"Okay…" Her mother sighed. "I bet she forgot her wallet too."

Ayane Satonaka, 17, was not good with getting to school on time. This was a usual daily routine for the Third year girl, but for some reason, she just couldn't break the habit. As she ran, another usually late friend rode up to her on a bike. The girl had long brown hair in two ponytails and glasses over her light brown eyes.

"You late too, Saiya?" Ayane asked with a smirk. Saiya dropped her head.

"Apparently." She called dejectedly. "Need a ride?"

Ayane didn't answer and jumped onto the back of the bike in mid movement. Saiya sped up increasing the pace of the dash greatly.

At the school, the two slowly made their way to their classroom. Peeking in, the saw that their teacher, Mr. Yukonagi, was in the middle of the lecture, facing the board. They silently opened the door and crouched low, hoping to tip toe to their seats.

"And that's why the uses of anti-aircraft homing technology has expanded so greatly in the last several years. Ms. Satonaka, Ms. Yukonagi, please stop sneaking around where everyone can see you and take your seat."

The class began to laugh as Ayane and Saiya were busted. Mr. Yukonagi, who also happened to be Saiya's uncle, turned and faced them with a smile. His neat, short brown hair paralleled his brown eyes beneath his glasses. Ayane and Saiya blushed in embarrassment and took their seats. He continued with the lesson.

"You know, it's kind of sad that you can't get to class on time and your uncle's the teacher." Ayane teased Saiya. Saiya pouted.

"It's not like he gives me a wakeup call or anything. He said it will be unfair and then he'd have to call every student in the class." Ayane giggled and then returned her attention to the board. After another ten minutes, the bell rang.

"Don't forget, the field trip to Telman Museum is this Saturday. We'll be leaving at 7:30 sharp, got that you two?" He called looking at Ayane and Saiya. They once again blushed in embarrassment.

"Yeah, yeah, stop picking on us!" Saiya called as her uncle left the room. The class began to chatter as they awaited their homeroom teacher, Ms. Genta. They didn't wait for long as the klutzy teacher stumbled into the room, falling and dropping the stack of papers she was carrying.

"Ooww." She groaned as she sat up rubbing her hip. The short woman had neatly cut black hair and glasses. She wore a long sleeved baby blue button up and knee length black skirt.

"If you were any more of a klutz, you'd have killed yourself already." One of the students who sat up called ignorantly. The boy's friends laughed around him. Ms. Genta frowned but didn't let the insult faze her too much. She began to pick up her papers.

"Sorry everyone, I've been-" Before she could finish her statement the boy had snatched the woman's glasses off her face. "Hey! Give those back, I can't see!"

Ayane fumed as she watched the scene. "What an ass! Why can't they leave poor Ms. Genta alone already?"

"Well it's not like we can do anything about it…" Saiya called sadly. Ayane thought about that for a second before standing and preparing to walk over to the small group of boys. "Ayane, what are you doing?"

"Putting an end to this." She called as she stomped over to them. The lead boy, a teen with sandy blonde hair looked over at Ayane.

"And what the hell do you want?" He asked stepping up to her. Ayane held her ground even though she was only 5'5, six inches shorter than the teen in front of her. His small crew was behind him.

"Leave Ms. Genta alone." Ayane called plainly.

"Or what?" He called, spinning the glasses on his finger. Ms. Genta squinted, looking back and forth between the two.

"Or I'll get the principal." Ayane said with a smirk.

"Who says we'll let you out of here?" One of the boys said and the small group began to chuckle. Ayane frowned and narrowed her eyes.

"Oh, how scary. Your ego must be as big as the group that you have to threaten a helpless girl and teacher. And you call yourself a real man."

The boy tensed at that, hearing several of the other watching students snicker. He growled and rose his hand. "You cocky little bitch!" As he prepared to strike Ayane, a hand caught his wrist.

"I advise you to give teacher her glasses back and take a seat." Shin stood right next to the boy, hand firmly around his arm. The boy looked over with wide eyes.

"Who the hell are you?" He called while struggling against Shin's grip.

"Ah, yes! As I was saying we have new transfer students coming in today!" Ms. Genta called happily as if nothing was happening.

"New student or not, don't get in my business!" The rowdy teen called and swung his other hand around to punch Shin. Shin easily ducked under the punch. He pulled the wrist he was holding down and kneed the boy in the stomach before turning and kicking him into his group of friends. The class watched in awe at the display. For several seconds the class was quiet. Then it burst into applause.

"Way to make an entrance." Asaki said as he stepped over the group and into the class. He was wearing the school uniform, a white button up with black slacks, though he still had his collar on. Shin was wearing the same, minus the collar.

