Posted on behalf of Crystalynn: Requested and written for Damage with the prompt "Forbidden."

I was asked to do a Chris/Lucas pairing, but there's literally no way to pull that off without: 1. giving serious spoilers about Book II of Without light or 2. going back in time, so I decided on the latter. It's something of a fantasy within fantasy. You'll notice that Chris is currently at the Pet training school, rather than living with Kintra, so don't get confused. It's meant to be that way.

So here you have it. The first half is just yumminess for those who wanted to see the Lucas/Chris pairing and the second half is for someone very special, who challenged me to do a "forbidden" pairing, in this case incest, without starting any dialogue with the word "I."

Please enjoy.


Christian tried to blink the sleep from his eyes, head swimming and body somehow numb. His arms didn't want to move, for some reason, so he wound up burying his face back into his pillow, trying to get a handle on where he was. Oh that's right. My new room in the Pet store.

Rosa had given each of her new 'students' a bedroom of their own, and Chris had been first to call the one with blue bedsheets and a silver chandelier. The plush carpeting and luxurious fabrics of his clothes and bedspread felt like something he'd dreamed up, but he knew them to be real. The man lying beside him, however, must have been a hallucination.

"Lucas?" His head swam again, as if just speaking were too much work, but his handsome companion cracked a smile, nodding happily. Wait. What? Chris tried to startle, but couldn't. Not only was his head now spinning mercilessly, but his arms met a snag. A vaguely familiar, painful biting sensation sank into his wrists, and it took a moment, but his confused mind eventually figured out why.

"Lucas what the hell? Untie me."

"Oh," the leopard fake-pouted, leaning close to whisper equally false condolences. "Wish I could my pretty little Dasher. But I've read your heart, already, and I know you'd only run…"

The mattress sank in with the slight shift of his weight, and it was then that Chris realized he was so much more than a hallucination. This was no dream. "Lucas I'm serious."

"So am I," purred he, absently stroking his fingers through Christian's sleek, luxurious black hair, "though you never take me that way." He let out a sigh, sitting back as he watched his captive try once again to move. It wasn't any use. He'd bound each wrist with cuffs, then tied each to thick ropes which attached to the bedposts. As for Christian's ankles, those were cuffed as well, but their ropes attached to his wrists. This way Lucas could tighten them to force Chris up onto his knees.

"Remember, I'm a Finnisher. You know what those do?"

Chris shook his head, which pounded painfully in response. He could only half comprehend the words and couldn't see his face, but recognized the familiar leopard's voice.

"They finish the job," Lucas whispered, "and deal with those who need to be silenced but sometimes… there are those who are too silent. Sometimes there are those who have information and need… a little bit of gentle persuasion."

"Well I don't know anything," was his immediate response, "let me go Lucas."

"Oh but you do," Lucas all but growled, climbing up to force Chris to look him in the eye. "You know how much I adore you. You know how bad I want you. Yet you still walked away. And now, like the sharp little sweet thing you are, you know you're going to pay for it." He leaned closer, almost hissing the rest, "Is that why you look so scared?"

"You wish."

Lucas grinned, wagging a finger. "Silly, delicious little human…. Why bother lying to someone who can already read your heart?"

"Let me go."

"Hmm… No." Lucas absently trailed his fingers down Christian's back, loving the way he shivered in response. "I don't think you really want that…" The younger male didn't say anything, but Lucas already knew he was right. He cast a glance around the cozy, well-stocked bedroom, but couldn't catch sight of anything sharp. Damn. Should have undressed him before I tied him down! Clothes. He wasn't sure just what idiot invented such inconvenient things, but he sincerely hoped the culprit died a slow, painful death. In the meantime, however, this invention, after having been made and then wrapped up to conceal Christian's beautiful body… would have to be dealt with.

He pushed himself to his knees, taking his sweet time in sliding each of his four daggers from their holsters on his ankles and thighs, and then removed the two from his hair as well, comparing them as those apprehensive blue eyes watched. No blade seemed worthy of cutting Chris's clothes off, but Lucas didn't much feel like using his delicate teeth. "Tell me love," he muttered absently, "do you prefer dragons to stars?"

