Beat 4: Under the Crescent Moon

'The eyes of the wise, the eyes of the herald.

A heart pulled by strings, a lust just as feral.

A tide flowing smooth, a dove's silken wings.

The cold touch of sin, death does it bring.'

The cold air stung Miyuki as she walked back towards the Monster Beat's office. She frowned as she remembered the song that continuously plagued her nightmares. The song was sung beautifully, but the underlying meaning chilled her to her core.

It was the song of her race. The song of the snow fairies.

Snow fairies were what the world generally referred to as succubus. In other mythologies they were known as Harpies, Sylphs, and most notably, Sirens. They were monsters who only took over the essence of beautiful young woman to seduce men and lead them to an icy death. And because of their cold ability to play with the strings of someone's heart, they were extremely rare, even to the hunters of Monster Beat. Miyuki herself knew little of them. Only of what she felt in her heart, and what haunted her nightmares.

"Miyuki…" A voice echoed behind her. She stopped walking instantly, turning on spot. Her breath fogged in front of her as the air began to chill.

"Who…who's there?" She wondered with frightened eyes gazing about wildly. The street was ominously barren. No cars, people, or animals in sight.

"Why do you forsake us Miyuki?" The voice called again, coming from her right. She spun, gazing down every road. Slowly, flurries of snow began to drift all around. The ground quickly coated in the white snowflakes.

"What do you want from me? Show yourself!" Miyuki shivered. Even as a snow fairy, she wasn't used to being so cold. It was the middle of spring, and she knew whatever was happening had to be the doing of a monster. But what monster had the ability to completely change the weather?

She got her answer as foot prints began to appear in the snow, slowly walking towards her. Her eyes widened and she found herself unable to move as the foot prints stopped several feet in front of her.

'A specter?' She wondered, swallowing. The snow around the footprints began to swirl upwards. The flurries blew until they began to form. Once the small twister was finished, a woman with snow white hair stood in front of Miyuki. She had a dazzling white kimono and pale skin that almost matched her hair. Her eyes were as white as the rest of her.

"Why do you not wish to accept us?" The woman spoke in a serene voice that seemed unbefitting of a monster.

"You…who are you? A…snow fairy?" Miyuki wondered.

"Saddening. You don't remember me?" The woman looked down sadly. "Has it been so long already, Yuki?"

Miyuki's eyes widened. "No…"

The woman in front of her smiled. "So you do remember me. I'm so happy."

"No…you're dead!" Miyuki took a step back. "You're dead!"

The woman frowned. "I'm not dead Yuki. I won't die. You need me. So come back to me, Yuki. Come back sis."

"NOOO!" Miyuki shot up in bed. Her breathing was quick, her chest rising and falling in heavy heaves. She held her head as tears entered her eyes. The sheets clung to her body and her sweat chilled her. She looked up, out the window towards the crescent moon in the sky. "Tsuki…"

Sanpun District, Monster Beat Office…

Asaki laid on the couch, upside down, as he flicked through channels on the T.V. Shin sat on the opposite couch reading while Yuna sat at the front desk browsing the web. Miyuki frowned at the solemn looks on her make shift family as she sat cross legged by a mirror. They didn't have school on account of what happened to Ms. Miyano the day before, so the group was lazing about on their day off. The fairy halfling faced the mirror, running her hair slowly through her silky hair. The image of her big sister instantly popped into her mind and she froze. A tear slowly rolled down her cheek.

"You okay?" Shin asked monotonously, making her jump. She hadn't noticed him arrive behind her.

"Uh…yeah, I'm fine." For some reason, no other things came to mind. For an instance, she wanted to continue her lie, and on the other she wanted to tell the truth. But neither would matter. Shin just shrugged and walked away, making Miyuki feel even more down.

Bzzzzz. The buzzer to the office rang loudly. Yuna just yawned.

"Asaki, get the door." She called without even looking up from the computer.

"Shin's closer. Shin, get the door." He lazily mumbled as he continued to flip through channels. Shin growled and walked towards the door.

"You both need to get off your asses, you lazy annoying bums!" He said seriously before jamming the speaker button with his thumb. "Who is it?" He called, still holding venom in his voice.

