Chapter 6

Roman, so how did you react when you first... saw Pierre? We're you... welcoming?

Are you fucking kidding me? She steals my car for a moment to buy herself some tampons then she comes home with this literally bloody kid who kept on painting red on my lawn and you people expect me to go welcome them in embrace? Of course not!

I understand Roman but I would request for you to calm down, I understand very well that whatever that might have happened that we are trying to recollect could bring up some very emotional outbursts but I would just like for you to...

Can we just get on with this? Do you want to hear the story or not?

Right... yeah, I... what happened when Violet brought Pierre in?

Not so fast, you see, she drifted the car into parking making all that whirring noise and my ears and eyes couldn't just believe what I witnessed. Anyone could just imagine how my jaw was buried down to the ground, there was fucking dust and smoke in the air. She got down from the car without care that I just saw what she did to my car. She walked to the other side and picked up this boy wearing a white buttoned up polo, blood was all over his shirt and they were all from his nose and mouth dripping down like a waterfall. They were almost of the same height, maybe the boy was an inch taller I couldn't tell cause he was limping his way as Violet assisted him towards the front door. Bitch, she didn't even say anything and went past me.

"What are you doing?" I clutched on her arm.

"Can you get the door please?"

"You stole my car."

"The door please"

"What the hell are you doing?"


Just like that. She shouted my name and I broke. I found my hand freely opening the door for them. It was resounding. Stunned as I was, I didn't notice that the boy slipped from her grasp and fell face planted on the floor, smearing an artwork of red all over.

"Roman, don't just stand there! Help me out here!" her voice in command.

Obligated, I stooped down on the boy's side and helped him up back leaning to Violet who kept on dragging him. They got away from my grasp while I was left there standing, not knowing what to do or how I should react.

"Hey! Hey... careful with th... oh shit no" that was all I could muster as I watched Violet dropped the boy down on one of the white couches in my living room. Of all the couches, it just had to be the one on the center, the largest one. He laid down there on his back, his legs were sitting on the edge, feet still on the floor. Violet removed his brown loafers quick without the slightest disgust on her actions as she threw the dusty shoes on the side, my black furry carpet.

She turned to me and asked if I had a first aid kit or anything like two pieces of white cloth, one dry and one damp. I rushed upstairs and scrambled in my bathroom's dresser leaving some stuff I took out of no use on the floor. Running downstairs, I almost tripped on my own foot trying to hurry my way down since I've been hearing Violet's calls for me to get back to her fast. Immediately she grabbed a hold of the pile of soft white towels that I hugged in my arms.

It was enchanting to see her take care of the boy like that. When you watch her move, there is this gentle touch that even I can feel from a distance. She reminded me of my mother. As an only child, I was left alone to find things in our large backyard to entertain myself. From catching bugs to climbing trees, I was pretty susceptible to getting cuts and bruises. My mother had to attend to me crying out at the back with a scraped knee for most of the time since my dad had to leave for work. I can always picture her looking at me without judgment, without that hint of anger instead the corner of her lips rose up to a comforting smile telling me how proud she is of me. All I did was be a kid yet she was proud of me.

Sounds like you're lucky to have her.

I am. I was.

Where is she?

... can I just... can we just (motions a wave of hand expressing disagreement)

I understand.

Anyway... where was I? Oh right, Violet glanced back at me when she that I was about to pick up the phone to call an ambulance. Immediately, she stood up, fumed her way toward me and snatched the phone from my hand.

I was like, "What do you think you're doing?" while reaching out for my phone in her hand she finally placed back on the countertop.

"He's fine."

"What do you mean 'he's fine'? That kid is spewing blood like a fucking oil spill! Where did you find him? Please don't tell me you didn't run him over with my car."

"Stop overreacting. I found him on the side of the road."

"You... where? Violet, why did you bring him here then?" I challenged in a surprised tone.

"I had to"

"I don't know with you Violet but normal people would take him to the nearest hospital or whatever"

"He told me not to"

"He told you?" I repeated.

"Yes. So just please, don't try anything stupid..."

