Zabrina looked out of the window in the girl's dormitory, watching the thunderstorm with enthralment.


Zabrina ignored whoever was calling her and continued watching the rain pound on the rooftops.


The lightning crashed, lighting up the dark room for a few seconds.



Zabrina only broke out of her trance at a scream. She turned to her dormitory partner with a slightly annoyed look.

"What?" she asked, glaring at the girl in the bottom bunk bed.

The girl with ginger curls pulled down her bed sheets to look at the mysterious black haired beauty.

"Close the curtains," she mumbled "I can't sleep."

Zabrina rolled her eyes as she brought the jade curtains together, making the room darker. She glanced at the clock on the wall that was eerily ticking the seconds away. Chancing a glance at her digital watch she rolled her eyes.

"It's only 10:58," she said.

"And lights out was fifty-eight minutes ago," retorted Isabella as her head landed on the pillow "We'll be in trouble again if you don't stick to the rules."

Zabrina sighed as she withdrew the curtains.

"Two more minutes," she said "I'll have the curtains closed behind me."

She climbed onto the window sill and drew the curtains in behind her. Huddling her knees to her chest, she gazed out of the window. She gingerly placed a hand on the cold glass, wishing to be out on the roof, dancing in the rain. Yes, it sounded crazy, but Zabrina can be a very crazy person whenever she wanted to…and whichever time it was alright to be crazy. A few flashes of lightning and crashes of thunder later, her watch read 11:00. Sighing, she made to get up off the window sill…but was stopped at the sound of music. Zabrina froze. It wasn't Isabella's Ipod because Isabella didn't have any classical songs. Zabrina turned to the window where she had a good view of the music block. It was a piano playing from one of the first floor music rooms. Relaxing, she stayed on the window sill, listening intently. She loved music with a passion, especially the piano or singing. She would take singing or piano lessons but her parents usually spend most of their wages on her school fees. Yawning slightly at the soothing melody, Zabrina felt her eyes slowly closing as she soon drifted off to sleep, the rain and music playing together like one song.