Journal Entry 18

We left this morning. It was a long trek back to my original camp within the ruins, two whole days. By the time we reached the camp I was completely exhausted and so was my pack. Harry kept telling me how tired he was and it was quite obvious, his head was drooping and his feet dragged. When we entered my camp I opened my cot and fell asleep instantly, Harry curled up on the floor next to the cot and did the same.

When I woke up the next morning I made some tea and went to sit outside. It was the first deep breathes I had taken without the breathing machine in a week and it felt so good. I sat down and took a good look around and to my surprise the pack was still here! They were yipping good morning to me and running around excitedly. It was the happiest I had seen them since we entered the jungle. Harry joined me on the porch a little later and I gave him a large bowl that I filled with tea. Harry really likes the tea I make, and I find it adorable how he drinks it. He will sit on his rump balancing while he takes the bowl with his human hands and pours it down his bill. His tongue slops around his mouth to catch any drips and then he will smile at me. It seems everyone is happier outside the jungle.

I have decided not to do any research until I go over everything Luke told me during our interview. With Harry we will try to find the tricks and the truth throughout my notes. If what Luke said was true than I will be researching new ways for the mutants to eat so not to damage the plant life further. When I told Harry this he nodded his head in agreement and said that he will tell me when the Elementist was tricking me. It is so gratifying to know that not only Harry but the entire pack seems to genially care about my well-being.

The fact that the Elementists are such cold beings compared to how they present themselves during Market day is troubling… I'm sure it is not unexpected that they are using us as much as we are using them. The Reason council would say that only makes sense, but for Luke and his companions to be so uncaring about humans and mutants alike it seems unnatural. Luke also implied that it wasn't just the mutants' fault that the world was unhealthy but the humans. I had heard that the Elementists disapprove of our use of machinery considering it was the humans' who used radiation and therefore made the problems that we now face. But when I think about it… without the radiation the Elementists would never existed. I wish I would have thought about that when Luke was laughing at me so clearly, I'm sure it would have shut him up.

I will continue my research on the mutants and these so called spirits that they consume and hopefully disprove what Luke had said in our interview.

Genealogist and Historian

Long Live the Mutants

Broslin James

Chapter 18

Memoria woke up quickly before John came into her room, she grabbed Ferox and they hurried to the bath. Ferox still grumbled in the morning but this was the seventh day in a row that they had to wake up and would be the last day of training with John so Memoria wanted to be on time.

"When he leaves we will be able to sleep in… right?" Ferox asked washing his face with claws.

"No. Eventually it will get easier Ferox; we just need to keep to the schedule." Memoria said smiling at her poor companion whose head dropped.

"I don't think I will ever enjoy mornings…" Ferox mumbled as he continues to bathe. He had become used to the water now and only needed Memoria to wash his back.

"And don't forget Ferox today is the day that the fire spirits will talk back to us!" Memoria said this confidently.

Ferox nodded his head but didn't show any confidence yet. He was tired of talking to the stubborn fire. The only real progress Memoria and he had made was that they were getting better at running but… both were extremely sore still. As well as now they could finally touch each other's minds but… that was only for a few minutes at a time.

Ferox sighed as he followed Memoria out of the bath to the towels. Memoria set one on the floor so he could dry off. He then trailed her into their room where she could get dressed into her white underclothing which was also her training clothing and then he followed her to the kitchen where John was making breakfast.

Mornings were the worst, John was happy in the mornings and Fiera seemed excited this morning as well. "Why are the two of them so bouncy in the morning?"

Memoria smiled and gently picked Ferox up and set him on the table so that he could reach the food when it was served. He settled himself ready for food, if training everyday had taught him anything it was that he could eat… a lot.

"When do you leave John?" she asked as she sat down.

John brought over breakfast which was some kind of insect meet along with eggs and fruit. "Fiera and I leave this afternoon."

"Today? How come you didn't say anything yesterday?" Memoria said pouting.

"Because I wasn't exactly sure until now and anyway…" John began to dig in and said after a few mouthfuls, "After training I'm introducing you to Embry. He is going to be your training partner while I'm away."

Memoria nodded her head, "So he is a fire apprentice then?"

"Yes, but he is also a Master in the element of shadow. One of Luke's former students, Luke will be dropping by from time to time to check on you while I'm away." John said, "Embry is interesting, when he becomes a Master in fire he will be able use shadowfire, there are not many who have the personality and control to be a shadow and fire Elementist. Luke and I are very excited to work with him; he is sort of our joint effort project." He chuckled and began to eat again.