"I am NOT trying anything stupid here, you're the one who's acting all dumb by bringing him here" I grabbed her arm and pulled her close to me so that I can whisper in her ear, "What if that kid is some part of a gang and this is just one of their schemes to get inside people's homes. Did you even think about that?"

"He's not like that."

"Oh yeah, how would you know?"

She just looked away from me and tried to walk away from me with a heavy sigh as if she was done talking to some narrow-minded freak in front of her.

"You're not telling me anything, I know that look. What is it?" I latched on her arm tighter, it must have hurt since she struggled free at once, "Let me go." she said point blank.

"How did you really find him?" I asked as firm as my grasp.

She shook her head in surrender, "There were these boys who I thought was mugging him."

"And then?" I gulped. She wouldn't budge so I had to shake her a bit with the hold I have on her.

"... I got down with my knuckles and showed the group how to really beat someone up on one hit"

Oh my god. She said it in the most expressionless way possible I didn't know what to feel, whether I should be turned on with her being this absolute badass motherfucker stepping up alone against a group of guys or I should knock some sense into her head myself for possibly starting a war with those chavs. It was more of the latter.

"My god! Violet, what were you thinking?"

"I wasn't. I know. I need to get back to him"

"Those guys would come after you now, did you see them follow you? Oh god, they must have gotten my plate number. We need to call the police."

"No. I told you... we shouldn't."

"Because he told you so? Great logic, Violet. Keep it up" What can I do, I was getting really furious with her. A lot of times... she's just like that, making sudden decisions without even thinking about how it's gonna affect the people around her. She's very secretive as well... or no, it's either that or just like what she told me, that I can't take a hint. I mean seriously, she's got all of these things in her head and she would always do things without telling us. I hate her for that. A lot of times I just want to shake her like a drum until she spills out everything right in front of me. Is it just because that it could be girl thing? That they expect us men to be able to read what's in their head and they get mad if we don't be up to par with their secret intelligence report. This just brings me back to the reason why I like being alone, why I had lived alone for the past 3 years in that abode. People just bring so much into my home ruining all the arrangements I have set for myself. I fucking hate it when things change because of another life force breaking and entering. Change, I can perfectly accept it if it was because of me, because I brought it on myself and it is only I who is to blame. People don't know sometimes how much they affect another person simply by just entering into their life.

She just winced and turned her back on me, walking back to the poor kid. More like my "poor stuff" now smeared with bloodstains and dust. The side of her eyes seemed as if she's starting to store up a stream of tears with that glimmer. No, not again. She really knows when to use that shit on me.

Knelt down on the side of the boy, she wiped the sweat on his forehead, fixed the wet strands of his fringe and felt his temperature on his neck. The house was cold even with no window left open. She walked past me to go upstairs, she didn't even look at me while I stood there leaning with crossed arms on the wall separating the living room where the boy rested and the kitchen. When she came back down, she went straight again to the boy and covered him with a blanket which he held onto tightly. Violet did a good job cleaning up his face, the bleeding from under his nose and upper lip has stopped leaving only a trail of bruises on the same spot, and some cuts with drying blood. He was really pale and he looked awful yet peacefully resting with his eyes closed like a newborn baby. He tucked himself in fetal position probably from the pain he could still be feeling, that I wouldn't know. I've never had any kind of wound or injury inflicted on me from the neck up. My mother was very protective of me when I was a kid. She told me a lot of times that my face is my asset and I couldn't understand her that time. I don't think I do until now cause everytime I look in the mirror, I see a tired and sad man looking back at me.

Anyway, that was a side of Violet I've never seen yet from two weeks living together and I don't think I ever saw her act like that again after that. She has always been aggressive and assertive, I mean, we weren't special when it came to that, she was virtually like that to everyone.

I can attest to that.


Do you see it as a problem?

Definitely... no, yeah I mean out of the three of us... it's always been us two who fought the most over a lot of things, things she call simple but you know to me, it's really grave and... I don't know, it's really hard to tell when she's just playing games or she's being serious, you know what I mean?

Did you like that about her?

Are you kidding me? Of course not! But what have I got to do? All I know is at that moment... at that very moment, I realized something.

Which was?

I fancy her.