The stubborn boy beneath him shook his head, opting to choose neither. But that was just as well. It didn't really matter what design the dagger held, so long as it could do its job. So Lucas tossed the other four aside and brought the final one up to his companion's neck. "Dragons it is." He could see the hair sticking up on the back of his neck and could almost smell Christian's fear. "Stay still," he warned, easily pulling the blade down to slice his bed robe clean in two.

The soft, cool blue fabric fell away from that precious pale skin then, like the night sky cut across by the moon, and Lucas almost moaned aloud, just watching. God, he loved to slice things open. This trembling, gorgeous body seemed so much more a delicate, silver-moon flower: silky soft and radiant. He made short work of the sleeves as well, whipping off and tossing the final strips of ruined fabric aside before turning his attentions to Chris's bottom half. Just one more little obstacle, concealing the very embodiment of precious, plump perfection… And that piece was even more easily removed.

Chris stayed perfectly still, most likely nervous about the blade between his legs. By the time he'd finished tenderly carving each scrap of clothing from his beautiful conquest's body, Lucas found himself annoyed by his own pace. But I may as well take my time. "The drugs'll take a while to wear off," he whispered, tossing aside the dagger before kicking off his shoes, "so we may as well enjoy ourselves." The rest of his own clothing followed shortly after, reduced to a discarded pile on the ground, and he even removed his hair tie, preferring to let his smooth, golden brown locks slide down over his shoulders. He wanted everything about this night to be wild and free, except of course Chris, and the Prizer he'd tied up and left in the closet.

"You guys have Prizers protecting you, huh?"

He'd taken a seat on the bed, tossing his hair back as Chris began to fruitlessly struggle against his bindings. "Maybe someone should tell Rosa just how useless they are against trained assassins. It'd be a shame if I really wanted to kill you, hmm? Hate to see such a pretty little Pet-"


Lucas ignored that, continuing to trail his fingers down over each beautiful curve of Chris's body. He was more thin than he'd realized, but also more breathtaking than could be described. "You are so gorgeous…" He leaned in for a kiss, and at first Chris dodged, but he could hardly move for the bindings on his wrists. Lucas, with a gently amused smile, caught his face in one hand, then threaded his other into Christian's hair and used that to pull him closer. Their lips met, timid peach against pale pink insistence, and the kiss swiftly grew deeper. The handsome Lucas led with flawlessly swift skill, dipping his affectionate, candy tongue right where it tasted sweetest, and before long Chris found himself responding. The taller male had a firm yet caring grip, and tasted like lightning itself, invigorating and brisk. Or did lightning even have a taste?

Chris didn't know. But in fact, knew very little. His cloudy mind recalled not even his own last name, yet he somehow knew Lucas and the way he should taste. He remembered nothing of high school, but recalled the training academy across the way, where Lucas used to practice with his swords. He remembered those dark, golden eyes boring into his late at night, and the way his lithe body slid so perfectly between his own legs.

How badly he'd wanted him. For oh, so long…

He pulled back, just able to catch his breath, and met that gorgeous, lust-laden gaze, wanting nothing else. But he couldn't have it. This wasn't right. He knew, somewhere inside. His heart ached while his body begged and his mind protested. "Please…" He felt his lips trembling, still wet with their kiss, but didn't even know what he meant to beg for. Lucas only smiled, as if he understood, and then he shifted, out of sight.

The ropes tightened at his command, and Chris found himself forced to stand on his palms and knees. He couldn't pull his feet but a certain distance from his wrists, and so had to adjust to the exact position Lucas wanted.

It was impossible to lay back down, or to roll himself onto his back, so Chris knelt as he knew his captor desired, feeling the humiliation even more than the dizzying affect of the drugs still coursing through his system. He threw his head back, responding to the pressure between his legs, but something bizarre happened then. The smooth black locks of Christian's hair fell to his shoulders and began to cut themselves. Thick chunks separated themselves and fell to the mattress beneath him, and when he looked down, he found his own fingers warped into someone else's. Long black claws extended and his pale skin began to take on a more golden-brown tone. Dark, thick tattoo-like marks replaced the ropes and though he still could not move, Chris finally knew what it meant.

This is a dream?

His Lucas now lay across his back, whispering sweet, nonsensical nothings, but he screwed his eyes shut, ashamed. His tail slid itself between his legs, the ever-present, humiliating reminder of bad breeding, and the heated tears fell as well. Into darkness dripped his sorrow, and as the first drop touched down, from murky grey eyes, the world itself faded to nothing.