"They were being annoying." Shin said as he gave Ms. Genta her glasses back, making the teacher's eyes sparkle as she blushed. Ayane looked at the two and then at the groaning group of delinquents.

' he?' She wondered. Looking at Shin, she felt like there was something extremely familiar about the boy.

Ms. Genta fixed her desk and went over to the board. "Um, you two can introduce yourselves if you'd like." Shin nodded and then faced the class.

"My name is Shin Yagumi." He stated monotonously, making some of the girls blush at his serious look.

"I'm Asaki Kuruma. Pleasure to make your acquaintance." He winked at the class, sending a shudder up many girls' spines. One girl in the back fainted. Ayane shook her head and returned to her seat next to Saiya.

"Look at these two. An entrance like that and now this." She sighed. When she got no response she looked over to see Saiya blushing heavily, drooling, and staring at Asaki.

"Gorgeous…" She mumbled. Ayane face palmed, not even bothering to get her friends attention. Instead she let her gaze land on Shin as he took his seat as well. She really couldn't put her finger on it, but she felt like she had seen him somewhere before.

After security had come and taken the delinquents, classes continued normally…with most of the attention being on Asaki and Shin. After a while, the bell rang for lunch.

"NO FAIR!!" Miyuki fumed as she, Asaki, and Shin congregated on the roof of the school. The snow fairy halfling pouted as she blushed angrily. Asaki just laughed, sitting next to Shin whom was leaning on the gate.

"Well, we are 17. You didn't really expect to be in the same class as us, did you?" Asaki teased. Shin ignored them both. He had known all along that Miyuki wanted them to go to school with her so they could be closer, but she was 16, and only a second year.

"You could've lied and said you were held back a grade or something!" She complained.

"And be seen as delinquents? No thank you." Asaki called, putting his hands behind his head as he prepared to relax.

"Has any progress been made in locating any of them?" Shin asked, still looking out over the campus. Miyuki frowned. Shin was usually all business around them and it felt wrong to her.

"I can only sense them when I'm on the first floor since it's closer to the rubacyte. I felt a few monsters but they're hiding well and I couldn't pin point them." Miyuki said.

"We'll need to clear them out as soon as possible. Even waiting a day will let them get out into the homes." Asaki added solemnly, Miyuki and Shin silently agreeing.

"But how? We can't do anything in broad daylight. Plus we need to identify them too." Miyuki thought aloud. As the three fell into silence, contemplating their next move, Saiya and Ayane had come up to the roof.

"You idiot. How could you leave your lunch and your wallet at home?" Saiya scolded Ayane loudly, not noticing the other group. The two laughed until they finally did see the trio at a corner of the roof.

"Miyuki? You know those two?" Ayane asked as they began to walk over. Miyuki waved to them.

"Hey Ayane, Saiya. Yeah, we all live in the same building!"

"Lucky!" Saiya called, folding her arms until Ayane elbowed her.

"That was pretty cool how you handled those guys back in class. You do martial arts?" Ayane asked Shin. Shin looked at her and then returned his gaze to the campus. She rose an eyebrow until Miyuki waved it off.

"Don't mind him, he's not very social…but wait, you all are in the same class? That's so unfair!"

"Well you practically live with them, how's that for unfair!" Saiya shot back. The small group stayed on the roof until lunch ended. Ayane kept throwing glances at Shin but he remained silent through the whole lunch, as if deep in thought.

As they headed back into class Ayane saw one of the more shy girls walking over to Shin.

"Hey, isn't that Naya?" Ayane asked Saiya.

"Yeah…what's she doing?"

Looking closer at the small girl, they saw her hand Shin a sheet of paper while blushing madly before running back to her seat. Ayane and Saiya's eyes widened.

"You don't think?" Saiya began.

"No doubt about it. She just confessed!" Ayane said in disbelief. "Can you believe it? It's only their first day here."

"I know right! I can't believe she beat me to it!" Ayane once again face palmed.

Classes ended with nothing else of significance happening. Afterwards, Ayane and Saiya caught up to Asaki and Miyuki as they were preparing to leave the school.

"Hey you two! Where are you headed?" Saiya asked as they began walking.

"The Sanpun district." Miyuki answered.

"Wow! All the way in South city. I heard it's pretty rough down there."

"Yep. A bunch of sleazy monsters everywhere." Asaki called naturally, getting punched by a fuming Miyuki. Saiya giggled.

"We can take the train in the Ichipun district to get there, so we'll walk you guys home." Miyuki offered.

