That crazy human! Where did she go? How dare she leave my sight?... Oh, I think I know where she is... how to get her out?...hmmm.... I know! I'll just lay by the door and growl; surely that will work.

But minutes later, I hear pounding footsteps from the other end of the house. I go to investigate; slapping my paws on the bare floor on possible crumbs and who-knows-what I could be eating if it weren't for that insane human getting lost in her own house. I mean, why do I always have to go on a quest for her; doesn't she have better eyesight than I do anyways?

I finally strut my way into the kitchen to... no one. I've wasted my precious time, but on the bright side, I have spotted a chip that she might have dropped. Retrieving the chip, I swagger my way to the other end off the house.

Then, a call, which is loud on my keen hearing, and it sounds like my human... I have heard her being called Kayti or something like that.

"Mady-" it came again and I halted dead in my tracks to listen. Hopefully, I wouldn't get lost this time.

"Mady!" the impatient human snapped. I wish she would realize that I'm on smaller limbs. At least I know where she is now, as the sound was coming from the other end of the house.

Quickening my steps, I pursue the human, my master, sister, who I found sitting on the bed in another bedroom, holding one of those weird controller thingys. I assume she is playing Black Flops, of Black Tops or whatever those humans call it.

Leaping on the bed, I rest my chin on the edge and wait. After what seems like a good seven hours, she sighed and looked down upon me.

"Bacon?"- It wasn't a question, nor a statement but a word that I love to hear, Normally after hearing this word, I obtain a peice of some weird red waxy stuff, that tastes delectable. Though I hate to rush her, I dash to the kitchen, but she is two steps ahead of me; the bacon laying at her huge pale feet.

As soon as I snatch it up, she is back on her feet, and out of my sight

But I don't know where she went. Dang it, I 've lost her again! After searching for a while, I trudge in the room to find her on a bed, with a pen and paper... two of my favortie things to chew on, besides dirty socks. That crazy human!

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