Cereno blinked himself back into consciousness then, limbs finally freed from their sleep-induced paralysis, but he didn't dare move. Only the tears on his face had been real. The rest? Just another sweet dream. In fact, Cer often dreamed of waking up, in some prettier boy's body, with the handsome Lucas finally wanting him. No. Wanting them. Not me.

But well, at least he'd woken early enough, this time, to spare himself the humiliation of an actual wet dream. He didn't know or care if the shame shown on his face, but still buried it in his own arms, loathing the stiff sensation between his legs almost as much as he hated reality.

Cereno knew Lucas currently lay somewhere just behind him, most likely asleep, but expected him to stay that way.. No way would he ever… Of course someone so gorgeous as Lucas would not ever do such things to someone so common as Cereno, save for dreams and fantasies. Thank goodness Akiraka was resting in the other room. God, I disgust myself. Without even thinking, Cer let out a miserable sigh, pressing his face into his own pillow and just let the tears flow. The heat in his cheeks seemed only to outline the messy black splotches and his cat-like claws tightened, ripping holes in the delicate fabric beneath. But it didn't matter. Nothing mattered.

Me least of all…

Tonight was not the first he'd spent awake, wondering just why he ever bothered. Lucas had always been better, both in playing the game of love and mastering use of weaponry. The memories of his younger partner at the academy returned now, much more clearly, and he recalled every day they'd spent together; everyday Lucas had outperformed him.

Bad blood. He knew that was the only cause. They were related, somehow, way down the line. He wasn't sure exactly, but could surmise this from the sheer fact that both shared leopard looks. But Cer was no doubt descended from a line far removed from the original leopard; queen Kiiroi. He had so little magical blood, in fact, that he felt of a different species entirely. Somewhere along the line, his genes must have been passed down many humans' bloodlines and then bred directly with a lunar moth Shiren, for Cer had their tell-tale marks on his face as well as their wings on his back.

We're complete strangers. That's what he felt. His speed was nothing to rival that of Lucas or any other lightning leopard he'd met thus far, and with their kind so rare, he felt certain even his great great great great grandparents could not have known anything of Lucas and his family tree. Cer felt more moth himself, but his badly bred body let the leopard show in his fangs and claws. He unlike Lucas, could read only the most basic of feelings. He could not delve into hearts as his leopard ancestors had.

What a disgrace. Disgusting. That he could have such lurid dreams of a man he knew he must be related to, somehow. Disappointing. Just how little leopard magic he could wield. He had enough of their blood to cause shame, but not enough to utilize. No way can I be with him.

He told himself every day and yet dreamt of him every night. Because I don't deserve him. Yet they had not parted company since Lucas had found him, abandoned on the street. Lucas had always taken Cer along, kindly escorting his ugly, mixed-bred childhood friend. He was loyal, like no cat should ever be, and yet teased mercilessly. With his magic, he surely knew of the shameful, forcibly hidden desires Cer felt, but he still flirted openly with other men.

Cer may have been naturally reserved, and tried to stay quiet, but at times like that, he only knew jealousy and regret, not even if he wanted to cry or scream.

He wanted, so badly, for the handsome Lucas to turn his way, even if it were just a passing fancy. How nice it truly would be if Cer had been the one tied to that bed. If dreams were true, he wouldn't even need the drugs or cuffs. He'd lay back, willingly and let his Lucas enjoy him. Those lips would catch his own and he'd wrap his arms around and pull him so much closer. Those dark golden eyes would bathe him in heated lust, just like those honey-sweet, hot wet kisses.

Oh, just thinking about it was making Cereno feel much too warm. The heat coursed through his body, most likely showing on his cheeks, and he shuffled, uncomfortable now beneath the hot, thick blankets. Unfortunately, this action roused his bedmate. "Hey!"

Cer turned to apologize to the grumpy-sounding Lucas, but only wound up wide-eyed and even more humiliated. There his Lucas lay, face nearly touching his own, and those gorgeous golden eyes were wide awake. It only took a second. Those sharp Shiren eyes met his puffy red ones, interpreting his heart with just that one swift glance.