"Where's Shin?" Ayane asked, noticing that he wasn't among the small group.

"He said there was something he needed to do so he'd meet us later." Miyuki replied, a sad look on her face. Ayane noticed but didn't say anything. Instead, she dropped the thought and wondered why she couldn't stop thinking about the boy anyway.

'What's with that guy…'

Jungo District, Park…

Shin walked through a small park area, looking up at the sky as the sun set. He wore his black trench coat and shades as he walked over to a small bridge. He leaned onto a railing and pulled out the rubacyte pendant Yuna had given him.

'Idiots. This isn't supposed to be fun and games.' He thought, mentally scolding Asaki and Miyuki. The pendant began to glow slightly, letting Shin know that his temper was flaring. He sighed to calm down, putting the pendant back in his pocket. His gaze went up, seeing that the moon was beginning to settle into the sky. 'If only I could've had this damn thing back then…I could've saved them both.' The images of his parents flashed into his mind. The pendant shined brightly in his pocket as he grit his teeth. "DAMMIT!" He yelled and slammed his fist into the railing of the bridge, cracking it.

"Hey, look what we've got here!" A familiar voice called to Shin. Shin smirked to himself.

'Perfect.' He thought as he turned to face the group of delinquents from earlier. The leader was smoking a cigarette, wearing the same school uniform from earlier.

"You're that transfer kid."

"Obviously." Shin replied, staring stoically at the boy through his shades. The boy got mad, flicking his cigarette to the side.

"You got us suspended you son of a bitch! Now you've got to pay up for making us suffer." The small group chuckled. Shin smiled darkly.

"Enough of these games. Show your true self and fight me like you want to."

The leader paused, eyes widening. The group behind him looked confused. Then he smiled, putting his hands into his pocket.

"So you knew all along." The leader's voice was much deeper, more like a growl now. The boys behind him looked around in confusion for the source of the voice. Then the leader began to change form, his clothes ripping as he sprouted bat wings. His face distorted into that of a bat and his body became skinny and slightly furry.

"It's an ugly one." Shin smirked as he made his scythe appear. The group of delinquents began to run. The bat monster dived towards Shin. Shin immediately jumped up, going over the monster and slashing its back. He landed where the group had just been and turned to see the monster slam into the ground on the opposite side of the bridge. It howled in pain as blood oozed out the gash on its back. Shin ran towards it. As he reached it and slashed, the monster flew up into the air at an amazing speed.

"You bastard! You're a monster hunter!" The bat called as it faced Shin up where he couldn't reach.

"Why are you in the school? What are you planning?" Shin shouted. The bat began to chuckle.

"That's what you are after. You will never have your answers!" The bat began to screech, making a high pitched whining sound. Shin covered his ears, cringing in pain as the sound still made it to him loud and clear. The monster dove towards him again, knocking Shin back over the bridge several yards away.

Shin rose to his feet only to have to cover his ears again as the creature continued its screeching noise. The monster once again slammed into Shin, sending him bouncing over the ground.

"Haha! Is that the best you can do, human?"

Shin grit his teeth as he stood up. 'A bat's howl is a sonar vibration that bounces off of every surface. The trees and stones around me help to that effect so…' Shin smiled and turned, running from the area.

"Coward! Run like the insect you are! Your body will make a perfect substitute for that delinquent!"

The bat continued trying to slam into Shin, but the teen dodged every strike. He continued to run, leading him back towards the school. Finally, Shin slowed to a stop.

"Tired of running coward?" The bat landed, folding its wings and glaring at Shin with its red eyes.

"No, I'm just sick of hearing your voice." Shin called, twirling his scythe with one hand before darting towards the bat.

"You foolish bastard!" It yelled and flew into the air. It took a breath and began to screech, however the effect was lessened. "Wh-what?"

Shin smiled evilly. "Look around you. We're at the school's baseball field, an open area. That trick won't work anymore." The bat's eyes widened. Shin spun and slashed both of the monsters wings off. They dropped to the ground, Shin landing lightly on his feet and the monster smashing into the pitcher's mound.

"Wa-wait! We can make a deal right? I'll, I'll talk!" The monster pleaded as it began to flail away from Shin. Shin walked slowly towards the downed creature.

"Why would I waste my time? It's obvious you don't know anything." He said and held the scythe out to the side. A dark glow surrounded Shin, making it look like black smoke flowed around him. His dark blue eyes shined deeply as he looked at the creature with a dark smile. "You'll get…no mercy from me." With that, Shin swung the blade down, ending the creature's life once and for all.

Monster Beat