You're just a tiny fucking pill.
And yet, you've caused so much damage in my system.
I swallowed you whole after much contemplation,
after you fucking constantly begged for my attention.
With your flashing lights and charming style,
You slid down my throat, while I all but smiled.
I thought you'd mend me, repair me even
Slip through veins to return what I've given
The love, the gush, the caring looks
But it was all just a game, as it was my soul that you took.
You ripped out my vessels and carved me from within
Should you leave your initials to represent your sins?
No, just rip open my heart! And drink down the liquid!
Lick the blood off your fingers, may it be this morbid.
Just slice my skin as I cry into the dark,
I'm drowning in blackness, under the teeth of a shark.
I'm your child of horror! And we're bound to have fun!
I'm shaking and shivering as your promises come undone.
I can feel my ribcage exhale into the wound you have made
And along with my life, the trust I had for you will fade
My lungs are ripped open, like the presents I gave
But you throw out my oxygen, and it's the wrappings you save.
You frame it, you hang it, and smile in success
But you haven't finished, - no, it's not even the best.
You begin to pull out my bones and snap them out of their sockets
Manufacture them into charms, so you can carry me in your pocket
A trophy of what you've done, and what we've lost
I would have never have fallen, had I known my life was the cost
Yet, here I still lay, still paralyzed by my loneliness
My eyes begin to dim, for I am overwhelmed by my hopelessness
I wish to shutter close, but you do not let me go this easy.
You bottle my brain and have my nerves to call me crazy.
I gave you every ounce of blood that coursed through my veins.
But you let me leak from the vials just to simply watch me drain
I gave you my eyes to love, and help you see
But you scratched my corneas and blinded me.
I gave you more of myself than anyone in the world
And now there's barely anything left to give, as I shiver in the cold
Alone, yet with your haunting presence hovering
Empty, although infected by fields of emotions suffering
And now you've stabbed my heart, already broken
While I try to forget every sweet promise you've ever spoken
It proves to be difficult as I lay in my tears
And I'm finally beaten, succumbing to my fears.
My blood is like ice to the touch as it drops
And my eyes only open when you suddenly stop.
You're licking the blade and smiling at me with love
I'm drawing a blank and cursing the man above
And although this pain has torn me apart
And although I was fooled by you right from the start
I feel myself crawling to your eyes, looking for support
Being comforted by the one who was one heart short.
I'm your broken, beaten, battered corpse
And you're my everything, my forever more