Cer broke eye contact, rolling to face the other way, but Lucas moved too quick. Suddenly Cer found himself rolled right onto his back, pinned beneath the handsome, lithe body he so often fantasized about. But this was no fantasy. Lucas was heavy and very real, atop him, and if that weren't bad enough the younger male was almost fully undressed, with only his black leather dagger holsters attached to his well-built body. "Damn it Cer!" He was saying, "Why?! You acted like you liked me ever since we were little and-"

He was still talking, but Cer didn't hear a single word. His cheeks heated with humiliation, and he wanted to take Lucas seriously, but his eyes refused to stop wandering. Lucas was definitely not so little anymore. His taut, butterscotch muscles were etched into a perfect athletic build and that silken, almost human brown hair just barely kissed his impossibly handsome face. Not a single blemish existed on his smooth, firm skin, and his tattoo-like marks were just barely reminiscent of leopard rosettes. He looked just like a fit, healthy, tattooed, delicious, candy-coated human: good enough to eat. He had this long, silky streaked hair, with gold and black colors mixed to almost mimic brown. "-an't believe this. Now you're checking me out?!"

That surprised question interrupted his train of thought, and Cer lied so fast it almost made his head spin. "No. I just-"

"Just what? How come…"

Again Cer accidentally tuned him out. Without thinking he had caught hold of his partner's hips, instinctively meaning to shove Lucas back off, but had frozen in place, dumbstruck. "Wow," seemed to be the only word he could force out, and the irate male atop him hissed back, realizing he still wasn't listening. "What?"

"D- Do you always sleep naked Lucas?"

"Would you want to be laying around with blood all over your clothes?" Those narrowed golden eyes tried to meet with his as Lucas leaned closer, but Cereno dodged.

"You didn't bring something to change into?"

"So?" was his defensive retort, and Cer almost felt more amused than embarrassed. That was just like Lucas, to rush off on a mission without even thinking to bring something as basic as a change of clothes. The feelings of amusement ended however, when Cer suddenly found himself face to face with Lucas, who was now smiling wickedly. "Think it's funny when I forget things don't you?" he hissed, "well you know what Cereno? You have very obvious weaknesses too! For instance, this one right between your legs. "

"No wai-"

Too late. As usual, Lucas was just too fast. He'd put even more of his delicious weight onto Cer's waist and then ground those perfect hips downward. Blinding shockwaves of pleasure drowned out all rational thought and Cereno almost moaned aloud. He threw his head back, writhing in forcibly restrained silence, but Lucas only moved to torture him further.

Everytime he shifted even slightly, Cer felt his body light right back on fire. His delicious caramel abs rolled as his weight ground right beneath Cereno's beltline, where those precious heated hips met his own. Even the slightest pressure sparked torturous desire. "Okay stop, stop," he finally gasped, tearing his eyes off those handsome features as he tried desperately to think of something, anything else. "Just- I'm sorry okay?"

"Sorry's not good enough."

Unfortunately, or perhaps as usual, Lucas refused to be deterred. Whatever had kept him reserved until then seemed to have snapped. The moment Cer tried to roll him off, Lucas shot forward, pinning his wrists and forcing a kiss to his protesting lips. Whatever Cereno meant to say was swallowed up then, drowned out by the sweet taste of ecstasy bathing their wrestling tongues. Lucas thought he heard the words 'stop' and 'don't,' but steadfastly ignored both. He'd already read into what Cereno wanted, and wouldn't be fooled by half-hearted, stubborn refusal. He gathered both Cereno's wrists in one hand and used his new freedom to slide one of his favorite daggers from his ankle. "Hold still."

"Don't!" Cer wrenched his hands free, taking advantage of the distraction just in time to throw Lucas off, but his leopard lover only pounced him again. This time he found himself shoved face first on the ground and couldn't even moan with the pain. Lucas easily blanketed him, refusing even when he begged to be released.

"Lucas please-"

"Shut up."

"You're hurting me."


"What would you know?! You don't have any wings!"

Lucas only growled in reply, crushing Cer's second wing beneath himself on purpose. "That what this is about? Your body? Is that why you've lied to me all the time?!"


He shook his head, practically whimpering, but Lucas leaned closer, pressing his blade up against the base of one of his delicate, moth-like wings. "Stop or I swear I'll cut these damn things off."