"Uh…My name's Taro. Taro Oeda. Is this the Monster Beat Agency?"

The man on the opposite end was a plain looking man with brown hair and a dark purple jacket. He wore a red shirt beneath and blue jeans. Silence followed his question. Doubts began to surface on the man's face until the buzzer signaling the door was opening sounded. He briskly opened the door. Once the first door behind him had shut, Shin walked out of the wall next to him, making the man leap back and hold his chest.

"The office is this way, please follow me." The teen stated before walking back through the wall. Taro looked at the wall curiously for several seconds. "Come on, we don't have all day." Shin shot back, making the man jump again. With a nod to no one in particular, the man took shaky steps through the wall. Shin stood at the end of the long hallway, holding the door open. Taro walked cautiously until he was in the office. Shin slammed the door. Almost instantly, a knife flew right past Taro's face and embedded in the wall by his head.

"First things first, how do you know about us?" Yuna asked, a serious glare leveled at the man. Her hand was still outstretched from throwing the weapon. Taro gulped and backed up against the door.

"O…one of your ads! I saw one of your ads!" He sunk to his knees. "I…I need your help!"

Yuna seemed pleased with his answer and stood up. The Monster Beat ads were only visible to people with the sixth sense, or humans whom had encountered a monster without being possessed. Full-fledged monsters could not see the ad, nor could regular humans. Yuna had taken the utmost care in making sure that what they did would remain an 'urban legend', especially to the monsters.

Miyuki moved to stand behind one of the couches while Asaki sat up right, facing the man as well. Shin still stood next to the man, daring him to make any threatening moves. Yuna smiled at her students attitudes. They were taught to never let their guards down, even, or especially, around clients.

"Come, have a seat." Yuna indicated to the sitting area that Asaki occupied. "Then you can explain what you need."

As all five got situated in the small waiting area, the man seemed to fidget while looking around. Nervously looking over to the second couch on his right, the man began to sweat bullets. From his position, Asaki and Miyuki were sitting next to each other and Shin stood behind them. All three of their eyes were on him and glowing demonically red. An oppressive aura was wafting from all three, leaking huge amounts of killing intent. He swallowed again, only looking away as Yuna walked back over and set a cup of tea in front of him.

"There, now let's get down to business." She said with a smile, taking the opposite couch from Taro. "What do you need?"

"Well…I…I'm not sure if it's a monster or not but…" He took a sip of his tea. "I've been hearing voices late at night! Too clear to be my imagination!"

"Hold on. Do you know who this man is?" Yuna asked, holding up a photo of a man with a scar across left eye. Taro gazed upon the picture before slowly shaking his head.

"N…no, why?" He asked.

"Just wondering. What you're dealing with is definitely a monster. You wouldn't have been able to find us if it wasn't, seeing as you can't use the sixth sense." Yuna said nonchalantly, making all three teens face palm.

The test she had just performed was to see if the man could use the sixth sense. The picture she used was of a man that had gone on a killing spree several years prior. He was a famous politician that had been possessed by a monster when he lost the election for mayor. Of course, it was up to Monster Beat to eliminate the man. Once done, all memory of the man and the crimes he committed were erased from existence. Or at least, the memory of those who couldn't use the sixth sense.

Because Yuna was sure that they could handle any job that came their way, she sometimes tended to blurt out their little secret to clients, which ultimately leaded the group to HAVING to take the job, regardless of how they felt.

"She really should be paying us for this." Asaki grumbled. Shin and Miyuki nodded in agreement.

"What was that?" Yuna called, a dark glare landing on Asaki. Miyuki and Shin looked away, as if they hadn't noticed. Asaki chuckled nervously.

"Uh, heheh, nothing at all."

The room grew silent again. Yuna crossed her legs as she faced Taro once again. "Continue."

"Well…like I said, I hear the voice of a woman every night! It just started around four days ago, and has been getting clearer each night."

"What is this voice saying?"

"Well…it was more like singing! I can't remember the words but it seemed like she was trying to steal my soul, or my heart, just from using her voice. I would grow so cold, and just before I felt as if I could take it no more, she stops and I'm left alone as if I was dreaming."

By now, Miyuki's eyes are wide and her breaths are short and even. Her nervousness goes missed by everyone else, as they are captivated in the man's story.

