It was a cold gray day when it happened.
It was the day we charged the fort.
All of us crowded together,
providing heat for all.
The waves hit our vessel was soft and caressed the hull.
Not the slightest movement overcame us.
It just seemed like an open invitation,
like welcoming doors,
to certain death.
It wasn't until we hit shore that fear took over.
Body, numbed with fear and cold,
was unresponsive.
I stood there for a good time,
seeing everyone run and yell.
Rippling scrap metal flying,
bomb shells dropping,
and bullets zooming pass one another.
Sand blasted upwards
blinding those still charging.
The sheer blood cries sounding in the distance
made my vain run dry,
while my mind drew blank.
Time slowed down that day.
That horrid day where sky was black,
night was white, and earth was red.
A day of frozen time