Man of Sorrows

Sorrow filled vessels teeming the world
Tortured minds and disturbed souls
Like desperate sparrows beating against the cage
Like defeated cubs trapped in wicked claws
Could there be any way to escape?


My heart breaks for the sorrow ladden hearts
But tears won't mend them back together
Certainly not mine
Can anybody heal them?

who can who will

There was a man of shadows
He was a man of sorrows
They called him son of man
They called him Nazarene

He was a lot like you and I
For he too was flesh and blood
But one deed set him apart
He was the one who drank sin's cup

It was a perfect sacrifice by a perfect man
To perfect some very imperfect people
By a single offering, for all who partakes
He did everything that needed to be done

"Then where is he today?
He is now another dead jew," you say
"Take heart, my child.
For I have overcome the world,"
he says

His sacred covenant
You are not forgotten

His resurrection is proven in me
From that third day post calvary
For I too was bound by sorrows
And now I have the scars to show

But whom the Son of God
Sets free is free indeed
I dare you to believe
I pray you will believe

A promise bespoken
You are not forsaken


.friday morn