"You can't! Magic can't be hidden!"

"Watch me."

"Don't! Please…"

"Why not? You hate them."

"Please Lucastrion…"

He eased up, recognizing the genuine hurt in Cereno's voice. It wasn't often that Cer ever used his full name, so when he did, Lucas knew to listen up.

"Please, I'm sorry," the other male almost whimpered, "It's just that- I wanted to tell you but…"

"You wanted to tell me," was his disgusted echo, "for how long? Ever since I told you? Ever since you denied me the only thing I ever asked of you? Ever since we wasted our childhood and our teen years just because you pretended not to care about me?! Ever since you stayed beside me, year after year, just charming enough to ruin every chance I ever could have had to fall in love with someone who wasn't such a spineless coward?!"

"Lucas please-"

"Shut up!"

White sparked before his eyes and Cer groaned aloud, though not more loudly than his furious partner's continued accusations. "Did you want me all along, you lying little shit? Did you leave me up all those nights, knowing I wanted you and just never said shit about it? Did you fuck with all those girls just to throw me off? Was anything you ever said to me not a lie?!"

"No, I didn't! Please, Lucas I'm so sorry."

"No you're not, you- fucking liar!" Lucas almost sobbed, overcome with emotions he couldn't even name. Fury, resentment, relief and raw desire swirled together in his chest, a tempest in his heart. And he wanted to hurt Cereno. Badly. "Cer, I am going to fuck you so hard…" He absently plunged that dagger right into Cereno's wing, pinning him hopelessly to the ground, like a butterfly on a board "you won't even be able to feel your ass tomorrow."

Cereno struggled but Lucas pinned him down, hissing only more threats as he sliced the younger male's clothing off, piece by piece. "This," he grunted, tearing and tossing aside each strip of cloth, "is the last night you go without my mark. The last night you'll be able to sleep, cause I'm going to fucking rape you- so hard. So slow you'll wish you were dead. So deep you'll be puking my cum for a week. And so good, you won't be able to so much as look at another man for the rest of your life. Understand?"


"You will not be able to sit for the rest of your life."


"And I'm gonna carve the word 'bitch' across your forehead and fuck you 'til you're too raw to eat."

"Please Lucas. We can't. This isn't what I want."

"You're lying again, Cereno. My heart can read the way yours beats and I know how bad you want it. It's your stupid head that gets in the way, telling you we're never meant to be, even though you know we're not even related!"

"We are!"

"Well that's too damn bad, now isn't it? Brother or cousin, or whatever you were. It's all just bitch now, isn't it?! You can't even prove we're related!"

Cer pursed his lips, refusing to meet his furious gaze, but Lucas already knew he was right. He retrieved the next dagger and made quick work of Cereno's leggings. There wasn't a need to bother with the top half of his clothing, but Lucas enjoyed watching the rest fall to pieces at his fingertips. The male beneath him trembled so prettily, and his newly exposed, slightly pink skin almost begged for the pain: looking good enough to eat. He fisted Cereno's thick, golden-brown cat's tail for the very first time, admiring the luxurious, patterned fur. Oh, how many times he'd dreamt to have it wrapped around him or sliding inside of him. He loved every inch of the body Cereno hid with such shame. "Just you wait and let me teach you," he whispered, slowly trailing his tongue out over his own right hand, "exactly what hips like these are good for."

He yanked upward, forcing Cer to stand on his knees, and at the same time those hips were hefted up, to just the perfect height.

"Lucas…" It was difficult to speak, but he knew he had to. The almost Shiren leopard had already reclaimed his dominant position, sitting on his knees and leaned forward to rake his fingers along Cereno's sides. Every now and then those fingers slid down, ghosting over his stomach and teasing back up between his legs, and Cer tried to pull away, trembling with apprehension, but could not. "Don't do this."

"Don't do what," challenged the taller, more powerful male, "tell me in detail…" He slid one hand easily between those smooth, creamy-beige legs, teasing his fingers over each precious inch of soft, pink, sensitive flesh. "If you even can…" Cereno's body was not so different from a human's. Even with the natural tattoos and skin the color of leopard fur, the important parts were still that perfect pink shade, and his half-parted black lips still let out the most delicious, exhilarating deep breaths and pleasure-filled moans. The male beneath him shuddered, arching his back as Lucas tightened his grip. "Like that, don't you?"

