She looked at him standing next to the tarmac at the air show and boy did she really want him. He had his neck craned up watching the same sight that about 80,000 other people were watching which was a stunt pilot in a red and white striped bi-plane doing an upside down loop.

He wore his custom jeans and chambray shirts that were his uniform when they had been hanging out with a group of their casual friends at a barbecue a couple weeks ago. They had been just off the sand in a dirt spit separating the beach from a crowded parking lot filled kicking back with some beers while cooking up burgers and links. The rest of the crowd had paired off and had taken their food with their blankets to go sit in the warm sand packed tightly beneath their feet. They'd sit down and eat their meal looking out into the sparkling ocean.

The sun had been preparing to set, growing larger on the horizon but still enough light shown down in the water to cast off like little sparkling diamonds curling on top of the waves as they moved towards shore. This wasn't the surfer crowd but some of them would look up and see a batch of them sitting on their boards waiting to catch a couple more waves, always putting off that very last time before calling it a day. The ranching crowd never really hung out with the surfing crowd.

Even when they had gone to the same schools together…Shiloh remembered as she had waited in line behind Logan while he waited for his burger. They'd known each other since they were small growing up about a mile and several years apart, passing each other in the hallways at different schools as they went to their classes and seeing each other around town.

They hadn't spoken much at the barbecue because he had been there with Darlene and she'd hung out with a couple of her friends most of the time but they had made the usual small talk while waiting for their food and she had been looking into his angular face with blue eyes spaced apart and stubble on his face, that matched his dark shock of hair and had enjoyed the view.

Just like she did now at the air show….He stood there probably not knowing how his jeans molded over that finely sculpted ass of his, honed by years of horseback riding and some rodeo riding in the summers. Not seriously like others had done but just to break the monotony in the long hot windy summers of southern Texas. His capable shoulders had grown muscular along with the rest of him when he hit 20 although he'd broken his collarbone twice while rodeo riding. He'd just shrugged it off both times like he did anything else.

She watched as Logan looked out into the runaway where one stunt pilot landed and another one in a shiny World War II era plane revved up his engine to go on deck. The annual air show was one of the few non-rodeo events that brought out a huge crowd. Fold up chairs of different shapes and sizes lined up in rows near the cordoned off zone where the planes were parked and lines snaked for the 15 different types of chicken wings and drinks that were sold in different tents. Military veterans wearing their pins and wings dominated and clustered together, while parents tried to keep their kids from running off.

She didn't think he knew that he had attracted her attention. But she couldn't keep her eyes off of him. Her fingers itched at her sides to run them over the smooth roughness of his shirt, slipping beneath it where surely his muscles would twitch beneath her cool touch. She wanted to taste his mouth, and the raw gaminess of his skin, and she wanted to feel his mouth on her, even where dampness pooled right now between her legs. It almost made her blush to think about it but how could she not, she had wanted him for as long as she could remember.

The day had born heat, and promised to deliver more of the same so that by afternoon, it'd be sizzling. She had worn a light tee-shirt over a camisole and a pair of shorts. She knew she had nice looking legs but she had dressed for comfort…at least that's what she told herself.

The airport had been built next to the ocean and occasionally a blast of salty air wafted in to temper the heat. In fact, she could walk to the end of the viewing area and look out across the parking lot towards the strip of sand where a long row of cabanas had been erected to be rented out by the day, a week or even longer. She looked back at Logan and noticed his eyes were skyward again.

She looked up as the plane circled above, preparing for another stunt.

Logan loved air shows, that went without saying but watching an airplane challenge the laws of gravity as it performed aeronautics was not what had made the fit of his jeans feel a little just now.

The cause of that stood near a line that led to the snow cone booth. Shiloh had always caught his eye mostly when she wasn't looking…he didn't think she'd appreciate his attention given that he wasn't even sure she liked guys. She worked with them and hung out with them so it wasn't about that but she didn't hook up with any as far as he knew except…wait there had been Derek a while back.