"So Luke will be around? Will he be helping me with training in the mornings?" Memoria was nervous; she wasn't sure how Luke would train.

"Yes he will be there to supervise as you train in the mornings. Embry will be with you throughout the afternoon and Luke or Reyna will drop by at night. I have it all planned out." John said smiling oblivious to Memoria's nerves.

"Is Luke alright with helping me? I know I'm not exactly his favorite person…" Memoria mumbled the last part.

"Eh? He will be fine. When I told him about my departure he offered to help you train in the morning since he doesn't really do anything that early anyway." John said chuckling, "He is not a morning person either, I'm sure the two of you will do well together and I'm almost positive that he will love Ferox's charming personality."

Ferox growled not sure if John was teasing him or not, "If Luke is the complete opposite of you like Memoria says than I'm sure we will get along fine."

Memoria rolled her eyes and gently brushed her hand down Ferox's back which made him begin to purr. Chuckling John shook his head and they finished their food in silence before they trained.

Luke knocked on Embry's door and to his disappointment, again Minerva answered, "Good morning Minerva."

"And you as well Luke. You're here to take Embry to his new babysitting job?" Minerva pursed her lips in obvious displeasure.

"To his training partner and you are leaving with John to Market? Say yes and make my day." Luke smirked while crossing his arms.

"Yes actually, but I am not welcome at Oblivion where John's pet is from so I will be coming back early."

"Really? I had no idea… though I am not surprised Minerva you do need to work on your people skills." Luke smiled while leaning against the doorframe.

Minerva growled and turned her head, "Embry! Luke Nightwalker is here to take you to your babysitting job!"

Luke chuckled and waited for Embry. When he saw Embry, the kid looked embarrassed, his head was down and wasn't looking at his sister who was glaring at him as he walked to the door. "Good morning Luke."

"Yes it is. You ready to leave?" Luke was having a hard time not laughing, "It really isn't that bad Embry. There is no need to look like that."

Embry sighed, "Its fine Luke. Let's go though."

Luke smiled slightly, "Come on then she is most likely training with John. You can see what she has achieved in a week."

Minerva made a face, "See you later Minny… have a nice trip." Embry said smiling.

Rolling her eyes, "Be good while I'm gone and don't let them push you around."

"I think those comments are slightly contradictory Minerva." Luke said chuckling.

"Shut up." Embry pushed Luke's shoulder which just made him laugh louder.

Rolling his eyes he gave his sister a hug and started to walk towards John's house.

"Faster Memoria! Ferox this is a sprint! I thought you were supposed to be good at that?" John yelled crossing his arms while leaning against a post smirking at the snarl that was forming on Ferox's lips.

Ferox growled wanting to retort but was too out of breath to do so. Memoria was just focused on what she was doing sometimes reaching out to Ferox; they had finally connected enough so that they could share energy making it a lot easier to run for longer periods of time. Their energy reserves were running low though, this morning had been hard, their bodies were dripping with sweat and breathing was becoming more difficult.

"Alright, breathing exercises!" John shouted, walking over to the middle of the training field. Memoria and Ferox jogged over and finally collapsed before John, wincing as they got into the proper position.

While the two of them practiced their breathing he noticed two separate smells approaching them… Luke and Embry were coming to visit. Staring over in the direction in which they would be approaching, he noticed two figures.

Luke walked slightly in front of the other boy. Embry was of average height and slight build. He had inky black hair that fell around his head in disarray his eyes peered out though his bangs. His eyes were the color of coal and when he worked with fire they glowed. John chuckled he looked moody probably due to this arrangement and his sister. Embry was such an interesting character, though he had the calm menace that shadow Elementists needed, he also had the quick anger and passion that was considered a part of the fire Element.

John smiled as they finally were close enough to speak to, "Good morning."

Luke returned the smile and gestured to Embry, "I brought him like you asked. Though I don't think he is very pleased, even though he agreed to this arrangement."

Embry sighed, "I said I would do it so I will." He looked around John and focused in on the girl and lizard behind him doing the traditional breathing exercises.

"That's Memoria and her companion Ferox." John said, "They have just finished their morning endurance training."

"I see…" Embry leaned against the fence post and crossed his arms, "When will you be coming back from Market?"

John laughed, "She really isn't that bad! And I'm leaving this afternoon and will be back in two weeks. You think you can handle a small girl apprentice till then Embry?" he raised his eyebrow with a sardonic smirk on his face.

Embry scoffed, "I'm sure I'll manage."