Cereno shook his head, biting painfully on his own lip as his body betrayed his mind. "Don't." He didn't want to like this. It wasn't right to lose himself to these roiling waves of pleasure, pooling right where he didn't want them. He knew that, but the tight, stiffening heat between his legs said otherwise. Humiliating, shameful noises snuck their way out from somewhere deep inside of him, and he couldn't stop his voice growing deeper and heady. "Oh…" It felt amazing. Lucas felt amazing. Each skillful, mesmerizing stroke poured fuel on the flames of desire, but Cer refused to admit. He grit his teeth and buried his face into the blankets, hating every trembling, pleasure-filled purr that forced its way out. "Stop."

"Playing hard to get?" Lucas teased, "Even though you're already dripping?" He released Cer then, but only to perfect his position atop him. He licked his palm, purring all the while and reached around, refastening his grip on that slick, stiffening rod. Cer threw his head back, responding to the delicious, wet stroking, but still wouldn't play along. "Purr for me," Lucas insisted, "You know I love to hear your voice..."

Cer shook his head again, and Lucas decided this time his refusal warranted punishment. "Fine, guess I'll just have to keep this up 'til you finally decide to talk." Lucas then skillfully rolled onto his own back, in order to duck his head down between those perfect, porcelain legs. Cer seemed to catch his drift, but reacted too late. Lucas refocused his grip on his inner thighs then, forcing his legs to spread wider apart, and then leaned down, just for the sake of further humiliating his prey. It only took one lap of sweet, sopping wet kisses to coax more begging from the trembling younger male, but Lucas continued nonetheless. He buried his face between those soft, luscious cheeks and swiped his tongue across the sweetest, most sensitive areas, suckling sometimes and lapping at others, but all the while he listened for each humiliated, trembling response.

"Okay, okay, stop!" Cereno all but begged, throwing his head back as his entire body shook with pleasure. The merciful Lucas did so, but then regained his dominant position and draped himself smoothly atop Cer's wings, pressing his weight down and teasing his erection between his legs. "You're so wet now," he almost moaned, voice heavy with lust, "but maybe I'll be sweet. Maybe I'll give you a moment to catch your breath before I make you mine."

"Don't do this," Cer all but begged, "Lucas please."

"You've never had a male lover?" Lucas guessed.


"Good. It's better if I'll be your first."

"No Lucas."

"Oh, yes…" He pressed forward, sliding one finger in first, and Cereno almost screamed. With his mouth too stubborn to open, the sound came out through his fangs as a drawn out, pain-filled moan. Lucas felt every precious beat of his heart, heavy and loud in his ears. It screamed fear and confusion, laced with the deepest of shameful desires. "Please…" He ignored that, returning his grip to stroke pleasure between Cereno's legs, and the stiff response returned almost immediately.

"You like it."


"You love it."

"No, no!"

Lucas abruptly shoved his lover's face back into that pillow, unwilling to let him scream any louder. If someone heard and interrupted, well he'd just have to make a mess out of them. "You'll get someone killed," he hissed, punishing Cer with another finger. He moaned with pain, but into the blankets this time, and his delicious body trembled, so hot and so much more honest than his mouth. He wants it.

Magic was such a beautiful thing. Lucas could read his partner's desires as easily as if reading a book, and so stroked his fingers at the perfect pace, wishing desperately to see the rest. Maybe he'd make a mess afterall, just painting these blankets red with Cereno's lies and pump his own white pleasures inside. He knew he shouldn't, that claiming this precious man as his lover would disgrace his own, much more pure blood, but Lucas hardly cared about such things. He loved Cer, imperfect body and all. He loved his leopard-print tattoos and long, furry tail. He loved the purr at the back of his throat and the claws at the tips of his fingers. The wings on his back and the fangs reaching past his bottom lip. Even the tell-tale Lunar markings on his face and the furry ears atop his head.

Every moment he grew more thirsty for his kiss, but couldn't reach well enough to claim it. The wet heat on his fingers remained too tempting to surrender. "This might hurt," he whispered, sliding in the third, "but not for too long."