Still she stood there all by her lonesome, dressed in shorts that highlighted her curves including an ass that a man would love to put his hands on while…he stopped right there. But then she had that slip of a tee-shirt on and her breasts rounded it out nicely. She wasn't huge on top but she had enough to more than fill a guy's hand if he cupped them and he imagined the rosy tips on them soft until he drew them inside his mouth one at a time.

Damn now he felt more than just a little tight in his jeans…and she turned away from where she stood, showing off her shapely back and lightly muscled shoulders that he knew to be underneath that shirt. Her thick dark hair was drawn back in a headband and off of her face, and her keen eyes probably didn't miss anything in their line of version.

Including him gawking at her most likely…back to focusing on the airplanes and away from Shiloh…because there was no point at looking at someone you could never touch. But even when he focused on the display in the sky, he wondered if she was the kind of woman who liked to be ridden hard and fast or teased with slow strokes until she begged him to up the ante. He could imagine her on top of him, her breasts swaying gently as she did the bump and grind while she rode him home. He'd place his hands around that narrow span of waist and she'd throw her head back, her hair tousled in total abandon as she milked him, as he soared as high as any stunt plane making its ascent.

His heart started beating faster and he knew he had to stop imagining and so he headed to pick up a cola.

Shiloh watched him walk away from where he had been watching the show…no wait he hadn't known she had her eye on him, he had gone off to buy something to drink. She had felt familiar sweat breaking out on her own neck and felt that the temperature had risen quite a few degrees in the past while. Even as the Texas heat taxed airplane engines, it brought out the crowds to the shows as long as plenty of shade existed to retreat under during the hottest parts of the day.

She had gotten some buffalo wings with garlic sauce, her favorite with just a hint of jalapeno added to give it more kick. She watched him in line for a moment but then sighed, and returned to her wings. She plucked the thickest, meatiest one from the paper bowl and brought it to her mouth.

Tasty didn't begin to describe the sensations it elicited from her mouth, hot and spicy, with a hint of sweet tartness in the mix. She reached for her bottle of ice tea and rewarded her mouth with a hefty swallow as she watched the plane take off from the runway to shown in a showy formation above them.

Logan looked back at her and did a double take…as she popped one of those chicken wings into her mouth and her eyes closed as she relished in its flavor…then licking her fingers. Flickers of heat moved through him as he watched her pick up her ice tea bottle and then caress its neck with her mouth as she took a drink. Oh if he hadn't been getting hard already, that would just about do it. She nursed the bottle gently as she drank before withdrawing it, and he sucked in his breath…man imagine what it'd be like if she wrapped those lips around his cock, and drew him slowly inside of her mouth. Sweet heaven, more like it, and if she milked him with some gentle suction…he felt his breath become harder. Would she take him on her knees in front of him or while crouched over him, her hair hiding her face from him, as she lowered her mouth down his shaft.

He loved women doing oral on him and he gave as good as he got in return, and could eat a woman out until she writhed on the bed, clutching the bed sheets with her hands, while she begged him not to stop…before saying she'd die if he didn't. It hadn't been that hard to learn how to treat a woman's pussy right…his first couple of girlfriends had been good at coaching him and he'd been a fast learner.

Man did he want to go down on her, after pulling down those panties and discovering what they covered. He got up to the front of the line and paid for a cola that he downed in one gulp. Then he watched as she finished off the wings and sipped more of that ice tea bottle with that mouth of hers.

There was only one thing left to do.

Shiloh put her wings down and licked her fingers again. She turned to look at the drink line and didn't see Logan there so she looked around and guess he'd disappeared into the crowd.

And then she backed up into something solid…a wall of muscle as it turned out. She turned around abruptly and her mouth dropped open as she saw the man of her fantasies standing behind her.

"Hi Shiloh…didn't know I'd see you here."

Her heart pounded in her ears but she tried to act all casual.

"Oh Logan…Hi…I didn't see you."

Oh she knew she was lying but didn't feel up to confessing that she had been staring at him most of the past hour.

His eyes appraised her.

"You look…nice."

She smiled at him.

"Thanks….you look more than nice."