"Good, I hope she has developed further by then. Luke will obviously be here to help and will be stopping in on her every once in a while." John lightly patted his shoulder.

Embry nodded his head, "Well are you going to introduce me?"

John sighed while Luke rolled his eyes. John then called out to Memoria who briskly walked over.

She smiled at the three men, "Is this Embry, John?"

"Yes it is, Embry this is Memoria." John said motioning to her.

Memoria smiled at the handsome youth, "Good morning Embry. It is a pleasure to meet you." She had decided no matter how her new training partner acted she would be extremely polite so that any problem that ensued would not be her fault.

"A pleasure it is Memoria." Embry nodded his head in greeting. The girl was unremarkable. She barely had any presence; she was thin, sweating from her exercise, her hair was pulled back into a ponytail which looked just as ragged. Eyeing her up and finally down and at the sight of the Komodo Dragon that was sneering up at him from her side.

"Ferox be polite." Memoria scolded her companion.

Annoyed he grunted before nodding his head in Embry's direction, "It is nice to meet you and your companion."

Embry's companion was a badger who many knew of for he was not the most pleasant of creatures. His name was Ira which means anger in the old language. It was such a surprise that a boy who was made to be a shadow Elementist would have such a creature as a companion; it made sense once he decided to become a fire Elementist as well.

Ira growled in response to the greeting and didn't exchange any pleasantries. Instead he just snarled at Ferox who in turn growled back angered at the insulting challenge.

"Ferox enough, if he is going to be rude that's fine you have already done your part."

Ferox snarled, "Fine Memoria." He was angry; his body shuddered with his anger. They were being disrespectful with no reason.

Luke snickered while John raised an eyebrow at the dragon, "How come you are never so obedient when Memoria scolds you about me?"

Ferox growled, "I'm being polite… When are you leaving?"

John chuckled, "I see, and I'm leaving soon enough."

Embry cocked his head to the side, "Your companion is extremely rude to John? That is rather strange considering you are a pet, shouldn't you be obedient?"

John frowned and Luke nudged him roughly. Embry raised an eyebrow at their advances.

"If I have displeased John, he would tell me and my companion doesn't like many people. It seems your companion has the same opinion of others as well." Memoria finished her response with a smirk, "John I'm going to go bathe, don't leave until I'm done."

John chuckled, "Yes, I will not leave, my pretty little thing."

Memoria smiled and walked lightly, "Come along Ferox, don't you want to be clean?" Ferox huffed and followed quickly, lightly nipping at her heels as they ran laughing. John had as a part of her training, climbing the large tree to the house. She had gotten a lot better at it, especially with Ferox's help.

When Memoria was out of hearing range John turned quickly to face Embry, "If I learn that you are deliberately rude or mistreat her in anyway Embry, I will end your existence." After that remark he left angrily walking towards the house.

"You really should watch what you say Embry… she is going to be adopted into our family." Luke scolded while shaking his head.

Embry frowned, "Until then she is still just a pet and a human… but I will do as he says and treat her well."

Luke sighed, "Good, now come along. John is going to want to see you interact with her more."

"Yes Luke." Embry followed him into the house.

"How dare he!" Memoria shouted and punched the water angrily.

Ferox growled in response, "He was very rude. Much ruder than I have ever been."

Memoria was shaking she was so angered by him, "It's not fair that John gets to leave and I am stuck with such a horrible boy!"

Ferox and Memoria fumed while washing and complained about the predicament that was being forced on them.

John was still upset; he could feel Memoria's anger as well as frustration. Sighing he made tea and awaited her to come out of her bath. He listened and could hear Embry and Luke who walked through the kitchen door.

"Did you make tea?" Luke asked smiling as he sat down familiarly.

Embry embarrassed followed him and sat down next to Luke, "I apologize for my rude behavior and it will not happen again John."

"I'm glad; make sure you say it to Memoria." John retorted while bringing two cups of tea.

Luke reached out until he found Memoria's thoughts, she was angry extremely so. Chuckling, no wonder John was so upset, Memoria was furious.

"What is so funny?" Embry said annoyed at Luke's sudden laughter, he hated it. When he first started being trained by him, he did it all the time.

"Don't you know by now, what Luke finds funny rarely is as amusing to us?" John said smiling.

Memoria came out of the bath feeling a little better. She stared at her closet and eventually just sat down. Ferox crawled over, "What is wrong? I know you are still angry but you love to get dressed up."

"I do not want to go outside but I want to spend time with John… it is a dilemma." Memoria said sighing.

Ferox laughed, "Pick out something that John likes… There is a new red one right? You should wear that one."