"Strange…I don't think I've heard of a monster like that before…" Yuna said.

"Wh-what? So you c-can't help me?" The man stood abruptly. Yuna blushed and stood up just as fast.

"N-no! I didn't say that! Don't be so hasty, heh!" She was damn near pleading because in all honesty, they needed the money. The electric bill was way past due.

"I…I think I know what type of monster it is…" Miyuki called, lips trembling.

"Really? What is it?" The man asked hopefully. The others looked on in confusion.

"…I think our next hunt is…" She paused, a quick image of her sister's face flashing into her mind. "A snow fairy."

Several Minutes Later…

Miyuki sat in Yuna's office while Shin and Asaki attended to the rest of Taro's needs. Yuna sat at her desk with her hands under her chin, eyes on the short girl. Miyuki herself sat with her hands between her thighs and her gaze everywhere but in her teacher's eyes.

"Miyuki…" Yuna started. "I'm pretty sure that I may slightly know the answer to this question but…how do you know that the monster is a snow fairy?"

Miyuki hated how Yuna always got straight to the point. It never gave her time to make excuses, especially now when it mattered the most. With a defeated whimper, she looked into the face of one of her closest friends. Yuna's hard, serious glare was excruciatingly intimidating. She just couldn't answer. Seeing this, Yuna sighed and rubbed the bridge of her nose.

"This has something to do with your recent nightmares doesn't it?" Miyuki's eyes widened, her mouth opening slightly. Before she could reply, Yuna held her hand up to silence her. "You wake up screaming sometimes. Shin and Asaki are getting worried about you."

Miyuki sat shocked for several seconds. Then she chuckled sadly. "And here I went trying to keep it a secret this whole time." She said solemnly.

"What are they about, Miyuki? We can't help you if you don't talk to us." Yuna said sincerely. Miyuki suddenly frowned, her eyes narrowing.

"Don't start that. That's exactly what you say to Shin, isn't it?" Yuna gasped at her outburst. Before she could say anything else, Miyuki stood to leave. "You think I'm listening to them, don't you?" She called darkly.

Yuna breathed out, looking down. After a moment of silence she answered. "Yes."

Without another word, Miyuki left the room.

In the main area of the office, Shin and Asaki had just finished the detailing of the job. When they saw Miyuki, she noticed that they both shot worried gazes her way. She growled under her breath but decided to ignore it.

"Are you two ready?" She asked, tapping her foot impatiently. Shin and Asaki looked at each other sadly but nodded anyway.

"The plan is to have him go home and do things normally. We'll be going about thirty minutes to midnight. Our little guest should be making an appearance by then!" Asaki joked, hoping to get even a small reaction out of the girl. Instead, she just nodded and returned to her room.

In her room, Miyuki sat on her bed with her legs pulled up to her chest. She held in her tears, letting the silence of her room soothe her. The world just beyond her window seemed surreal, and she found herself gazing up at the rising moon. As she looked upon the crescent glow, the scenery changed. Snow began to drift in front of the moon.

"Don't run so fast, Yuki!" The woman from Miyuki's dreams, Tsuki called. They were standing in front of a large frozen pond, by a cottage. The woodland that surrounded the area was coated in white as snow covered everything the eyes could see. A younger Miyuki, wearing a large blue jacket and gloves with a winter cap over her shoulder length, silver hair turned and smiled back at her big sister.

"Aww, you're no fun sis! Come skate with me!"

"It's not skating if you don't have skates! That's dangerous, so get back here!" Tsuki demanded. Miyuki just turned and stuck her tongue out at her big sister. A tick mark appeared on Tsuki's fist as she clenched it in anger.

"You little…" As Miyuki turned and continued skating about on the frozen pond top, Tsuki got a glint in her eye. She slowly did a spinning motion with her right hand and then a very small 'come here' motion with her pointer finger. A wind began to gently blow over the tree tops. Snow began to fly from the timbers, bringing a sharp, freezing wind along with it. The snow picked up speed, becoming flurries in the air.

"Whoooaa!" Miyuki cried as the semi-strong wind began to push the little girl back towards shore. She fell to her butt and slid all the way back to her sister.