His mouth twitched and she wondered if he thought what she had said had been funny but hey it was the truth. The guy always looked…primal as if he brought the deeper and darker instincts out in the women who crossed paths with him. She'd been with Derek once..One and a half times since they broke up actually and he had blanched when she had asked him to kiss her…there. This had struck her as unfair because she might have been a little clumsy with it, but she had tried to go down on him. She just wished he had let her go at her own pace without feeling as if he were ramming his erection down her throat.

But Logan looked like a man of patience.

She smiled again at him.

"Some impressive flying isn't it?"

He nodded.

"I come out here every year and walk away wondering how they do it," he said, "There's no margin of error in that type of flying…though there's not much in bronco riding either."

"True…well I was just about to head on back," Shiloh said, "Maybe stop and take a walk on the beach…while it's still hot."

His mouth curved up slightly.

"You wouldn't mind some company would you," he said, "unless you want to go by yourself."

She scanned over him from head to toe and shook her head.

"No, I'd like it if you came with me."

They left the air show which would continue on without them and headed past the crowded parking lot to the beach, where once they moved far enough from the airport, they could hear the waves crashing onshore including on the stony jetty. They walked past the row of single room cabanas and towards the edge of the water. They took off their shoes and socks and carried them while the water lapped at their feet before receding again.

After walking a bit, they came back to where the cabanas stood. They hadn't talked all that much, just looked out into the ocean where they could make out the ripples of sparkling tips on the wave and see the birds flying between the ocean and the shore. A few sail boats bobbed out in the water and the surfers sought out the perfect waves. He stopped and sat down on the sand away from the tidal lines and patted the spot next to him.

"Come on…sit down a moment."

She looked at him and finally did. The bottoms of his jeans were drenched from the ocean that had splashed over them and he looked over at her.

"What, Logan…I got something caught in between my teeth?"

He shook his head with a smile and inched closer to her so that their shoulders brushed. Just that simple contact sent tingles through her in places far from her shoulders. Why was he looking at her like that?

"You look great…you look more than great…"

She furrowed her brow looking at him, her hair getting gently blown by the sea breeze. Because he almost looked like he wanted to…her lips tingled at the thought of what she wished he'd be thinking.

"I…no…well thanks…"

He took a deep breath as they both looked out at the ocean for a while.

"Shiloh can I ask you something…?"

Something about the tone of his voice drew her attention back to him.

"Of course…what do you want to know?"

He paused.

"Why you and me…never together?"

Now that shocked her, because that's a question she didn't think she'd ever hear from him in a million years. But she knew she had heard him right and he really had asked it…and still was judging by the look on his face.

"You do like guys don't you?"

She shot him a look then.

"Of course I do…I just don't sleep with all of them."

"You were with Derek weren't you?"

Not exactly the road she wanted to go down right now but that question could be answered quickly enough.

"Only for a little while before we broke up," she said.

He considered that for a moment and she was going to ask him why he asked when he moved towards her and placed several fingers of one hand beneath her chin and slowly he lowered his mouth on hers. It shocked her when their lips met, definitely electric at least on her end. His lips were gentle at first, seeking hers out, and they caressing them, in an inquisitive way but there must have been something he liked because his kiss intensified and she felt the difference immediately. Warmth moved from her face throughout her body and her pussy quivered. She moved closer to him this time as she turned her face slightly to give him better access and he took full advantage, sliding his tongue over her closed mouth, nudging it ever so open.

She wanted that too, she wanted to feel his tongue slide inside her mouth and seek out pleasure there. And when her lips parted and it darted inside her mouth, she felt the jolt but it didn't take long before her own tongue sought him out. They kissed like that for a long moment forgetting everything else, and then they felt the rush of cool water rush up around them.

That broke the spell and they looked down to discover they both sat down in pools of salt water that had already started to recede back into the ocean. Shiloh looked at Logan biting her tongue to keep from laughing.

"I guess we got carried away there," she said.

He stroked her face, his thumb lightly rubbing against her mouth where his lips had just been.

"God….you're so damn desirable Shiloh…I want to take this somewhere else."

She felt her breath catch in her throat but she nodded back.


He thought about it quickly.

"My family's got one of those cabanas…I don't think it's locked and there's some room inside and some privacy too."

