Prologue 3! Hey guys. Er Guy/Girl. Yeah... Here you go.

Driving me crazy seemed to be his specialty. It was like a game to him or something like that. My emotions were his game. What a jerk. So what if I was different from the other girls and I fought back when he made a crack at how I looked/smelled/acted. He was annoying as hell with a bullet.

Kelsey, won't you sit here. We could make out!, Kelsey, baby, you cut your leg while shaving. Kelsey, Lets go behind the bleachers! You get the picture as to how he pestered me to death. That was usually my Que to smack him and to sit as far from him as possible. But he never gave up. He would always make these rude remarks that put everybody's attention on me. Yeah, I know, what a meany.

But then again, there were those times when I saw him showing a little compassion to someone. It was like the human came out of him. He would give money to some kid who looked as skinny as a broom and had ratty clothes, help some old lady across the street when he thought no one was looking, I think I even saw him picking some garbage up off the sidewalk, once. He had these things that made absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. What was with him that made me curious?

He was like a kitty to someone who hated cats. You wanted to kick him but cue to him at the same time. It was frustrating and great, annoying but funny. I was confused as to how I felt.

"Kelsey, hun, lets go back to my place." I heard him say as I sat down in my seat. I looked at him and thought about how much I disliked cats. Winding up, I kicked him in the shin. He cried out in pain and I got up to go get a drink. I was almost completely sure I hated him.

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