"Well, well. Look who came crawling back to her big sis!" Tsuki said and scooped up little Miyuki.

"Aww! Stupid wind! This always happens!" She pouted and folded her arms. Tsuki just chuckled as she carried her little sister back up to the small cabin.

Later that night, the two sat in their room with Tsuki reading Miyuki a story. The two sisters were as close as could be, seeing as they truly only had each other. Ever since their father had left them with their mother, they had no one to look up to. Their mother always seemed to be grieving over the loss, even going as far as locking herself in her room on several different occasions. Tsuki was forced to take the roll of the 'mother' and was left to tend for both her mother and little sister. Being only sixteen years old at the time, it was a heavy burden for someone so young.

"And then the little elf said-" Tsuki was cut off as a crash from the kitchen sounded. Both girls jumped up startled.

"Mom?" Tsuki called hesitantly. With no answer, she began to worry. "Stay here." She told Miyuki. Miyuki nodded and could only watch as her sister left the room cautiously. She held her pillow tightly to her chest, trying to stay as silent as possible to hear what was going on. Suddenly, another crash was heard, and Tsuki cried out.

"Sis!" Miyuki tossed her pillow aside and dashed out of her room. She stopped just as suddenly, hands covering her mouth and eyes dilating. Her sister stood in front of her, holding a bleeding arm. Their mother stood with her hand outstretched, a feral smile upon her face. Her eyes were completely white and frost covered her cheeks and a part of her chin.

"Why…why did he leave me…For that Hollywood skank!" She cried and slung a lamp into the wall. "It's not fair! I'm a thousand times prettier than her!" Their mother's voice seemed as if it were wavering, echoing.

"Mommy…" Miyuki whispered. Tsuki's eyes widened and she turned and dove for her little sister. At the same time, their mother became a blur, headed right for the younger girl. Miyuki had closed her eyes, waiting for some type of impact. Instead, she felt a warm liquid drip onto her face. Opening her eyes slowly, she paused as a scream caught in her chest. Her sister was over her, face cringed in pain. An icicle was sticking out of her chest, only inches from her own face. "Si…sis?"

"I told you…to stay in there…" She stuttered out.

"It's just not fair!" Their mother continued to wail in the background. Tears began to fall from Tsuki's eyes.

"It really isn't fair…for us to be born like this. For our own mother…to be what she is."

Miyuki didn't understand what her sister was saying. It brought tears to her own eyes just because she was crying.

'The eyes of the wise, the eyes of the herald.

A heart pulled by strings, a lust just as feral.

Tsuki was slowly standing up as she began singing. Flurries of snow began to form in the air.

A tide flowing smooth, a dove's silken wings.

The cold touch of sin, death does it bring.'

She painfully pulled the icicle from her chest, coughing up blood as she did. She gazed back at Miyuki.

"Go…Yuki. Run, and don't look back."


To end her point, Tsuki threw her hand back, making the door to the cabin burst open. Snow poured in swiftly and wrapped around Miyuki, dragging her from the house screaming. The snow continued to pull her, past the lake, through the forest. The last thing she remembered before the cold overwhelmed her was the sight of their cabin going up in flames.

Miyuki laid in bed with tears streaming down her cheeks. She couldn't help but cry at the memory. It may have taken a few years to regain, but she had finally remembered. And it was the only memory she had of her family…

11:30 p.m., South Nipun District…

The Nipun district was the center of the city. It held the tallest buildings, literally being downtown. The northern, southern, eastern, and western parts of the Nipun district were like suburban residential areas, spaced equally to cater to solitude amongst the upper middle class. Most houses were fairly large, seeming like the flashy bachelor/bachelorette pads shown in most movies. Shin, Asaki, and Miyuki hid in a backyard almost 100 meters away from Taro's home. They had remained in silence on the way there, while waiting, and even now while preparing to move onto their target. Having enough of the depressive atmosphere, Asaki decided to break the silence.

"I don't care what anyone thinks, but this needs to be said now. Miyuki, regardless of what happens; you'll always be the same person to us. Me and Shin aren't worried about you being influenced by Snow Faeries just because of some stupid nightmares. We care for you, okay?"