She nodded and he got on his feet and reached for her hand with one of his own and she took it. Her heart did double time…god was she about to follow him into his cabana and shut the outside world for a while…and what would they be doing…she didn't even want to imagine. But her pussy dampened her panties just at the possibilities.

They reached the cabana, the second one from the end and sure enough, the door hadn't been locked and he forced it open and they both walked inside the cabana. It was a single room with a small closet for storage and a mini frig. He flipped a switch and a small overhead light came on, not too bright but it illuminated inside. A small bureau stood next to the closet and most important against one of the walls was a bed…with a couple of comforters on top of it…not all that large but large enough. Oh god, she thought looking at it, when she realized what he wanted from her.

She felt him come up behind her and massage her shoulders, layering the nape of her neck with feathery kisses….that tickled and tantalized…and made her shift her stance. She leaned back into him as he wrapped his arms around her from behind and she felt his hardness against the curves of her ass.

"I want you Shiloh…god…you've been driving me crazy," his sighs became harsh and she heard his need in his voice and that gave her a heady feeling. She licked her own lips, her chest rising and falling.

"What do you mean…we don't even see each other all that much anymore…not since we were kids..."

He sighed and his hands inched up higher in front of her until they cupped her breasts. She couldn't help herself then, she arched her back against him because the sensations that his hands there sent fleeting through her drove her to it.

"So you want to make up for that now?"

She knew it was more an invitation than a question and excitement filled her, not to mention that his hands on her breasts had already convinced her not to leave. She pulled away from him to turn towards him.

"Yeah maybe we should…"

He smiled at her and pulled her back towards him with his hands and she grabbed him too around his waist as they kissed, and he undid the band releasing her hair which spilled in loose waves around her face. She pulled away, breathless and her mouth feeling swollen.

"Take off your shirt," he said.

"You first Logan…"

He moved to remove it and pulled it off of him, showing off his chest which was muscled and covered with downy hair. She moved closer to run her fingers through it, grasping it tightly enough for him to feel pretty good.

"Now you darling…"

She bit her lip and then reached for her own tee-shirt and pulled it up slowly, revealing her powder blue camisole. One of his hands moved to stroke the fabric of it, which of course put her breasts on notice.

"Nice…you got panties to match?"

She smiled softly.

"That's for you to find out I guess."

He smiled even more broadly and he smoothed the camisole upward revealing her satiny skin beneath it. She bit her lip.

"Come on…just want to see what you got that's all…I'm going to want to taste them later."

She sighed as he continued pushing the camisole and she lifted her arms up to help him. It went over her head and fell right on the floor and she stood in front of him in her shorts. Her breasts were a shade lighter than the skin around them and sure enough, her nipples were rosy hued and tempting to look at. For sure he wanted a taste of them. She felt him gaze at her intently which left her self conscious though edged with want…her skin feeling prickly and her breasts heavier.

"Oh man…you are really something…"

She grinned back at him.

"So are you…so what comes off next?"

He chuckled.

"Everything else…"

She took that as a sign that she needed to shuck her shorts off of her so she watched him carefully as she reached down to unsnap her shorts and push them down her legs while he did the same to his jeans, leaving him standing before her in his briefs.

He watched her take off her shorts and the panties remained, riding high up on her hips, covering her pussy. It wouldn't take much to get that wisp of silky lace out of his way.

"We're really going to do it aren't we?"

Her voice had a breathless tone to it and he saw her eyes filled with arousal but laced with a bit of uncertainty as well. He stepped closer to her.

"Oh yes we are…"

She furrowed her brows.

"I don't know if I can be…what you want…I'm too uptight or so Derek told me…"

Her voice had been laced this time with some hurt feeling, and he just wanted to wipe that away…something he knew how to do very well.

"Don't you worry about what Derek said…just think about the two of us and I'm telling you I'm looking at you right now and I just want to fuck you right now."

She smiled softly.

"Really…well me too…with you…"

Logan walked purposely towards her and she saw the intent in his eye and took a step backward which caused the back of her legs to nudge the edge of the bed.


And then before she knew it, he had placed his hands on her and grazed her abdomen, tracing the skin there lightly like a breeze and then he moved down to her panties. He deftly wrapped his fingers in the waistband and pushed them down, over her hips and down her thighs until they dropped onto the floor by her ankles.

