Mage Halloween

by MacKenzie Kennedy

Part Ninety-one

"Gihn " Dez warned.

"Oh, all right. Kiss her."

Dez blinked. "What?"

Gihn waved a hand at Fahn's still form. "She won't wake up until someone male kisses her. Mergwyn thought it was going to be him. Re'yen's married, Sk'lou's too young, I'm her brother. And besides, you're the one she's dating."

Dez stared at Gihn. "Kiss Fahn."

Gihn raised an eyebrow. "That's it. Spell disappears, she wakes up, and-" He frowned. "I'm not sure if she's going to be mad at Mergwyn or herself." He shrugged. "Just call when she's awake."

Dez watched Gihn walk into the kitchen. Well, darn. He hadn't even kissed her while she was awake yet.

He sighed and went over to the couch. Fahn looked almost like she was sleeping. "Fahn, don't turn me into anything," he said, giving her half a grin.

Part Ninety-two

Fahn twitched as she woke up and turned her head away. "Gihn, stop that."

"Not Gihn."

Fahn's eyes flew open. "Dez?"

Dez tilted his head and raised an eyebrow. "Your brother kisses you?"

"No, but when he was little, he thought ice cubes were funny." She frowned and sat up. "Wait a minute. You kissed me?"

"Gihn told me to."

Fahn shook her head and held up a hand. "Wait. This is getting confusing. Mergwyn woke me up and I was getting tired of his nightly 'let's see if I can get into the lab' practices. I took him into the lab and the next thing I know, you're kissing me."

"You missed all the excitement," Gihn said, smirking. He waited by the entrance to the kitchen. "You going to throw fire at me for getting Dez to kiss you?"

"Not if you had a good reason."

Gihn grinned and walked forward. "Mergwyn slapped you with a 'Kiss Me, Wake Me' spell and was hurrying you out of the house when I showed up." He told her the rest and then jerked his head toward Dez. "He kissed you. Nim's upstairs asleep, Mergwyn's knocked out, and the rest of us are in the kitchen."

"Good. I'll join everyone after I kick Mergwyn," she said sweetly. Gihn winked at her and went back to the kitchen.

"Do you want me to apologize?"

Fahn turned her head quickly to look at Dez with surprise in her eyes. "Why?" Dez shrugged and Fahn rolled her eyes. "For a kiss? My only complaint is that I wasn't awake for it. I've been waiting until I thought you were ready, then my brother goes and messes it up."

"Oh," Dez said, his eyes lighting up, "I can fix that problem."

Part ninety-three

"Hello, Mergwyn," came a sickeningly sweet voice. "Time to wake up."

He opened his eyes and focused on a grinning Fahn. "I didn't mean it," he said.

"Didn't mean what, exactly?" Fahn asked.


"It's not that you kidnapped me for a few seconds," Fahn said. "I would have dealt with that." She nodded. "Very happily have dealt with that. But kissing me? You were going to have to kiss me to wake me up, Mergwyn. I could have died from that."

"Fahn, I'm sorry."

Fahn sighed. "As much as I'd like to have you all to myself for a few minutes, I'm going to accept your apology."

"You'll never regret it," Mergwyn swore.

Fahn smiled. "Of course I won't." She turned her head toward the open door. "Gihn? Dez?"

The two men walked into the room and Fahn looked at Mergwyn. "You apologized. I accepted. That means I can go make myself something to eat while you have a chat with my brother and my boyfriend." She smiled charmingly. "Have fun, Mergwyn."

Part ninety-four

Fahn was just cutting her sandwich into quarters when they returned. "So quick?" she murmured.

"Oh, yes," Gihn said. "I don't know which one of us he was more scared of." He took a seat and sighed. "Fahn, he was sent to evaluate the school and he did give us a great report. But we're going to have someone else out here soon."

"Why?" Fahn asked.

Gihn shook his head. "Because he only came so he could kidnap you. The report is suspect."

"What about Nim?" Fenny asked.

"Completely innocent." Gihn frowned. "Which is hard to believe, but true." He shrugged. "I sent a message to the school while you were asleep and we're to put Mergwyn on the next coach out of here which arrives in two days." He smirked. "How about a sleep spell, so no one has to deal with him?"

"Sounds good. Can we get rid of Nim soon?" Fahn asked.

Gihn nodded. "He should have his report written by the end of today." He smiled in a way that let everyone present know that if Nim didn't have the report finished Gihn would be persuading.

Part ninety-five

"So," Dez said, "Nim and Mergwyn are gone, right?"

Fahn looked up at the darkening sky. "Got a receipt from the school today that they had Mergwyn. Nim is Fenny's problem." She grinned. "But I did hear some cheering from their room that suggests she got a receipt, too."

"What happens next?"

Fahn rolled over and leaned up on one elbow. "Fenny, Re'yen, and Sk'lou go home with an offer to visit more often. Gihn and I have another mage out here to evaluate the school. They find nothing wrong and we stay for years, eventually expanding the school. Merielle marries Gihn once the guy works up the effort to ask her. She moves into his bedroom that quickly becomes theirs. Eventually, you figure out that I might be willing to marry you, especially if you move into the house and agree to help cook."

"Oh?" Dez said, giving her a lazy smile.

Fahn nodded sharply. "Both of us couples have kids and the next thing you know, Gihn and I aren't the only ones blowing things up and making purple foaming messes in the yard." She tilted her head. "What do you think?"

Dez leaned down and gave her a light kiss on the mouth. "Good. Except for one thing."

"What is it?"

"I'm never getting the coffee down for you."

Fahn snorted. "Of course not! I have to shout at Gihn for something, you know."