Miyuki, for the first time in her life, found herself speechless at something that Asaki of all people had said. Her mouth opened and closed like a fish out of water, getting a small chuckle from Shin.

"Don't try to be serious, it doesn't suit you." Shin called. Asaki feigned hurt.

"Comes from the guy who just attempted to make a joke."

Miyuki began to giggle silently, making both teens look over. She looked up at them, smiling brightly and a single tear rolling down her cheek.

"Thank you…both of you. One day…I'll tell you both everything."

Neither Shin nor Asaki knew exactly what she meant, but they both nodded anyway, accepting her for just being her. Then Shin smirked seriously, turning and making his scythe appear.

"Alright then. Let's get moving. Mission start!"

Taro's Home…

The brown haired man sat in his bed, looking more or less like a frightened child. The covers pulled up to his chin, his gaze dashed around his dark bedroom in a flurry. The full grown man trembled, and the sight would have been comedic to any who witnessed it. He gulped, as he looked at the time. It was just a little past midnight. Right on cue, the air began to chill. The sound of someone breathing sharply filled the air around him. His breaths became visible as the air dropped to nearly freezing temperatures.

'Oh God…where are they?' He wondered as he put his head beneath the covers. It did nothing as a soft glow could be seen from under the blanket. In response, he promptly shut his eyes tightly. Goosebumps rose on his skin and his hands tightened on the blanket.

"You hide for naught! I only wish for you to love me!"A serene voice spoke in the air. Taro clenched his eyes shut tighter.

"N-no! I-I'm not good at love! That's why I'm single!" He shouted back.

"Everyone knows love. It's an instinct, as natural as breathing. Open your eyes to me, take me."

Taro gulped, and for some reason, felt as if the voice was right. He slowly began to lower the covers from his face. The chilling air began to make frost form on his fingers. His eye lids dropped and suddenly his eyes became distant, as if he were possessed.

"As natural…as breathing…" The frost began to spread slowly down his arms. He gazed up at the woman, who was now moving to straddle him. She had long, silky white hair, and a kimono…

'The eyes of the wise, the eyes of the herald.

A heart pulled by strings, a lust just as feral.

A tide flowing smooth, a dove's silken wings.

Suddenly the door to Taro's room burst open.

"The cold touch of sin, death does it bring." Miyuki finished. The woman straddling Taro looked over swiftly, her beautiful face setting in pure, innocent curiosity. Miyuki's eyes widened.

'That…that's not my sister…' Part of her was relieved, but most of her was in turmoil. What would she have done if it was her sister? Would she have been able to complete the mission? Would she have wanted to? But now wasn't the time to worry about such things.

"Oh dear. Monster Hunters. We can't be together tonight, my love. Oh how I so wished for us to be alone tonight." The snow fairy nuzzled her nose against Taro's, making the man blush and smile in a drunken-like stupor.

"Come, monster. Show us your true form." Miyuki said, holding in her anticipation. She had never seen what a true Snow Fairy looked like.

"Violence is not always the answer, but perhaps killing you all is for the best. I suppose I've no choice." The woman stood before them, backing away towards the window. She undid her kimono, letting it drop to the floor. All present blushed for a split second until the woman began to glow again.

Frost began to trail from her back, under her arms until it covered her breast. Then frost speckled her waist until it made a makeshift bikini. Her hair began to glow ever so slightly, seeming like cold smoke blowing in the wind. Her irises vanished, leaving an eerie white glow. Her skin paled until its tint was crystal blue. She looked as if she were made of ice. Two crystal clear wings rose like forming ice on her back, shattering the window behind her. She dashed backwards flying in the sky.

"And she's still hot." Asaki called as he ran towards the window.

"I'll take that as a compliment." Miyuki said with a triumphant smirk.

"Don't you dare hurt her!" Taro called slowly and threw himself in between the group and their query.

"Should've seen this coming." Asaki said and scratched his head. Taro roared and launched himself at Asaki. Asaki easily side stepped and chopped the back of his neck, effectively knocking him out cold.

"Shall we?" He said, holding his hands up as if allowing the others to go first. Shin just shook his head and dashed out of the window, grabbing the sill and flipping up onto the roof of the home. Miyuki followed and did the same.

