Jay Prior was a reckless teenager who wanted nothing more than to start trouble. The reason for his behavior was never known, as his parents have done everything to ensure that he'll live a normal life. Unfortunately, Jay was anything but normal as he would cause one trouble after another just so he could get some attention. One day he would spray paint graffiti at the entrance of the police station in broad daylight, the next day he would pop a little kid's balloon for laughs.

One day, Jay's desire for infamy would grow when he watched a television program regarding the dangers of train surfing. Seeing how many people were shown riding the train from outside in many different ways, he then thought to himself: "I can do this!"

Those with common sense would know the dangers involving the performance of such a reckless stunt. Jay Prior, however, being the idiot he is, decided that if he can pull this one off, all the wimpy losers will look at him as a god.
"After that, no one will pick on me!" he laughed.

Next morning while on his way to school, Jay went to the subway station at Cypress Hills where he would wait for the train. Train surfing in general has always been a dangerous stunt, but doing it on an elevated train would even make emotionless tyke bombs shudder at the thought.

The train arrives and there Jay waits until everyone is on board. Once the door closes, Jay steps right up to the entrance and grabs onto the ceiling of the train. Soon the train begins to move and he seea people staring at him in amazement.

"Yeah, that's right people, you're looking at the greatest thing being perfor-"