Cel: I'm back! And this time I brought Gustav.

Gustav: I'm not really that important.

Cel: Nonesense without you the Nordics would totally not feel the same

Gustav: I suppose.

Cel: Well on to the story.

"You JERK!"

Was the first thing Gustav Chemerkin of Sweden heard when he entered the doors of the ICC. The blonde knew that the works of the particular and very popular Café were odd.

The aquamarine eyed boy even thought he knew that they where odd he didn't expect to see Gavriil Fedotova and Artemis Stryder in an argument.

Well Gustav used the term argument loosely, as Gavriil had Artemis pinned to the ground and Artemis was trying to claw at his eyes.

"Now, now Artemida, I didn't mean anything by it."

"Oh so you didn't mean to call me fat?" The girl hissed.

"No I simply said that you ate like a pig." Gavriil said cheerfully.

Gustav cringed, that was a surefire way to get a kick to the nuts. Artemis squirmed in Gavriil's grasp as Gustav cleared his throat to get attention.

Both the American girl and the Russian boy blinked and looked up.

"Oh hey Gustav." Artemis said suddenly calm and upbeat.

"Morgon." He replied quietly.

"Can we help you with something." Gavriil asked cheerfully. Gustav looked at the position they were in, Gavriil sitting on Artemis' waist and one of her arms and pining the other arm down.

It was rather scandalous.

"I am only doing this because Artemida will hit me if I do not let her calm down." Gavriil explained, "Now can we help you with something?" The Russian boy asked.

"I ordered some pastries from here." Gustav said. The Swede had a bit of a sweet tooth.

"Oh, yeah, there in the back." Artemis said and then she yelled, (In Gavriil's ear and Gustav could tell it was on purpose) "SOMEONE GET THE PASTRIES, GUSTAV IS HERE TO GET THEM!"

Gavriil flinched a little but seemed only slightly annoyed.

From out of the back bounced cute little Celestina Dell'Aquila, holding a large box, presumable filled with pastries.

"Ciao Gustavo, here are your pastries." The Italian said as she bounced over and then she caught sight of Gavriil and Artemis' position and blushed a bit.

"Ragazzi farlo in privato." (1) She said bashfully. Artemis glared at the pink eyed Italian.

"We're not doing anything, so get that silly blush off of your face." The American girl hissed.

Celestina giggled nervously as she handed Gustav his box of pastries.

"Well sorry it just looks like you two.. were making out or something." The brunette's posture was timid but her tone was cheerful and bashful all at the same time.

"I would not mind." Gavriil said cheerfully.

Gustav blinked and noticed Artemis' face was extremely red.

"How much do I owe you for the pastries?" He asked, eager to get out before Artemis exploded.

"Oh um there's 20 dollars." Celestina said cheerfully. Gustav set his box of goods aside and fished out his wallet, secure the appreciate amount and handed Celestina the money.

"Grazie e vi prego di tornare al Caffè Classe Internazionale presto." (2) Celestina said cheerfully.

"I will." Gustav said quietly and then he turned and left the shop and had he stepped out he hear Artemis yell out.


There was a smack and a startled cry of .

"Please don't fight!"

Gustav smiled to himself as he headed back to the International Academy school grounds, his box of sweets in hand.

"Those guys sure are strange."

Translations both in Italian:

1-Guys do that in private
2- Thank you and please return to the International Class Cafe soon

Cel: Well Gustav wasn't really in it.

Gustav: I'll take what I can get.

Cel: Man are you sweet.

Gustav: *Shrugs*

Cel: Right well say goodbye.

Gustav: In Swedish goodbye is Adjö. Also please review.