Up on the roof, the group looked up at the Snow Fairy, hovering too high for them to reach. She had her hands together over her chest, a look of sorrow on her face.

"I don't wish to hurt young ones such as yourselves. I only wish to take the heart of the lonely fellow there."

"Why? Why would you kill him? For what purpose?" Miyuki called.

"I am not committing such a crime. He will live on, as a fulfilled heart in my memory. I have watched him and he has been alone all along. He is sad, so I shall give him happiness. Everlasting, eternal, happiness."

Shin scoffed. "That's just an excuse to justify murder. You monsters are all the same."

For some reason, even Miyuki flinched at the statement. The Snow Fairy sighed and shook her head.

"So impulsive, you youth. I cannot reach you with mere words, then I shall now commit a sin. Your hearts will not be fulfilled, and for that I am saddened." The woman rose her hand, making a glowing blue ball appear. She twirled in the air, tossing the attack down towards the monster hunters. The ball began to stretch and then the glow faded, showing that it was now a large ice pike. Miyuki was the first to move, spinning in front of Shin and raising both her hands. Just as the monster had done, Miyuki made a blue glow appear. However, hers was in the form of a large wall of light in front of all three teens. When the glow faded, it showed a large wall of ice. The ice pike struck the ice wall and both shattered, drifting in the wind as snow.

Asaki rushed forward, going to the edge of the roof before leaping with the grace of a feline. In the air, his pupils became slit and his irises began to faintly glow yellow. He made his claws grow again and this time, when he smiled it showed his canine teeth were a bit sharper. He drew his right arm across his face, preparing for a slash. However, without being able to coordinate in the air, the monster was easily able to dodge to the side. As Asaki was falling past her, she gently touched his back. His eyes widened and he opened his mouth in a scream but nothing came out. Shin and Miyuki saw him go rigid in the air as he began to fall. A large chunk of ice clung to his back and seemed to be spreading.

"Miyuki." Shin said, not needing to fully explain for the younger girl to know what he meant. She nodded in understanding and jumped off the roof. Before she could fall too far, she created a small slope of ice and slid down it before jumping up and doing the same a little higher in the air. Each time she slid onto a different ice platform, the one she had just touched shattered in gentle burst of snow. She continued this, moving swiftly until she landed on another roof top and used a bigger ice slope to guide Asaki's fall to her.

Shin had jumped up towards the Snow Fairy and was prepared for an assault. The monster moved to the side, just as he expected. However, he held his scythe over his back, so that when she tried to hit him with the same attack, it only froze a small part of his weapon. Turning in mid-air, though he was still about to begin falling, Shin slashed at the monster. She was caught off guard and the slash cut her across her abdominal. As he began to fall, Shin threw the scythe up at the woman. A chain appeared attacked to the hilt of the scythe, seeming to come out of Shin's trench coat sleeve. The scythe twirled around the still stunned monster until she was completely bound. The scythe continued going until it stabbed into Taro's rooftop.

Suddenly, a glowing red seal appeared beneath Shin in mid-air, bringing his fall to a halt. Asaki held his hand out towards Shin while Miyuki was healing his frost bitten back.

"You fight so hard. That is truly admirable. But your heart sings of something much darker." The Snow Fairy breathed out, her breath coming out visible. The chains around her began to freeze over. Shin's eyes widened and he could only watch as the frail woman easily broke the chains. He was about to continue his attacks until a burst of blue light struck the monster. She cried out and fell onto Taro's rooftop. Shin looked back to see Miyuki standing with her hand outstretched as well. She had a look of pure rage as her hair fluttered gently, looking just as the monsters did. It was like cold smoke, blowing in the wind.

"I will not allow you tamper with Shin's heart. His motives, his memories, they're all his and his alone. You have no right to force your way in!" She called. Asaki smirked, giving a short chuckle.

"All of us have secrets that we haven't told each other yet. It's up to us to determine when those get revealed." He said as his feral eyes shined in the moonlight.

Shin recalled his scythe, twirling it once before pointing it at the recovering monster. "My heart is mine alone." Her smile was gone and she held a look of anger.

"Outrageous! The heart is not something that should be kept closed up! It is mine to do with as I please!"

