Winter Wonderland

When I first looked out of my bedroom window, I could not believe my eyes. For miles, all I could see was a crisp, white layer of pure, undamaged white snow. Gazing delightfully out of the window, I could see small cotton like snow flakes fall effortlessly from the sky. I was stunned by the beauty of my neighbourhood, as no words could describe how exquisite and picturesque it looked. Everywhere looked unrecognizable; it was as if I had mistaken a movie set of a top Hollywood movie for the neighbourhood where I lived. I opened my window, and carelessly leant out of it. As I placed my hand on the window ledge, I was unprepared for the bitter chill that tingled all the way up my arm as my bare skin touched the icy snow. Breathing in and out slowly, I could feel the adrenalin course through me as I watched my frosty breath edge further away from me bit by bit at a snails pace. The spider's web that was sitting beneath my window ledge was splashed with bits of snow, making it sparkle like tiny diamonds. This pictographic scene was so magical, and so breathtaking it was beyond your imagination.

I found this the other day, and I was unsure of what on Earth it was. Until I read it, I realised that it was my English Coursework from Year Eleven. I think I got a B+ for it. I don't remember.

Anyway, I hope you guys like this as much as my English teacher did.

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I apologise for it being so short, I couldn't really add anything to it. After all, it's no-longer winter :)

imafeckingstarr xxx