Alright, so everyone who reads Heartless already know about the Llama and the Unicorn, assuming they didn't skip that part since it was completely irrelevant~

But, to everyone who doesn't read Heartless, I'm putting up the story about the two mammal... things... Animals~

Now, before we begin, you can read this as fantasy, or as an Allegory for Heartless. I'll let you decide~

The Llama and the Unicorn

Once upon a time, in a small town that no one could quite remember the name of, there lived a Unicorn named Bob. Bob was rather small for his size, but very goodhearted and friendly, everyone on his street said so.

Bob had a best friend named Larry. Larry was a Llama who lived on the adjacent street, and was known to wear a poncho, top hat, and bow tie even during the hottest days of summer. He also had a mustache, with his excuse being, "My arms are too short to reach it."

One day Bob and Larry decided that they should have a picnic in the park, settling under a shady tree and beginning to talk and eat. Not soon after, a pretty female Llama walked past, gaining the attention of Larry, which saddened Bob greatly as he ate the rest of his food in silence.

A few days later, Larry appeared at Bob's house, telling him that the female Llama was named Sally, and they had a date tomorrow night. Bob told Larry that this was wonderful, though inside he was thoroughly heartbroken.

After a while Larry stopped talking to Bob altogether, spending all his time with Sally. This hurt Bob emotionally, but he knew he must move on from Larry and try to forget it. It wasn't that easy, apparently, as Larry showed up on his doorstep not soon after, claiming that Sally was not who she said she was. Sally was actually a transvestite Male, and while Larry had no problem with this, he did not see why Sally had to lie to him, so they had broken up.

Internally Bob was jumping for joy, though outside he was trying to console his friend. Over a few months, Bob and Larry were back to their old routine- Seeing each other everyday, all day, and then going home and going to bed, only to do it again tomorrow morning. By this point, Bob was getting tired with the level of their relationship, feeling as though he wanted more, but not wanting to push Larry into something me might not want.

So Bob told Larry his predicament, hoping that Larry might understand and at least stay friends if Larry did not like the idea. To Bob's surprise, Larry seemed to be incredibly open to the idea, stating that he had been feeling the same for quite a while. That night, Larry didn't go back home.

The End