Chapter One

Things had been weird between me and Sage lately. And when I say lately, I mean the last six months, since he ran for student body president. He wore a suit on election day and asked me to tie his tie for him. He was just lucky I had brothers. When all was said and done, he leaned down and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. In the hall. Where anybody could have seen us. Was he crazy?

Ever since then, I'd felt weird vibes from him. It was the reason I hid in Hazel's room the night of her New Year's party. Well, part of the reason. I won't lie and say that I wouldn't have run there if things hadn't been strange with him. I just didn't do parties. Avoiding Sage was a welcome side effect. My best friends, Sadie and Hazel thought they'd confiscated my book, but it was only my decoy book.

"How did I know I would find you here?"

I didn't have to look up to know who belonged to the sudden voice from the doorway. "Sage." I couldn't say anything else; my heart had started pounding loudly in my chest. Stop it, I mentally chided my heart, He didn't scare you that much. You don't like him. You like…Flynn Darcy, but I wasn't alone, though. Every girl liked Flynn.

"You can say more than that, can't you?" Sage smiled and playfully threw himself onto the bed next to me. "I'm beginning to think you've been avoiding me, Hayden."

"What would make you think I'm avoiding you?"

He gave me a knowing look. "I've known you since we were three. Do you realize how well I know you?"

"As well as I know you." The statement didn't mean much. His actions over the past few months had been strange and confusing, showing me that I didn't know him very well.

He laughed. "Somehow I find that hard to believe. I know an awful lot about you." His eyes met mine with an intensity that made me avert my eyes to anything but him.

"Is that so?" I ran a hand through my bright red hair uneasily.

"For example, I know that you're nervous right now."

"How…?" I trailed off waiting for an explanation.

"You always run your hand through your hair like that when you're nervous." He reached out and stroked my hair.

I fought hard to keep the curse of red hair from burning my cheeks. It would do no good to confirm what he knew about me.

"I know that you are trying to keep yourself from blushing right now."

My attempt failed and my cheeks flamed bright red. Before I could even try to turn myself away from Sage, he stopped me.

"I knew that you were going to turn away from me." He placed his hand on my cheek and leaned in closer. "And most importantly of all…"

He was going to kiss me. I knew it. Unconsciously, I closed my eyes readying myself for the kiss my body was all of the sudden sure it wanted. He was only inches from my face…

"…I know that you have a crush on Flynn."

I was brought back to reality suddenly and harshly. "W-what?" I opened my eyes and saw a brief flash of—was that hurt?

"You heard me." His words were calm and distinct. There was nothing wounded left in his eyes. "You can't hide things from me, Hay."

"Don't call me that. I am not something that horses and cows eat." I didn't actually mean to say that. It didn't go along with the serious conversation we were having, but that response was impulsive and a knee jerk reaction.

Sage let go of me and rolled around with his back to me, clearly offended.

"Sage, don't be like that. I'm sorry; it slipped out." I placed my hand on his shoulder.

Below us at the party, I heard people start counting down. Ten…Nine…

Sage turned around. Eight…Seven…His hand brushed my cheek. Six… "Five," he whispered, moving even closer.

Somehow, inexplicably, I leaned into him and said the next number. "Four…"


"Two…" He was so close our faces were almost touching.

"One. Happy New Year, Hayden." And he kissed me.

New Story! I've had a lot of inspiration for this one lately, and I'm very happy for it. I'm very excited to share Hayden and Sage's story, and I'll post the next chapter very soon, don't you worry. The way I'm designing this story is to have very short chapters, so it should not take me long to write each one. I'm already on Chapter 6.

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