Memoria smiled and lightly brushed her fingertips over his back, "Alright but only because you picked it out Ferox."

Ferox shifted happily, "Hurry and make sure you put that make-up that John gave you on as well."

Memoria smiled and quickly dressed, "Ferox did you see how he looked at me? He eyed me over and gave me a complete look of displeasure." She turned her nose up in the air annoyed.

Ferox shook his head, "It doesn't matter, when you come out in that he will surely look at you differently."

She snorted, "Whatever you say Ferox." After applying her make-up she sighed, "I am ready."

"How long does that girl plan on taking?" John said rolling his eyes while standing up but before he could take a step Memoria walked out.

She had on a crimson colored dress which came down to the floor, it hugged her body to show her slim frame, there was a slit that was from her chest down to her stomach, the sleeves were sheer and loose. Memoria had done her hair so that it was half up and half down so that it curled down her back; it was held up by some gold pins that John had given to her. The make-up she had applied was gold which she placed on her cheeks and a darkening on her eyes.

"Ah you are beautiful my pretty little thing, it was worth the wait." John said hugging her lightly.

Memoria smiled and twirled to give him a better view, "I like this new dress John! It fits perfectly."

John laughed, "I'm glad that you finally wear these kinds of clothes, it shows your pretty frame in such a nice light."

Memoria laughed lightly and went to sit down at the table she nodded her head at Luke and Embry. She picked up Ferox so that he was lying on her lap, "I want tea too…" he mumbled into her hand.

"You can share mine Ferox." Memoria lightly continued to stroke his back.

"You look beautiful Memoria." Luke said smiling he could hear her thoughts; she was actually very pleased with herself.

"Thank you Luke and would you quit listening to my thoughts? It is considered rude." Memoria lightly sipped at her tea when John brought it to her.

Embry actually sputtered some of the tea that he was drinking, "You cannot speak to Luke that way!"

"He was the one who told me that it was rude and yet he continues to do it. I am just telling him to stop." Memoria commented raising an eyebrow at Embry and eventually smirked as she took another sip of tea. Ferox was chuckling as well and stood up to take a sip of Memoria's cup.

John laughed and patted Embry on the back, "Can't say much to that can you boy."

Luke smiled as well, "Your sensitivity has been growing."

"Ever since you searched my memories that day I have been able to pick up on when you have been touching my thoughts… it tingles." Memoria said frowning.

John lightly put his arm around her and smiled, "That is not uncommon, once you feel the sensation it is hard to forget."

Memoria nodded her head and looked over at Embry, "So what kind of training am I supposed to do with him?"

"Him? I have a name and I'm supposed to watch you train in the afternoon." Embry said frowning.

"Oh… I thought we were supposed to work together and both benefit from it; I do not need a babysitter I need a partner to help me become better." Memoria said frowning at Embry across the table.

"Don't worry Memoria I'm sure he is just teasing, obviously he will be training with you." John said chuckling.

"Good." Memoria said firmly, "I don't need a babysitter, no matter what you think John."

"You wound me I would never think of such a thing." John wrapped his arm around Memoria and lightly kissed the top of her head.

Luke watched the two of them, "John you have to leave soon or the caravan will be late."

"Yes, it would be afternoon now wouldn't it?" John slowly got up and the others followed.

John smiled lightly at Memoria who looked nervous, "Don't worry; I'm sure you will have plenty of fun without me."

"I don't want you to go John… don't leave me alone." She whispered quietly.

"Luke will come and check on you and you and Embry will get along fine." John lightly patted her shoulder before pulling her into a hug. "Just be careful with your training and do not push it too far."

"I understand and I'll be careful, goodbye." Memoria held onto him tighter for a moment before John let go.

John lightly kissed Memoria and then Luke and gave Embry a pat on the shoulder goodbye, "See you all in two weeks." Smiling he jumped down from the house, Fiera was close behind, she brushed by Memoria's leg before following John.

Luke touched Memoria's shoulder, "It won't seem that long Memoria, he will back soon."

She nodded her head sadly, "I'm going to go train now. This is the time that I usually attempt a conversation with the spirits."

"Do I have to stay here then? Since I can already communicate with them?" Embry said staring at Luke expectedly.

"No, your part is done for this afternoon; tomorrow you will have to stay from the end of the morning to the end of the afternoon session." Luke said while sighing, "Have a nice day Embry."

Embry nodded as he left, "Goodbye, Luke… and Memoria."

"Goodbye Embry." Memoria said before turning and walking towards the study.