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Title: Superstitions

Rating: Teen

Genre(s): Angst, Horror

Summary: Andrea wasn't crazy. Just very superstitious.


Everyone always asked me "Andrea, why can't you be normal?" or "Why can't you be more like Jessica?" or more often "When will you grow up?" It was questions like those that always made me wonder. Why couldn't I? Why couldn't I be "normal" by everyone's standards? Why couldn't I be a major suck-up like Jessica? Why do I choose to live with my inner child? Honestly, I think I'm... somewhat normal. I can be a suck-up to get the things I want, but as for my inner child, that I will never give up. Yet, when it came to matters like these, it wasn't me being childish. Oh, I was serious when it came to things like this.

You might be wondering what these things are. It's all about superstition. But I'm not talking about the "break a mirror and you get seven years of bad luck" or "you get bad luck if you spill salt." No, these superstitions were different.

1. If you get the hiccups, someone misses you.

I remember getting the hiccups when I was six and my mother telling me this. She always assumed it was my grandmother, since she adored me then. She was the only who liked me, actually. She passed away last summer. I don't get the hiccups anymore.

2. If you drop a fork, an angry woman will come at you. If you drop a knife, an angry man will come at you. If you drop a spoon, an angry child will come at you.

This doesn't seem too bad, now does it? My uncle Eugene told me this one during Christmas when I was thirteen. To test it out, I dropped my fork intentionally and my mother saw it. She yelled at me to stop messing around and to stop playing with my food. I raised my voice against her and she sent me to my room. I never touched another fork again. I have thrown out all of my utensils. I prefer eating with my hands better anyways.

3. If you step on someone's foot, you must let them step back on yours, or else you will have bad luck.

Another one of my mother's. Yet, she thinks I'm the one who is crazy... But I don't want bad luck. I can't stand bad luck. So I followed since I was eight. First, it was just between my mother and me. Eventually, my family, which consisted of my mom, dad, and my sister, were all doing it. Then, my darling little cousin and aunt began to do it too. Everyone seemed to catch on. I have begun to do it with my two cats, that whenever they scamper across my feet, I step on their paws. They screech. I can't help it. I have done it to strangers too. They get angry when I stomp on their feet if they step on mine. I still can't help it.

4. If a bird hits your window, you will receive bad luck. If another hits the same window within the hour, a loved one will die.

Harsh, isn't it? My grandmother told me this when I was nine. The day my uncle John died. Two birds hit the window in fifteen minutes, and we get a call that my uncle has passed away due to unknown causes. I'm terrified of birds now. Due to this superstition, I removed all the windows in my house. Thankfully, I live in Louisiana so the weather is fairly nice. So it doesn't seem too crazy. And frankly, I enjoy the breeze coming in on occasions.

5. If you do not play well with cards, you will play well with love.

When I was sixteen, my family and I were playing poker. My father was the first one to lose his chips and jokingly said he got lucky with love. My mother rolled her eyes. My sister came in third. I came in second. My mother reassured me, "Don't worry, this means you will be lucky with your love life, unlike I was." My father took offense to the joke yet kissed her on the cheek and went out for a smoke. I never forgot that though.

Six years ago, I was sure I had found the one. My true love. My soulmate. My other half. He seemed perfect, kind, gentle, smart, handsome, charming... I was infatuated with him. It seemed he loved me too. We moved in together and created a joint bank account. After two months, he proposed to me. It had been the happiest night of my life. I had to make sure it would stay that way. I had to guarantee it.

One night, I grabbed one of our credit cards and hit the casino. I blew all the money on our bank account into blackjack and poker. If I did not play well with cards, I'd play well with love. The next morning, I tell my fiance this and what I had done. He called me insane, ended the relationship, and moved out, and I haven't heard from him since. I like corners now. They give me sanctuary whenever I feel alone.

6. Stepping over a person will make them stop growing.

My grandmother always joked when I was little that I was growing up too fast and that she should step over me so I would stop growing. When I was rolling around on the ground, she pretended to step over me, but accidentally stepped on my hand. I started to cry, thinking I would be little forever, but she told me if she stepped over me again, I'd continue growing. She did, and I have kept growing, so it must have been true.

When I was nineteen, my older sister already had a two-year old little girl and would say the same to her. So while she was laying on the floor, I stepped on her hand so my sister would get her wishes. She was furious. I thought it was because she really did not want her baby to stop growing. So when my sister wasn't looking, I placed the darling baby on the floor and stepped on her again. My sister does not want anything to do with me anymore.

7. If you leave something behind, it is bad luck to go back for it.

I don't remember where I got this one. I moved into a new house last year. I had three cats back then. I thought I had all of them in the car, locked up the house, and moved 200 miles down South. I only realized I was missing her about five minutes into the trip. I didn't go back for her.

8. If your tongue itches, someone is talking about you.

My mother's tongue always itched. And so did mine. The itching seemed to get more frequent as the years went by. I knew what they were saying. How crazy I was, insane, even heartless... To make sure that they would never talk of me like that again, I cut half of my tongue out. It will never itch again.

It all makes sense, doesn't it? These things don't just happen. It's not just a coincidence, it's real. I'm not crazy. You can't say I'm crazy.

But I'm happy where I am. It's a relief. I don't need water. I don't get the hiccups, so it's of no use to me. My sleeves are always tied up so I eat without utensils and never have to worry about dropping them. No one comes too close to step on my feet. The windows are barred, which is very convenient for there is no glass. I don't associate with people, nor cards. I don't get up or step up often. I have everything I need always with me. No one talks badly about me.

I don't see why the therapist is frightened when I smile at him. I am happy to be here. And besides, my tongue isn't that weird.

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