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The year is 2157. There has been a Third World War, between The U.S. And Japan. The U.S bombed the capital of Japan and took over, renaming the country, as well as their own, The American Empire.

The cause of this world war was Charles Minnings, the Leader of the Air Force. He had gotten tired of the current president's peaceful ways. After taking control of the military, he revolted and killed the president, putting himself in charge, and changing his title to Emperor.

Right after Minnings took over, he declared war on Japan for the purpose of expanding his control. Despite the effort of Japan, and various other countries, Minnings defeated them with the help of his new weapon, the Omega Bomb, which made the Atomic Bomb look like a firecracker.

The Omega Bomb, or "O-Bomb", produced no radioactive waste where it went off. Instead, it released a series of extremely fast air waves to reduce buildings to rubble, and then a new technology called Oblivion Tech, which used a special type of energy to completely incinerate what was left.

After Minnings took over Japan, he set his sights on other lands. After 5 years, The Empire had taken over the Koreas and a small section of China. This is when the aftereffects of the O-Bomb started showing.

Apparently, the Oblivion Tech used in the O-Bomb ripped a hole in the barrier between Earth and various other worlds, called the Void, and allowed some of the creatures that resided there to come through to Earth. The creatures, which were called Demons, started attacking random people.

While most of the world leaders thought they were a threat that needed to be eliminated, Minnings thought he could use their power to further his goals of world domination. Unfortunately, when he caught a Demon and took it to The Capital, which was formerly Washington D.C.. to perform tests on it, it escaped.

The Demon's intelligence grew over time, till it could think and talk like a human. The Demon, which named itself Superion. Started gathering Demons to form an army. After three years, Superion's army had become large enough to attack The Empire. In a surprise attack on The Capital, Superion and his forces destroyed much of the city and killed Minnings.

Eventually the Empire's forces were able to drive back the demon's. James Slinth replaced Minnings as Emperor, and vowed to continue Minnings work and obtain world domination. But first he had to get rid of the Demons. That was fifteen years ago. This is where we start our story.

In a world where he is despised by everybody because of what he is, 14 year old Cruze must overcome the difficulties that he must face in order to overthrow the Empire and return the world to a peaceful time. With the help of his 16 year old cousin Rebecca, and 19 year old Matthew, can Cruze achieve his goals, or will he become a slave of the Empire?