As the wind howled around my bleeding, broken body, a sudden flash of lightning brought some brief light to the forest. Amongst muffled screams and moans I tried to remember how I had ended up in this situation.

First things first, my name is Joe, I work as a police sergeant and I am instructed by Lieutenant Shardon. I am perfectly normal. I have a wife and a child. I am 29 and I live in Fitchville ( outside Fitchville forest, part of Berole county). Fitchville has one very interesting secret. Hundreds of people have mysteriously disappeared in the forest. Our only clue is that a meteorologist that went in had a microphone attached and strange growling was heard.

As a sergeant i always feel it my duty to honour the town and explore it, but if i went that would be #664 and that is one step closer to the dreaded #666.

And that is chapter 1/intro. I do not know how long chapter 2 will take but it WILL be this year.

Thanks to the people who supplied ideas.