Cer was refusing to speak once again, but Lucas didn't mind. The other male would soon need to focus more on breathing and relaxing instead. He slid his fingers back out, only to plunge them in deeper. The tightening muscles swallowed them right up to the second knuckle, and it made him almost hungry. But he waited, still massaging ecstasy between those pretty legs. "We'll trade," he purred, "shoot me a pretty white ribbon, Cer. Take your pleasure first."

He shook his head but Lucas only chuckled. "Want me to go first?"

"No," came the muffled reply.

"Then you will."

It wasn't a request. He gripped the stiffness between Cer's legs and pumped those fingers in time with his hand, forcing double the humiliating, delicious pleasure in at once, and Cereno found himself closing his eyes, able to think only of his agonizingly sinful touch. The shuddering escaped his lips, tightly closed or not, and he wanted to refuse, to save at least the smallest ounce of pride, but the alternative was just not possible. He'd already felt that stiff heat between his legs and knew just how long he'd waited for this moment. Lucas kept up the domineering, forceful act, and Cer loved him only more for it. This way he could lie to himself, pretending he didn't have a choice, but at the same time relish every sweet moment.

That tight, pumping pleasure danced along with his own experimental swaying, sinking deeper when Cer backed up and teasing the sweet spot each time he lifted his hips. More, more, his shameless body begged, already sparkling with sweat and trembling with lust. Oh, it felt amazing, so much better than anything he'd ever dreamt. "Lucas…" He'd done this himself, already, many times before. From Lucas he needed something so much more, but could never dare to ask. Instead he turned, met those golden eyes and poured the lust into his heart. Please, I want you, I want you, he begged it to tell.

"Just a moment," was his merciful reply, "so it won't hurt…"

Cereno nodded, focusing on the pleasure currently offered. His own tight, pulsing muscles swallowed as much of Lucas as possible, again and again, and by now Cereno found himself panting with pleasure and pain. He threw his head back, hips instinctively attempting to establish a rhythm, and at that point two daggers hit the ground. The first, from his wing, slid out, with thick silver blood spurting along, and the other Lucas had tossed aside, preferring to grasp his own hilt instead. "Okay," he growled, sliding his fingers out to grip Cereno's waist, "you ready?"

That gorgeous golden tail swept right to the side, out of his way and Lucas pressed forward then, accepting the invitation. His lover screamed worse than ever, fisting the blankets with his face buried deep, but the pleasure exploded with the first precious thrust. Hot, wet, delicious unity meant neither partner could think about anything else.

Cereno was first to cum after all, but had screwed his eyes shut, refusing to look as his pleasure painted white across the sheets, and he leaned back immediately after, catching Lucas's lips so the shuddering moans became lost in their kiss.

The pleasure hardly lessened, with the feel of something so sweet and full and thick inside of him, and Lucas even pulled out, for just one moment, and flipped him smoothly onto his back.

Finding himself tackled once more, Cereno made to wrap himself around his precious partner, even going so far as to wrap his tail around Lucas's thigh and bringing his wings up to envelope them both in a blanket of warmth. His legs lifted almost without thought and his arms wrapped around, pulling Lucas down as his heat slid back inside. Delicious pleasure and sweet kisses combined, each thrust driving the fervor higher as their bodies danced and their tongues entwined. Each pressed his chest flush against the others as the pain and pleasure peaked. Cereno felt every surging drop of his new lover's marking, pumped hot and wet between his legs as his own pearlescent perfection slid between their now slick stomachs.

Lucas collapsed atop him, breath just as heavy and hazy with lust, and he returned Cereno's almost desperate embrace, never wanting to ever let go. This was where he belonged: where they belonged, one inside of the other while neither could ever want anything more.

"You are mine now." He buried his face into Cereno's long, silken streaked hair as he said it, and clamped down for one last kiss, never wanting to breathe anything but this scent again.

"Not just now," Cereno whispered back, "Always, and always you will be mine."

The mischievous Lucas chuckled, pressing a kiss to his sweet-smelling neck as his leopard's ears twitched. "You wish."

And then it was his turn to be flipped onto his back, his swift leopard lover climbing smoothly on top. "Yeah, I bet you do." They kissed once more, fierce yet exhausted, and neither slept a wink that night, but purred and petted 'til their throats were sore and their hands went numb.

Overhead the stars winked, but no one else knew: a forbidden night's passion, and a dream that came true.