for - k.t.j.
quote - "my pen is the barrel of a gun. remind me which side you should be on." fall out boy.

between love and hate,
is there a quantifiable difference?
cause lately i've been thinking,
there are days i
can't get enough of you.

but almost more often,
i just want space,
want you to back off and
leave me the hell alone.

and maybe it's wrong,
and maybe it doesn't make sense.
but baby, i'm getting
kind of claustrophobic
and the lines have moved and blurred
and even disappeared.

and i don't know how to feel or what to say
and i don't know who you are anymore.

i can feel something happening
the way i can sense the rain in the air
the day before a summer storm.

and i might be the girl to make you cry
the way i've cried over you.

but does it really even matter?