Don't get me wrong,

I wanna be strong,

But everything's so twisted;

Everywhere I see a dead end!

No ray of hope, no weapon to fight with,

I'm alone and defenseless every second!

I can't do it this time,

It's just way too late.

Some would call me a loser,

Some would say this is fate.

But I need this to end, even if it ends bad,

Just so that I can have a brand new start!

I won't make the same mistake,

I just know it in my heart.

It hurts so, so, so much,

But I do need the walls to fall.

How will I rebuild them

If they keep on standing tall?

Everything will crumble to dust,

Everything will burn to ashes.

My world will crash and tumble,

My tears would flood my eyelashes.

This is a sure loss-

I'm not going there to win.

I'm going to face defeat-

This time I have to give in.

I didn't want it to be this way.

But today is just not my day.

I've got no one to support me,

No one who can see

That this is hurting me so badly.

I'm giving up, oh, so sadly!

I'll have to see it crash again!

Oh God! You don't know the pain!

But when I'm alone I don't like to fight.

If no one cares, why should I try to make it alright?

I'm done.

I'm gonna survive this dark night,

And then I'll finally reach the sun.

It's difficult, but so is everything else!

My heart breaks, my courage fails.

I'm a soldier without a shield.

But warriors die bravely in the battlefield.

I won't run away, that's low.

I will face it and take the blow.

This is sure defeat, I know.

But the only way to start afresh is by letting go…

A/N: I hate it when the only way out is failure :/