"Oh wow Shiloh, what have you been hiding…."

She looked at the intense desire in his eyes. He rested his hands on her hips lightly and then slid them down her legs and then his body slid down to his knees and he cupped his hands on her bare ass. Then she almost leapt up when she felt his warm breath on the lips of her pussy.


"You know what…now come on let me get a taste…"

She closed her eyes as she felt his mouth on her, his lips kissing her pussy just before his tongue darted out to flirt with her clitoris. She bit her lip when she felt him stroke it with his tongue.

"You like that Shiloh?"

She didn't need to answer him, she just opened up her legs more and he caressed her vulva with his mouth, and then stabbed his tongue up inside of her and she felt her legs buckle. He caught her just in time.

"Whoa…I'm right here."

He got back on his feet, and she sighed, wishing he hadn't stopped because never in her life had she ever felt anything so pleasurable. He reached to kiss her mouth again and she tasted herself…and liked it. Knowing where his mouth had been a moment earlier.

He pulled his own briefs down and stepped out of them, and she saw his erection, long and thick, veined and glistening. She reached out to touch it and he grabbed her hand.

"No…later…first I need to be inside of you…right now."

"It feels so much…"

She couldn't finish what she started to say because he wrapped his arms around her and pushed them both onto the bed, with him lying on top of her. He placed his hands beneath her thighs and opened them up so he could wedge his body in between them. She felt his erection stab her in her belly just above where she wanted it to go and his hairy chest pressed against her breasts. He raised his upper body up on his elbows and looked down at her face.

She bit her lip.

"Just do it…I can't wait…"

She reached up to wrap her arms around him to draw him closer to her, to feel his warmth against her. He sighed in her embrace and she felt his hips move beneath her grasp as he thrust inside of her. She opened her self up further to him and wrapped her legs around him as he pushed deeply inside of her, deeper than she thought possible.

"Oh yes…"

She felt like screaming but worried that the walls might be too thin to do that so she bit her lip instead as her pussy tightened around him as he moved against her, pressing her against the bed.

"Oh god…"

"Hey Shiloh, don't hold it inside of you," he coaxed, as he reached his fingers between her legs settling on her mound as he sought out her sweet spot. And then he rubbed it, pushing it against his shaft as he slid in and out of her in deepening strokes. She threw her head back and mewed softly before pushing her face into his shoulder before he moved back down to kiss her.

"Someone will..ah…hear us…"

He chuckled as he picked up the tempo, increasing the delicious friction between them. She couldn't say anymore but she gave little cries in between the waves of pleasure building up inside of her as their bodies collided. Between his warmth and the softness of the bed, she felt like she was cocooned…until she felt a burst of pleasure rip through her as he thrust into her again.

She gripped him harder and then he threw his head up as his ejaculate warmed her inside in fierce spurts.

He looked at her then as he felt his own orgasm hit.

"We didn't…"

She smiled at him.

"It's okay…I'm on the pill…"

He sighed in relief because things had happened between them so quickly that he hadn't been thinking…of the repercussions, just that he had wanted her so badly. He relaxed back on the bed, pulling her closer to him. Her head resting on his chest, her hair splayed as his heart settled down into its normal rhythm.

"Wow…I had no idea…"

He heard the amazement in her voice and stroked her body.

"Me neither…I don't have to be back at the ranch for a while…what about you…you got plans."

"No…I don't think I can move anyway…"

He smiled, as she kissed him on the mouth and he felt his blood rush again…so quickly. She looked at him mischievously then and rose up, her lips caressing his mouth, his stubbly jaw line before she moved lower to his chest and…

"Darling where you're going…?"

She looked at him.

"Where do you think?"

She continued kissing him on, licking his dusky colored nipples…which made him sigh and still she moved down lower until…

Right where he wanted it, her mouth took him inside and he started to harden again, his hands grabbing the spread in their grasp as she worked him over, her tongue nursing the head of his penis.

He lay back smiling, as the delicious sensations raced through him, thinking this was going to be the beginnings of perhaps not a beautiful friendship but a memorable affair.