It's not like he wanted to leave, it's more like he had to leave. He did not remember anything―his past, his friends, family or even his best friend, the one who understood him the most. The one who had always been there for him like a big brother. He did not want to hurt all these people, especially his best friend, Jack. They told him that he was his best friend, but in his mind was an empty darkness. No such person was in his life. They visited him in the hospital, but they were all strangers to him. He saw the look on Jack's face―devastation, sorrow and intense pain. And later on, he saw Jack crying. But he did not know that those were tears of happiness―happy that he was okay despite not remembering.

He packed everything hurriedly and went straight to the harbor, wanting to get on a ship. He did not know the destination, he just wanted to get away from this place. He was hurting everyone, he was cruel, he felt. Even though he knew nothing of his life, he as a human, knew that he was hurting people. Their feelings were understood. But he did not know that by just remaining, he could bring gladness to them.

"I'm nothing but a burden to them," he whispered to nobody. But he did not know that the doctor said that his memories will return.

The ship soon came, releasing smoke into the air, and many people went up the ship with their fancy suitcases. He had just bought a ticket from the counter, and this was the ship he was going on. It was to Los Angeles, which was far from his hometown. Hometown... a home? A home he did not remember. A home of emptiness. He went up the ship, staring at the sea. But he did not know that the warmth of family could return, and this home will be remembered.

The ship left. He left behind everything that could have been retrieved. But nobody could have went after him because it was late at night. They were sleeping. But it's okay, he wanted to start anew. He wanted new memories to fill this empty bottle. "I'm sorry for not remembering." He thought, not knowing that these memories would return soon, in just about half a year. But there was a possibility that they will never return as well. That possibility was as less as 1%, however.