Cel:Hahaha, Chen your so funny!

Chen:Shut up!

Apollo:I like this one.

Chen:*Blushes* You do.

Apollo:Yeah I get to play with all the chemicals. So fun.

Chen: Damn it.

Cel: *Laughs* Right well onward.

Kuo Chen hated his science class. He really, truly did.

Not because of his dislike of the subject science (he found it quite interesting actually) nor was the teacher someone he hated (thought Mademoiselle Juliet was somewhat annoying).

No Chen hated his science class because of who he sat by.

He sat next to Apollo Stryder.

Now don't get Chen wrong, Apollo was his friend, one of the ones that didn't always drive him up the wall with their endearing but troublesome chatter, but it was just that, because they were friends Chen could tell when Apollo was in his element.

And in science class, Apollo was the most dazzling creature ever.

The amber-eyed boy watched awestruck (he'd kill you if you called him out on the feeling) as his bronze-eyed friend set up their science lab, mixing chemical or something, Chen hadn't really been paying attention.

Because he was too enthralled with Apollo's serene and focused expression. He found it cute the way Apollo tied his long hair back with a ponytail holder he'd most likely gotten from his sister, and he thought it just perfect the way the Canadian would stick his tongue out in concentration.

Apollo was beautiful.

Sure many people thought that Artemis was attractive (Chen despite his belligerent attitude did too, he just knew Artemis didn't need another reason to feel confident) but Chen wondered now many people thought that of Apollo. (There were quite a few actually)

The boy was beautiful, especially when he was involved in his favorite subject science, then he was truly breathtaking.

The Chinese boy watched at his Canadian friend lit up the room, both literally (the project had something to do with fire) and figuratively (Apollo seemed to be glowing with joy) and became oblivious to his surroundings.

So when Apollo asked Chen "What do you think?" Chen had no idea what he was talking about but he replied with this.

"Wǒ xiǎng nǐ yīxiē tèshū(1)." In his native tongue thankfully; but Apollo had a pretty firm grasp on the Mandarin language.

For a moment it was silent between the two and Chen found himself flushing in both horror and embarrassment because Apollo was staring at him.

'That could be classified as a confession couldn't it?'
He asked himself, suddenly nervous and giddy.

And then Apollo smiled and laughed charmingly a trait he shared most definitely with his sister.

"Yeah, I guess you're right, we should totally surprise Mademoiselle Juliet with something special." He said enthusiastically before turning back to the lab.

Chen stood there for a full minute utterly dumbstruck before scowling.

How dare Apollo brush his confession off in favor of science!

What he wasn't as interesting as some stupid chemicals and test tubes?

What the hell was wrong with Apollo? Chen was attractive dammit!

The short haired and equally short tempered Chinese boy found himself fuming for the rest of the day, all because a boy that he considered his friend (who he was not romantically interested in, in any way, mind you) found a couple of tubes filled with dumb sulfuric acid and fermented gasoline more interesting them him.

"I'm so more interesting then damn test tubes." He muttered and because he was so caught up in his own jealous fury, he didn't notice Apollo smiled and replied softly.

"I know."

Artemis:Woah, baby bro's a tottal playa!

Druce:Stop butchering the English language!

Cel:Stop arguing.

Artemis:Sorry Cel. Dude this is my fave.

Druce:And why is that?

Artemis:Because of my bro's awsome skillz with the boys!

Druce:... Stop talking.

Cel:*Laughs* Say goodbye you two.


Artemis: See ya and Cel would totally feel loved it you dropped a review.

Cel: Yes I would.