"It's just a play thing to you. You were never trying to give people salvation and happiness." Miyuki created a straight step of ice as she began speaking. She continued to make the steps until she was standing several feet between Shin and the monster. "Snow Fairies are conceited, uppity, and deceitful. I'm ashamed to even be half of that."

Shin frowned as he watched Miyuki. Her eyes were beginning to glow white. 'She's using too much power.' He thought.

"I would have expected you of all people to understand." The monster said sadly.

"All I understand is the pompousness of this race. Prepare yourself." Frosty air began to bellow around Miyuki. The Snow Fairy did not speak another word. The wind carried the truth of their hearts to each other, so nothing else needed to be said.

The monster flew upwards firing off rapid ice pikes toward Miyuki. The halfling in return rose one hand, making a small wall of ice form in front of her. Once the last pike had hit, the wall turned to snow. Then Miyuki formed an ice javelin in her right hand. In a blast of cold wind, Miyuki made the ice step she stood on grow upwards swiftly. She leaped off of it and swung at the monster. The fairy dodged and tried to hit Miyuki in the back. Miyuki quickly made a wall of ice appear in front of her. She landed on it and kicked off, blocking the fairy's attack and pushing her back in the process. A red seal appeared beneath her, giving her leverage to stand.

"Asaki…" Shin was wondering what he was doing. Asaki just shrugged.

"It's her fight. But she's not alone."

Shin nodded. On the inside, however, he knew that there was nothing he could do at the moment.

In the air, Miyuki still held the monster in a deadlock. The Snow Fairy looked frightened, not expecting the young teen to be so strong. Miyuki's look of determination radiated her true essence, and it was too strong for the monster to infiltrate. Their glowing eyes met, and the monster saw something that shouldn't have been possible for anyone with true Snow Fairy lineage.


In that moment of hesitance, Miyuki over powered the monster. She pushed her back and spun on the seal that Asaki was sustaining. She held her hands up making balls of light surround the monster.

"I…will hold on to my humanity. For me…and my sister's sake!" The balls of light turned into slender ice sickles. Miyuki turned from the fairy, throwing her arm to the side. The ice sickles closed in at once, lighting the sky with their blinding speed. The fairy groaned, her blood flowing out as water.

"Why do you forsake us…Miyuki?"

Miyuki's eyes widened and she spun on spot. The Snow Fairy looked her right in the eye. Miyuki's breath caught in her throat. Her eyes were the same color as her sisters. Miyuki reached for the monster; however her body broke apart before she could touch. The world returned to silence and the chilling air began to warm once again. Miyuki stared forward, lips parted slightly.

"Yo, Miyuki! I'm getting pretty tired; you want to come down the easy way or the hard way?" Asaki called, wiping sweat from his brow. Miyuki shook her head to clear her mind and looked down. Shin and Asaki stood side by side looking up at her.

"We need to get out of here." Shin said and leaped from the rooftop. Miyuki looked back up at the moon. The crescent glow illuminated several flurries of ice that still lingered in the air.

'We'll meet again someday…sis.'

Unknown Area in Nipun District…

Under the same crescent moon that lingered high in the sky, two lone figures stood atop a skyscraper, overlooking the downtown area of the bustling city. The powerful wind whipped his coat tail rapidly. The woman that sat several feet behind him on a ventilation unit sighed in annoyance.

"This is getting tiresome, Legion." She said and brushed a strand of hair from her face. "Why take such a roundabout way when it would be so much simpler to start from the center?"

"Where's the fun in that?" Legion said and turned to face the woman. He rubbed the back of his neck. "Besides, it'd be too dangerous to try to start from the center. Yes, it would have given us a head start and leverage, but this Agency is more dangerous than you know."

The woman chuckled. "Monster Beat…" She whispered into the wind. The wind once again became their only companion. Then Legion faced away.

"She's risen farther than expected." He said. "Even Yuna couldn't have anticipated this."

"Is that truly a problem? There's still nothing that can be done to stop us."

Legion smirked. "Hmph. Watch yourself. Even if you think you hold the cards, I still have the joker. Your loyalty can only waver for so long…"

The moon broke through the clouds, illuminating the two on the rooftop. The woman moved her silver hair from her face and gazed up at the moon. Her snow white kimono dazzled with frost.


Monster Beat