This was something I had in my head tonight and had to write it but it involves Gant J Nassicus, Bronx and Izz's nephew befriending a lonely kid with special needs but is lonely himself and a powerful bomd begins like his uncle Izz's with the True Queen of Aria did many years ago.

I hope people like it.

It was a beauitful day but somebody was feeling sad as it was a girl with long hair but was slender and had a long cane in her left hand but she was very lonely as she didn't have a lot of friends.

Her name was Melody and very kind hearted and creative but had Bardel Biedl Syndrome which made her visually impaired along with other things but she wished she could have a friend that cared about her just like her sister but she loved being on the beach but then saw something lying by the rock pool as she was curious approaching.

It was some sort of creature with orange brown fur covering it's body but she decided to help it as she had a feeling it could be her friend as she saw it was hurt but left before anybody saw her.

She and her family lived in a big house but wasn't a mansion but was near the city but they'd moved in a week ago but she didn't see a certai dark blue skinned Ogreix Kokoro Warrior watching as she saw Gant in the girl's arms but knew Bronx and Izz would be happy knowing their nephew was safe as she became her Humanix form as she had went to bring Gant back to Aria before any dark hearted Arians found he was here in the human world.

Gant's snail like eyes opened as he found himself in a bedroom in a human house filled with noyebooks and fantasy books and other things but gritted his teeth as he was hurt from creating an unknown portal through his desire to escape and find friendship but he smiled remembering the True Queen of Aria and his Uncle Izz's powerful bond had started in this world but he hoped the human that had found him was nice.

"Where am I?" he asked as Melody was in awe.

"Wow that's cool.

Who're you?

I'm Melody." she told him.

"I'm Gant." he answered.

2That's a strange name.

What're you?" she asked.

"A Psammead or Sand Fairy.

I came from another world but was lonely there.

I wanted a friend who'd understand me." he said.

"I can relate Gant.

I don't have any friends either.

But I wanna be yours" she said.

The orange brown furred Psammead was in awe hearing this as nobody in Aria wanted to be his friend but had a feeling this kid was like him and needed him remembering Psammeads did help human children who needed them or were lonely,

"Sure Melody." he replied yawning.

She was also tired but laid beside him on the bed.

Gant knew that he could get used to being in this world.......

But in Psammeadis, the Magical Council were nervous as they knew the Nassicus family were trouble but that was because Izz had bonded with a human so strongly, he gave up his magic but he had it back after the Queen of Aria had returned it to him.

They would keep their eyes on this Nassicus but sensed this time could be different.