Just the corners of your mouth, now clearly conveying the damage you have caused upon me, widen in pure delight at the woe carved deeply in my chest. That erratic beating against my breast racking my frame, terrorizing the delicate tears clawing at my lashes, caught in an eternity of endless agony. He inhales, twisting that enchanting blade, creeping closer to its prey. Stains trail my pale shell, tracing crimson scars down the fragile bones of my cheek. Knees locked in unbreakable chains, slam into the roots of my haven. Head bowed down, he rises, settling himself above me, those beautifully adverse eyes piercing my nearly hollow heart, easily pushing aside the bloody ashes, desperately laving at the small trail of innocent musings, leading him to that miniscule box. A lock branded the side, glowing hauntingly, enticing him further to the point of savage hunger. Words whispered, slicing from his mouth, spiked knife cutting strings that kept me kneeling. He yelled, slashing in frenzy, nicking dangerously close to the box. Quieting suddenly, his movements stilled as a terrifying gleam shined in his eyes, he bent down and whispered, sound earsplitting, the noise unlatching my gritted teeth, open in a silent scream, ringing and echoing my empty soul. He smiled, glee positively radiating. "She was born to put someone like me first." The tears spilled freely now, my barricade, years and years of grueling work, crumbling to the same ruby dust. "Mother will never love you as much as me." The forbidden box, its resilient lock shattering, releasing sinful secrets and dark forbidden's to the one person meant to be kept away.

Thick Water

© 2011 by knownkonvict

AN: I'm still debating whether or not I should keep this up here. It's almost too damn personal and I don't even know if I have the correct format for a prose poem. By the way, as you can probably tell, this is an extreme exaggeration so you are now warned.

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